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Very nice game, mixing digging with minesweeper!

Thank you so much for all your words, I appreciate it a lot!

What an interestingly designed game! Everything clicks here and I had a lot of fun playing this :)

A really nice concept and I love the theme interpretation here :) Would be very good to release it as self-contained package or even HTML5 version if possible ;)

Thank you so much for tossing the ladybug! :D

Thank you so much for playing the game! ;) The applied force is following the current inertia, so if you were shooting in the direction of movement, you would be vastly speed up, otherwise the ball should be like slowed down, so changing directions is more difficult with such approach and thanks to this more strategic :D

Hi! I would really love to play this, but in current state it is unplayable, bullet is not affecting anything on the screen, and as soon as worms on the bottom are reaching left side the application closes. I can move the pistol only and shoot (but also when you shoot the currently shot bullet is deleted and new one is created) Visuals are very nice though and you were sticking to the theme, a nice start with game jams, keep on going! ;)

It's a very nice game with beautiful graphics, animations and astonishing lighting. I'm a huge fun of spells (hence I'm crafting a game about it for years now :D) and those are really cool here! Game is a very great base, adding some polish and enabling some settings, could make this a very good, finished game ;)

Hard, but really fun to play! A really polished game, great entry! ;)

Nice style and I also liked those strategic "aha" moments :D

A very polished, beautiful game with all things blended together to work for a purpose, not because they are just there. Big plus! ;)

Nice game with interesting mechanics! It is a good base for skill based get-the-highest-score game ;)

Interesting game and indeed a beautiful art style ;)

A very nice game and reminded me a little bit of Badlands ;)

For a game of one week, a very good job! ;)

And the car is also important here guys, it's the Beetle! :D

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Very great job here, a really nice gameplay and a pleasant visuals ;)

Wow, a very well made game! Consistent art style and UI, great gameplay and a valuable message! :)

A stylish, small game with well-made mechanics ;)

Well performed puzzle platformer - I liked everything about it - progression, controls, design, visuals!

Like it the same as the Part 1! ;)

Nice intro :D very quick and challenging, little game, well done! ;)

I played on desktop, I will check it out on mobile web browser too :D and hey, is there part 2??? I need to check it out! :

Funny game :D would be good for objects to appear a little bit earlier, as sometimes they appeared just in front of the character

This is a really great game - it has a working open world, quests and many more! Character has some inertia when moving. Visuals are very atmospheric and very clean as well! Well made entry ;)

A very simple game, good entry! :)

Not much to do in here and I see no theme interpretation, but man, this labirynth is so huge! :D I managed to find some golden rooms too ;)

A very nice idea and I love this tablet/display, really immersive ;)

A fun, simple game, well done! ;)

Wow! This is a very good game, with nice atmosphere and great, actually working mechanics. I love that when I think I was stuck and couldn't climb an edge, I hide umbrella, fell a little bit and then open it to gain momentum and jump higher! And it worked! It's also long and seriously - this could be enhanced into a great game ;)

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This is a very hard game and the bug with bullets running "with" you is not making it easier, but is fun!

A simple, well-made game, good start with Playmaker, congratulations! ;)

This is crazy, but also gives some good old-school vibes ;)

Thank you so much! This is so pleasant to see it will help others, great initiative, thank you so much!

Great mechanics and puzzles always contributing to the core idea and making it more fun!

Thank you so much! It is in that location indeed :) Would be nice also to access it from the game menu somewhere ;)

I love the game! I have a Steam version and I also bought a Digital Artbook! (but I don't know where could I see it on Steam - there is only a Play button that runs Mindseize game)

A great solitaire and a very addictive game!

Thank you so much! Hope you learned a lot thanks to this and it was helpful! I am glad you like it and wish you all the best! ;)

There are so many levels and puzzles are awesome thanks to the unique mechanics! I love the idea ;)