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Hey! Sorry about that, I had a little google and I think it's to do with the cabinet extractor GameMaker uses or something, I'm not very knowledgeable about compression methods. Seems like it can get weird on different versions of Windows and often doesn't play nice with antivirus. Hope the game works ok!

Aaaah thank you!!

As far as I know a lot of them have been given his blessing, he's not a corporation.

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GameJolt recently got hit by a big DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo of America on over 500 fangames on the site. This is possibly because of GameJolt's use of ads which means creators could've been making profit from them, although this wasn't a given. Considering this action taken by Nintendo do you think itchio could be issued with a similar takedown notice for any fangames here, or is it safer due to its lack of ads and revenue being generated just through PWYW/being buried amongst original content?