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You really nailed the look, sound and feel of classic arcade shoot 'em ups. Good stuff!

Thanks for making a game based on my case design! I like the progression of the mechanics as you play.

Cool idea. Limited time/returning to the player when hit would be a nice change to make things a bit more strategic. Shaking camera was a bit overwhelming. Nice use of simple shapes and art. Controlling the bullet felt good.

Nice! I like the lo-fi retro style but audio was a bit grating. The arrow could have pointed on the Y axis too, but other than that the gameplay is super fun. 

I really like the artsyle you've used. I think a more traditional shoot 'em up approach to the level design and enemy spawning (understood that jam time means this would be harder to do) could make the main restricted movement mechanic more interesting as you don't move all that much in a bullet hell game, especially with free aim. Got a few hitches as the game went on. Otherwise a neat idea well done with good art. Good job! 

I'm not sure if it was intentional but if the rewind button is held long enough, the original self stays in place while the other clones can move and jump while the rewind is held.

Nope, that's not intended, oversight on my part. 😅
Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Funny interpretation of the theme. Good visuals, easy to understand gameplay and great music to rewind tapes to. Nice one!

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Great idea. AI is hard and  faster than I can line the car up and use the rewind beam on them. Cool style for the visuals.

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Can't time travel a second time to advance through the door. Very polished art and animation.

I like the style and sound of this game a lot, though the pixel shader might detract from the style a bit. The lock on felt like it made me miss shots more than hit. Movement and shooting felt pretty great thanks to the effects.

Great idea , nicely made. A small click sound or feedback in general for the different hits and misses would help adjust timing. Good song for the concept, it evolves nicely with each instrument.

Cool idea and slow mo feels good, movement could be a bit smoother - the player bean getting caught on corners caused game overs.

This is great. Great execution of the idea with cute animation and art. Nice one!

Really nice job, great execution of a neat idea.

Nice interpretation of the theme.  Tough getting through 3 laps in a row without falling. Fun track design and visual representation of the mechanics.

Nice presentation and idea. There could be portraits or names next to dialogue to be able to tell which character is speaking and the controls were spread all over the keyboard and mouse.  The rewinding of objects to progress is fun.

Cool rewind effect and sounds. I like the way story was implemented but I accidentally walked out the door before dialogue was done😖 

Nice and chill puzzle game with neat mechanics and  a lot of levels.