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Ooo, nevermind, I discovered the usage of the setting of the axis on the image! :D So it solves this problem :D 

I want to create a waving grass, but adding x skew I can describe as "waving flag" - the top isn't moving, while the bottom is waving. I want to create an inversed effect - the bottom of the grass should be in the place, while the top should move. One workaround is to load a rotated 180 degrees sprite, but then I need to rotate it again after adding the effect. Is there a way to ommit it? ;)

You can keep pressing on down button (S) and parallely move left or right :D

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This is catchy and challenging game! :D Nice idea and very beautiful design ;)  How to rate it for a jam?

Do you have a Patreon site or any social media to follow? :D

Absolutely worth money! Indeed enormous amount of stuff of different kinds - everything you need for a great RPG game or other! Beautiful and well-polished pictures, thank you very much for your work and keep it up!

Absolutely worth buying! Enormous amount of stuff, beautiful arts, thank you very much for your work and keep it up!

No hurry, just asking ;) It would be great, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :D 

It's a great asset! :) Are you planning to add e.g. some different climates like high snowy mountains, stone mountains (grey), desert, river and more forest and building tiles? :D 

This game is awesome, but still, very hard to play :D I think I need another person to help! :D Very good game!

Another great asset! I love the pixel art you make, it looks so clean and vivid ;) I am dreaming about making a game in your art style, where the main protagonist will be the great Adventurer you've made and there will be monsters you are creating! So hope you won't stop the great work! :D