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PawelJarosz#5545  - join Witchcrafter's Discord too:

It would be awesome! I'm working on totally changing the intro ;) Could you please reach me via DM on Discord, Twitter or Gamejolt?

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Thank you so much! You will get a full version when it's out! ๐Ÿ˜Š And now you can play it in the browser too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


First of all, thank you very much for your support and insightful feedback! 

If you want your money back, there is no problem for me ;) But also, I have a fresh new version of Witchcrafter, released 5 days ago,  currently in closed alpha - and I would love to send it to you, so you can check a progress! ;) could you just tell me what OS do you use? ;) In short: the story is expanded, there are sounds and music added, post-effects are added including pixel perfect camera, movement of the hero is improved including wall slides, spells are better and you can aim the projectiles, many, many bugs are fixed (of course there are still some things to improve, i.a. proof reading, more enemies and levels, etc, but I am making it every night a little better ;) ) 

So, once again, thank you for playing Witchcrafter and if you are still interested, let me know! ;) 

I'll keep playing this :D Here's my walk through the beginning:

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Astonishing game! Great level design, so polished! Fun and satisfying! :D Love it!

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Astonishing game! Great level design, so polished! Fun and satisfying! :D Love it!

Haha! I never thought that you could overshoot a field ๐Ÿ˜‚ I will fix it! Thanks for your feedback! 

Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

#ThrowBigRocks they say ๐Ÿ˜

Glad you like it! :D

Thank you so much! This is nice :D

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm glad you consider it like that! :D

This was awesome! I spent definitely too much time playing this! I couldn't resist, gameplay is so smooth and challenging! (I would cease camera zoom a little bit) Style is beautiful, guns are unique, I think there are even multiple type of enemies. And you could smash them with a BIG rock! :D

Nice entry! ;)

ooga boooga! Game good, dino bad!

Great art style! Interesting mechanics!

Thank you so much! Music cooperation with Grey Goon Game Studio was awesome!

Great game! Atmospheric and exploration is entertaining, keep going! ;) (Works with integrated graphics card! ;)

This is a great gameplay idea! Challenging!

I tried almost all tags that comes to my mind:

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="width:100%; text-align:right; border:none; border-collapse:collapse;"><tbody><tr style="border:none;"><td style="width:30%; text-align:right; border:none;"></td></tr>...

and so on, but the effect is always the same - 1px width border for the table :/

What else can I do to change this?
I saw some itch pages with tables without borders, but they're in custom divs - do I need a custom CSS, or is it possible without it?

Thank you! ;)

Hi, sorry to write it, but I bought this asset pack and can't download it, because "Nothing is available to download". Can I somehow DM you?

Amazing atmosphere, very polished game with astonishingly stylish art and an immersive story! Great job!

Amazing atmosphere, very polished game with astonishingly stylish art and an immersive story! Great job!

I love the art here and tons of humor, great, fun game! ;) 
P.S.You can add LD page link, when you edit this itch page in Ludum Dare Submission URL, right under tags - it will display at the top of this page ;) 

You can add a Ludum Page link when you Edit you game, there is a "Ludum Dare submission URL"  just below tags ;)

Thank you very much! All the kudos to rvros, ansimuz and other great artist, but I'm striving to make as much assets as I can too! ;) I'm working on some new stuff and improved, more generic magic system with more interaction, so I hope I will prepare another demo in the near future ;)

Really great game, as always polished and perfectly designed :D

Do you plan to add english? :D

Hi! And thank you very much for giving it a chance and writing a review! :D It is in constant work, I'm testing different solutions, I would take your advices into acount too ;) I hope you will bump here once again after a while and will see a way better game ;) (You can follow me, I will for sure post some (major only) changes, if there is something new to play ;) )

Today I've released a new demo! :D it includes a teaser of the future intro trailer and the very beginning of the story - with a glimpse at dialogues and quests. It is described on the page and in the devlog, enjoy ;) Feedbacks are valuable as always! ;) 

Thanks for the review and a bug report! :D GDWC, hmm, interesting idea, I'll check this out, thanks! ;)

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Thanks for the review! :D Taking into account it's a jam game, I have in my mind there might be some bugs. For me, loading in browser sometimes behaves like in your case - I suppose it could be because of almost 300-1000 fluid particles in each level :D I'll investigate it further. I think I can add some indicator showing which tiles will be destroyed after clicking, thanks for a suggestion! ;) Further levels are indeed time limited - every droplet is drying in a moment and when all of them will be gone, the game will be over.

Fresh idea and really nice feel :D 

This game is amazing! :D There is a dense ambiance, getting closer to those fans is suggestive, the abandoned base is frightening (would be even scarier, when you'd decide to flood area with darkness and the protagonist would have a flashlight and can see only what is lit!). The code in a "new alphabet" is amazing, I was looking for it with curiosity ;)

Ludum Dare #44 results:

Overall: 238 th (3.745 average from 49 ratings)

Fun: 328 th (3.532 average from 49 ratings)

Innovation: 148 th (3.681 average from 49 ratings)

Theme: 264 th (3.713 average from 49 ratings)

Graphics: 633 rd (3.404 average from 49 ratings)

Mood: 577 th (3.283 average from 48 ratings)

Knowing there were 2538 submissions Iโ€™m really impressed my game reached top 6% in innovation and top 10% in overall! :tada: :smiley: :muscle: :v:


I want to proudly present you my first submission to Ludum Dare:
L I F E L E S S  _ S P A C E

You are an unprescribed form floating in the lifeless space, trying to find a soul.

It's a simple and short puzzle game, where every move has the highest price... your life.

I hope you'd enjoy it! ;) 

I've added a table with all spells from the demo, hope it will be useful ;) Also the updated version is uploaded with more indicators regarding combat, more powerful spells and a wins/fails score (that now will relatively increase/decrease boss HP in every try) is displayed at the end of each encounter :D