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Thank you so much! I took it as a chance to improve my level design skills, but mechanics actually took a lot of time :D I will surely iterate on it! ;)

Thank you so much! I am starting to fix this issue! ;)

Thank you! Yes, Water Sources is also one of my favourite game jam entries :D 

The font is somehow hard to read :/ Beside of that, when I actually learned how to play, it was very fun! ;) 

Atmospheric game with great pixel art and lighting ;) Great you tinkered with WM!

I had struggles with controls, it's either I click like crazy and click and hold, but it starts moving fast :D Overall - a nice idea for mirroring moves / controlling two characters, but that controls kill it :(
After reading comments I gave it another chance and with dash it's better ;)

A very interesting experiment and it turns out fantastic!

A very strange entry :D I don't know what to do, everything is mysterious, but it has a cute visuals ;)

A solid prototype, clean graphics and design ;)

Gameplay is awesome - bullet time here is perfect! I survived for almost 2 minutes in 1st try, so I guess it's long, it was very hot! :D 

There is a virtual gamepad, yet it is not a mobile game, I'm confused :D steering it with mouse is difficult, but I managed to complete it several times, fun and quick gameplay ;)

I had that feeling of being scared that some shape is following me - murky atmosphere, some fog would add to it much ;) General idea with mirror for such escaping game is very cool, yet I would change turn-based steering with real time FPS like walking - that would be a great horror! ;)

Thank you so much for your thorough feedback - it was fair and I admire it a lot! <3 Thank you for pointing out design mistakes! I did hide secrets only after one specific wall tile and it is used only for this purpose, but it wasn't probably distinguishable enough :D There was a bug with switch you encountered in the last level and yeah, that jump you made from a hidden wall was intended and only way up - so I agree it's another level design mistakes. And yeah, boxes stacking is also a bug I tried to solve :D Thank you for reviewing the puzzles design - they are really simple and straight-forward, I agree. I am learning to make more fun puzzles, yet for this jam I barely made all the mechanics and used them in few simple levels :D 

I like the visuals very much, the gameplay is interesting, a fresh take ;)

Hard, but fun :D A well designed game with a nice concept! ;)

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Amazing! I finally got lost, but I had a lot of fun! Amazing how with those shapes and fog, you created an atmospheric environment and a mysterious tension ;)
EDIT: OK, I found the base - replanned my strategy and completed the game! Thank you! It's awesome! :D

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am working on fixes and they will be added after the voting period ;)

Wow! I love the game, puzzles are really engaging and mechanics are unique. Great presentation, visuals are stunning! :)

Solid entry, I like the story and had much fun reading chat! :D

As others, some shots were not registered, but I like the general idea and theme correlation ;) 

I made a mistake and in my game - even if you are subscribed for Coil, Web Monetization content is not unlocked because of it :(  I made today a fix for this, but it is over Jam period and I can't upload it, sadly. This is crucial, because two more levels are locked forever, which is almost half of the game :( Is there a way to upload such fix?

Wow! A really polished one with great mechanics and smooth controls and animations ;)

Wow! A really polished one with great mechanics and smooth controls and animations ;)

Thank you! I will be working on fixing bugs as soon as I get to know them so thank you very much for giving a feedback! :)

Thank you for checking it out! I was wondering if I should instantly unlock everything for everyone for testing period or leave it with WM for judges to see that it really works :D Thank you so much for your bug reports! :)

Yes, yes, I have Custom CSS enabled :)

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There was a question about it:, but it's archived and I am here trying to hide that section, but none of CSS tricks I tried could do this :/

.header_buy_row { display: none; }

.header_buy_row>div { display: none; }

are not working for me. Maybe you see some mistakes here?
 Do you have any suggestions or working solutions?

❤️ 😉

Thank you! Always can count on you! :)

Thank you! ❤️

Hello Prince Hector!
Sorry to hear that! Which version did you run? HTML5 version is working for me and many other people - maybe you clicked out of the game window?
By the way, thank you for following Witchcrafter! In fact, there will be a new demo available soon ;)

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for your review and gameplay!

Yes, I will! Thank you 😉

Congratulations! Thank you for organising it! ❤️

Thank you very much! Do you remember maybe what those bugs were? I am planning to extend this game after Jams voting, so bug fixing is definitely what I want to do 😉

Thank you very much for your review! ;)

Thank you so much for your review!

Oh no, there should be a number of remaining lives as well as other indicators! There is no GUI displayed, I see 😔 I will fix it as sson as possible! Thank you so much for your review!

Thank you for your feedback! 😉 Yes, floaty jump was intended, because the character is in the moon, so gravity must have been lower 😁 and regarding the secrets - every single one has a distinguished tile, so if you psy attention to this, you will easily find all of them 😉 for Web Monetized users there is also a special tool - Gem Detector, which points you on the nearest gems, even those hidden 😉