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Packed with .zip!dYxySAAB!9VCfQVRTTRaHZBHZT7pGuVxarWw0Zdt-djkYnN-DQnw

If it still does not work I'll check it tomorrow (one of my partners did the port, so I don't know exactly how it works or why it doesn't)


It worked, although I had to manually find the executable and run it (instead of just double clicking .app package as you usually do).

As for game. So... 3D graphics was a lie? :)

I think you need to adjust the pacing of the game. It starts very slow (you just walk) and progresses in danger but stays very similar (you just walk and jump). When you die you have to replay some chunk again which is especially frustrating at the bottom-cactus (the one you fall right onto). It shouldn't be there.

It's cool to have traps, but they should be somewhat predictable so the player feels the tension and the need to be cautious. Otherwise it's a bit of guessing (and replaying the same part). I guessed you might have put to traps at the bottom, but I had no way to check.