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Gavin Ceballos

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Very good game! Completing it wasn't too difficult and the controls were very fun, big fan of the sense of speed when dashing or on the water.

The "..." part is the end of the game. Thank you for your input! I had plans for error reporting but I sort of forgot about it towards the end.

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed the visual style, game was fun and not too difficult. The one thing that caused me trouble (and only for the first few seconds) was identifying the player from the start.

Thanks for playing!

I guess I did not realize the creepy potential as I usually had something on in the background while I was working on this. Having said that, creepy is definitely something I'd want to lean into if I ever continued this project in the future.

Thank you for playing!

You are right, the sound was something I gave up as time was short towards the end.

If I could make a change I would definitely make the mail easier to pickup and make it more clear to the player what they have to do.

Reminds me of the classic Stick RPG. Very fun watching my character cyclically decay until they get fired.

Fun game and great visuals, the only difficulty I had with it was getting the character to jump consistently, that may just be a problem on my end with the web version though.

I really enjoyed the mixing of the overhead sections with the jumping sections. While I only made it to my destinations because of luck, I started to get an idea of how the building was laid out by the time I ended up running out of energy.  The visual style was very nice.

One bug I ran into was that sometimes the sprite for the character would not be facing the right way when I entered a jumping section. When it was facing the wrong way it would sometimes disappear when I jumped.

Really enjoyed the sorta shooting-gallery vibe I got from the game. I was also very into the idea of fighting decay on the way to work via projectile punches.

I found the driving to be very very fun. Hit some sick drifts. Once I started seeing the text, I had to replay some of the earlier levels again to find all of them. Its fun to see how I approached the levels differently when I was trying to hit them vs. trying to dodge them.

Really exciting stuff. Its wonderful to see how much the quality of your work has increased over the years.

This was fantastic, every second I spent exploring this world was wonderful. I took the first TV along as a makeshift travel companion.

Beautiful stuff

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Hello everyone,

Walk into The Sun is a simple game where, as the title suggests, you make your way into the sun. Along the way you'll definitely find nothing amiss, strange, or otherwise out of place with the building you're in or its inhabitants. This is a simple trip up into the sun.

This is my first game and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback either here or on the page itself after you walk into the sun for yourself.