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Hey, please give me your contact, or contact me for a reward! ;)

Congratulations on winning the Game Idea Jam 2024! 🥳 Let me know, which game you choose from the pool and write me a DM, so I can send you the key! ;)

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Results are here:
Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants to submitted the game - you already won the struggle with starting/making a prototype/game! 🎉

I will contact the winners one by one, and because I took 4th place (which I'm very thankful for!) I can't give myself a medal and there will be winners up to the 6th place! It will really help me a ton, if your game took place 1-6th, please reach me out on Discord (PawelJarosz#5545), X/Twitter: or Telegram, so that I will have a contact to you and write to you on your turn on choosing the game prize from the pool of available ones ;)

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


P.S. In August/September I will be running another game jam: annual community #MadeWithDefold Jam 2024 - if you are interested in checking out Defold game engine, I invite you to the Jam page (under construction yet):

It's a really nuanced game with hard mechanics, but given enough time it has so many cool ideas, it can turn into a nice platformer with puzzles! The artstyle is unique and charming and somehow you make it pretty compatible with the crazy generated idea :D (I made the generator and I had to make a racer about a fish wanting to be a game developer in subatomic world, so I know what I'm saying xD)

Interesting style and interesting mechanics! The combat system is nuanced, but the clarity of what is happening might use some improvement. In overall, it's a really interesting game that could evolve into something nice! Congratulations!

Interesting questionaire! I really liked some of the questions!

I like this game very much! It has nice and simple mechanics (with a weird bug/feature, where you can "jump" on wall and climb up by holding up - so I felt like Spider-man a bit :D), Levels are nicely designed. Mirrors are reflecting bullets unexpectedly, it's not like in real world :D But the intro - it was cool and it even have voice over! Congratulations on making such a great game for a game jam ;)

It's extremely fast and unforgiving, the movement is speed and gravity is strong, so you have to be really careful when jumping - it makes the game really annoying, when you fall down! :D Nice prototype! ;) 

Hah! :D Crazy idea, nice, simple visuals, straight goal and Amine! Really nice prototype ;)

Beautiful visuals, clean and simple design, sometimes it was hard to properly feel the jump, but it's a nice little prototype! Great entry!

Oh no! I don't have a proper gamepad to check this out properly :D Sadly the QTE are really hard and unituitive, because the displayed keys are from gamepad and with keyboard it's hard. Beside of this, there is a nice atmosphere, beautiful visuals and even some shaders! Nice one!

Nice game idea and levels, especially the one inspired by Squid Game :D

Really nice idea about controlling the diver! It really feels like swimming in the ocean and fighting the flow of water! It has great visuals and nice sound when running out of screen - the background music would be a nice, small addition. It's a really good entry!

The game has really nicely polished visuals and art style with shader work worth noticing! The game is enjoyable, you have both hands on keyboard or can play with a friend, the first level is nice to understand the mechanics and it took me a while anyway, but when enemies come in it becomes extremely hard! :D The music is enjoyable too!

Very good game! The mechanics are complex and hard to get into the game easily, but underneath there is a pretty complex and well thought farming game system. The presentation is simple and clear for the game jam. The game could take advantage with some tutorial, but I bet time was running out, so beside of this it's a very nice game!

No, it's not a problem for me, but it might be for other users and gamers that might want to try the game and give feedback :D And you always have to be thinking about users and most users won't be able to run it, even if you try to teach them how to install pygame and run Python script :D

This game is really fun and funny! :D Art is beautiful, music is happy and cheerful, texts are hilarious! Each day there is a new mechancis, slightly turning everything upside down and making escape of the little rascal a bit harder each time. Really solid entry!

What a crazy game! The music is so suited for it, the car, it's driving mechanics the blooming meadow and... coke - it's all bundled together is so hilarious and funny I was just drving around with pure joy! Very good game for a game jam! Congratulations! ;)

Nice and extremely annoying mechanics! :D I really laughed so hard when I needed to make this perfect jump series to get higher. Nice game focused on one mechanics with pleasant visuals and music.

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Yeah, you can cheat, but I raced anyway to the nice music and had fun :D Good game, congratulations!

Hi! Nice game here. It's hard to get to know what is a proper jumping mechanics, but the enemies pushing you off the edge is a nice touch. It has also pretty nice visuals!

