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This was great.

This is great

cool game

very cool!

Cool game, but the thing that really caught my attention was your name :D

Yeah I know. These game jams can be a bit tight on schedule :D

The physics are great and the graphics too. Good job

Cool game. I actually really like the driving physics because they are really easy to pick up. My only issue probably is that sometimes when I'm in a drift or just want to slow down in a reverse entry I hit the brakes and that actually makes me speed up in the undesired direction - it feels kinda weird when that happens but it's probably because I'm just used to a bit different videogame car behaviors (the car in my game doesn't have reverse lol). Otherwise very good job

probably the best game I have ever played .

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah the interactions with walls aren't ideal. I wanted to make them so that you have to avoid them to be faster. I dislike in some racing games that it is better for you to slide against a wall than take the corner properly. I wanted to avoid this just using stickier physics material - but that made it feel bad when the car jumped and landed on some part of the body. So the physics are actually quite weird and inconsistent.

Thank you very much you legendary boi

It could be a very good game for speedruning. I like the gameplay. The only thing that I dislike is that there actually isn't any timer implemented. Also I couldn't figure out how to get over level 5 - could you give me some advice?

Cool Game. I managed to get time of like 35.00. If you want some advice, I would probalby make it require more time to get burnt by the weapon. I also accidentaly skipped the end screen many times because I was just holding some button. Other than that it is a cool game.

Didn't you actually forget to upload the game itself for download? :D

Nice game. I see you are participating in many jams with this one. I'm participating in the Speedrun Game Jam myself and one of the rules is that you have to have a timer implemented into the game. So that's probably something you should do if you want your entry to be considered valid. I do believe that this game would be fun to speedrun.

Very cool man. If you add microtransactions I believe you can make as much money as like EA

Thanks for posting this. Seeing someone else play my game is very interesting

Great game. I love the idea and the gameplay and level design are very well executed.

Very cool game. I like the idea very much and the gameplay feels good too. My only issue with the game is that when I played it for the first time, I finished it in like 15 seconds. Maybe this could be solved by making the level more linear instead of this maze-like structure? When I played it for the second time it took me longer to find that key and I really enjoyed the game. Great work!

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback!