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I'm not familiar with a phone version, but I was indeed inspired by an old similar looking flash game that I don't think is around any more.

I'm kind of surprised there isn't a popular mobile game like this today (or there probably is but I'm not familiar with the name).

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Yep, I've come to the same conclusion. It doesn't seem possible to persist data on itch on iOS or Safari due to the iframe restriction. When I uploaded the same exact build of my game to my own site for testing, the data does persist (using IndexedDB storage).

I briefly tried experimenting with some Unity javascript plugin code to read & write cookies (and also tried window.localStorage instead) but neither one seemed to behave any different and also didn't persist data.

IF @Leafo can offer any help or insights here that would be amazing!

Great feedback. The small circles are meant to be challenging, but hopefully not to the point of frustration. The browser version also has some input lag which makes it even harder (the desktop version is much more responsive).

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Thanks for your details notes, what you described matches what I've been experiencing too, and it's reassuring to know it wasn't something specific to my code/project. I'm currently using Unity 2021.3.16f1 and just published my game here

It's definitely confusing/misleading that all iOS browsers are essentially Safari under the hood because they are required to use Apple's WebKit framework. I even tried disabling "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" and "Block All Cookies" in iOS Safari settings but it made no difference (Godot web publishing has some notes about IndexedDB). I don't have an Android mobile device to compare. Interestingly even when I updated Chrome (on Windows) recently I noticed my game's IndexedDB persisted data seemed to get deleted.

I even considered using PlayFab or some server-based storage solution, but if you want to use "anonymous login" for convenience so your players don't need to create or remember an account name/password, I don't see how that's possible because you'd still need to persist a GUID in the browser somehow, without using IndexedDB I guess.

Hey thanks! Really appreciate the kind words ❤️

After a little more testing, it turns out IndexedDB might not actually be supported in Safari.

Safari does not support IndexedDB for content running in an iFrame.

I was seeing it work at first, however when I close the Safari app the data is no longer persisted.

I'm not sure if it's possible to embed games on itch without using an iframe?

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Hi SteBee, I ran into this problem as well, however I believe there is an easier solution:

I'm no web developer, but it seems like we can write to any folder inside the  browser's "idbfs" directory. I did something like this:

private string GetSavePath(string filename) {
         var path = Application.persistentDataPath;
         path = "/idbfs/YourGameNameOrAnythingHere";
          if (!Directory.Exists(path)) {
             Debug.Log("Creating save directory: " + path);
         var result = Path.Combine(path, filename);
         Debug.Log("Save path: " + result);
         return result;

Then you can use C#'s easy to use FileStream, BinaryFormatter, File.Open(...) etc APIs to serialize class data as usual.

I've confirmed this works with my little (soon to be released) Unity (2021.3) WebGL game that new builds correctly persist data as expected.

Verified in Chrome and Edge on Windows and Safari on macOS and iOS.

Hope this helps!

Ah you know what, I added one for the Catalog release but haven't updated the itch build. I'll try to get around to it!

Hey thanks :) I added a link to Catalog from the itch page to let people know.

Thanks! Currently the versions are very similar. That may change going forward, but they both share the same QR code-based online leaderboards.

de rien 😉

What an honor. Thank you!

I think you're the first to share a video. Looks great! And thanks for the feedback, too :)

Awesome, glad that worked! Nice Blitz score by the way 😉

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Alright, after much digging I found a crazy bug and uploaded a new build to itch. It's still labeled as "Version 1.2" but if you download the zip and sideload it again, it should upload to your device.

You'll need to generate a new score though, the old links are "corrupted" in a weird way.

Thanks for reporting the issue, fingers crossed the new build will fix it! 🤞

Interesting, that sounds like a bug then. Could you share the URL with data code here? I'll look into it but this one might be tricky...

Update: Today it seems broken again :( 

Thanks! My goal is to eventually have 50 in total.

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Hmm, are you scanning the QR Code on your device after the game over screen?

The QR code on itch just links to the main leaderboard page which won't have the "Enter Name" prompt.

(otherwise it could be a bug...)

Hey thanks! I always felt the original game deserved more love, too. 😉

Whoa, did this get fixed recently? Gif sizes are looking correct on latest Chrome (and Safari) on macOS!

Thank you for the kind words!

Hey thanks! Let me know if it feels too challenging though, especially any of the Puzzle Mode levels.

Well said.

Interestingly I didn't know about the "with manual admin approval" part when posting a major update, but now that I read the description, it does say "Major Update or Launch: These posts will boost project position on the Recently Added & Updated list pending curator approval."

Well, if there's any mods out there who would bestow a blessing upon my major update for launch, I would greatly appreciate it <3

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As a feature request, it would be great if a project was bumped back to the top of the "most recent" tab (eg when filtering the store by tags) the first time it changes status to released. This would avoid exploits, since it only happens once, and would greatly benefit a number of developers who choose to create their itch pages weeks or even months before their actual release.

Or if there are still concerns with exploits appearing on the top of the most recent tab twice, then I think it would be preferred to not appear on top immediately when the page is created, but instead get bumped to the top when first released, which is when it matters most.

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EDIT: Loopsy is now searchable! Thanks!

Hmm, it's also been a full two weeks (14 days) and my page also remains unindexed.

Apologies for the bump, but any help would be appreciated since in my case filtering search results using the "Playdate" tag is one of the best ways to get discovered.

Thanks mods!

And just to illustrate the point.

Chrome on Windows (nice large gifs):

Chome on macOS (tiny gifs?):

+1 to this (but only been 3 days for me). Thanks @No Time To Play for the update though!

Apologies if this is a known or intentional issue, but I noticed that gifs (uploaded as screenshots) show up smaller in Chrome and Safari on macOS than they do in Chrome and Edge on Windows. I've observed this with the default, two-column page layout mode. Specifically, it appears there's more empty space to the right of the gifs, even when the browser page is very wide.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it intentional? The only time it really looks "weird" is when you upload both gifs and static screenshots to your page, then their sizes appear inconsistent. For reference, the gifs I'm using are 400x240 as observed here


OH! Somehow I missed that lmao, I see it now as one of the pre-populated options. 🤦‍♂️ Thanks!

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Oh interesting. I do see 04b_03 when I search Google and it looks very similar, but I don't see it on which seems to be  the only choice when choosing a custom font for a game page, hmm...

Does anyone know the name of the font used on this page?

I’ve seen it used on several pages but I can’t for the life of me find it on Google fonts. I’ve found similar but they’re not quite as good.

If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This game has a ton of content for 48h! O.O Great gameplay, too.