Congratulations on releasing your first game! I wouldn't really call it a complete game, because it is very unintuitive to handle and there is a lot of bugs, the buttons are either reacting to pressing or only hovering, the game opens in separate tab, the GUI is weird and the character doesn't really "run", because the background is static, but you started your journey and reached first steps! Don't be encouraged as in just few days you started a prototype of a first game ;) Good luck!

A complete, working and fun to play game! I giggle because of "Fire in the hole!" sound :D I add to the issues pointed out by Hey_Pixels below - many times I selected a card I didn't intend to - I intent to click on a card that is on top and somehow the one below is selected. Other than this, it's a very good game!

Yeah, so sad, you didn't manage to complete the game, but that's what this jam was for! To get you out of the comfort zone and start developing a game! The idea is nice, the core mechanics is in, now onto further prototyping ;)

The game is broken/not completed sadly. You gave no description in here, so I don't know your intention, idea nor anything. There is a mysterious room with a mirror, there is a harmless character chasing you, a really weird experience :D 

Like in space, if you mess up the throttling maneuveurs, you're screwed :( But in a game, I would suggest to have a possibility to restart or add bounds to the edge of the screen, because I managed to fly out of the visible area many times. Beside this, it's an interesting puzzle game with nicely designed levels. You incorporated the idea of one button steering, so it's also a great foundation for mobile casual puzzle game market. Generally, a nice entry, congratulations!

Could you please upload an executable instead of the Python script?

The idea is integrated 100%! It's a simple game that's perfect for a game jam and with a "wildcard" - the fruits. We know such ideas can turn into nice games (e.g. Plants vs Zombies), so wishin you to stay creative and continue the journey as you were able in just a few days to make a prototype of a crazy idea ;)

Amazing interpretation of the idea, clever concepts incorporated in the game, humorous NPCs and nice puzzle based core mechanics! Very good implementation, especially that it was your first game! I had a little struggle with understanding the rules at the beginning, but it's normal on the game jams. When it clicked, I had a lot of fun and I forgot about time passing by! Very nice you incorporated Greek mythology in here in a very funny way and seemingly you know a lot about it!

Thank you very much for attending the first edition of a crazy Game Idea Jam!
You are amazing, you submitted 38 entries! 

Now, let's play all the games! (and have some well deserved rest!)

Best Regards,

Oh, thank you for reporting! There should be two options, yes and no. I changed it now. It is only staying here as a remainder for you to attach it, so I don't look at the answer in this particular case ;)

You have to create your project as HTML Kind of project:

Web version has to be uploaded as ZIP package including your HTML5 project (with index.html) and you can mark it as "This file will be played in the browser"

If you will build your exe, then also pack it into ZIP and Upload on itch, but instead mark for which operating systems it is an executable.

And also I am most active on Twitter/X: 😊 

Yes, totally OK to use any LLM to generate your idea too 😉

Thank you so much for joining my jam! There is a lof of you in here!

I added the list of games in the pool that the 5 BEST ENTRIES will choose from as their prize!

  • Chivalry II
  • Midnight Fight Express
  • Twin Mirror
  • Trek to Yomi
  • Hell Let Loose
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Fable Anniversary
  • There Is No Light
  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Aragami 2

Those are PC game Steam keys ;)

If you would like to join my Discord server, here's the invitation:

We start in about 13 hours, so warm up your keyboards and let's go!

Best Regards,

No, I didn't created a Discord specifically for this jam as it was created really out of nowhere :D

I'm though active on Defold forum, where the idea for this started:
And here is my Discord (mainly for games I'm working on, but nevertheless, I invite you! :D):

Hi! There will be 5. winners - 5. best games in Overall category. They will choose from the pool of 10 games, they are listed now in the Prizes ;)

The pool of games to choose from for the 5. best jamers:

  • Chivalry II
  • Midnight Fight Express
  • Twin Mirror
  • Trek to Yomi
  • Hell Let Loose
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Fable Anniversary
  • There Is No Light
  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Aragami 2

The Discord invite is not working, so here's my feedback - it's amazing game with clever puzzles! I love the character design and great animations as well as clear readable level elements ;) If you would like to improved it further I would make jumping a little better, especially adding coyote jump and jump button buffering ;)

No need to be sorry - main purpose of the game jam is to learn (check out my game for the jams that are incomplete xD). You did a great job making a game from scratch in such a short amount of time - congratulations and wishing you all the best on the gamedev journey! ;)

Yeah, definitely keep on going, you have a great potential! Wishing you success on your games!