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Papi Socrates

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Packed with .zip!dYxySAAB!9VCfQVRTTRaHZBHZT7pGuVxarWw0Zdt-djkYnN-DQnw

If it still does not work I'll check it tomorrow (one of my partners did the port, so I don't know exactly how it works or why it doesn't)

Sure man, here's the link:!svh13YIS!89-_I2VKyvL7cIzBNzyWTpMTWZLF932OUjt2l2ZrxEY

It's entertaining but the controls don't feel responsive

It's extremely laggy but a great idea.

I would have prefered it if the bounds were more clear, great game nonetheless!

Thanks for sharing your opinion

We decided to try and include any sort of background to our game and the best way seemed like an animated intro.

About the games we screwed up the mazes, we were going to make them more complex and make more and better sounds but we ran out of time while doing the rest.

We thought about making the falls faster and add more effects to make the movement feel more weighty, but we wanted to make it easy because it seemed too hard doing everything blindly.

We'll try to implement your feedback on our next game!

Thank you for commenting

We had agreed to the concept of the game but we differed on how to enforce it. So we decided to try and make both and see which one had better reception.

Our artists says thanks too, he had a lot of work to make the intro in just a few hours

We fixed a couple of doors that had the wrong index and made some areas impossible to access 

In a couple of dayswe will have a "functioning" version of our game. Should we post it and then update it or should we wait until the game is complete to upload it?