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Related to This Post, This Post, and This Post. The most recent post I can find has been archived and is unable to be replied to.

The url edit that leafo made 4 years ago appears to work (sometimes, it has been broken more than once over the years) e.g.,, but this is only a single tag exclusion and not well known about as it is not part of the filter results list.

Idea: add an 'Exclude Genre' or 'Exclude Tag,' similar to the ways that you can search for them either by adding it to the side bar or a symbol (e.g., "-") next to the tag to symbolize exclusion.

+1 to this idea; It would be really nice to export to save a specific generation.

Really great seeing the process it took for the characters to be made 'alive'. Props to you both!

Super cute minicomic as a crossover continuation from Feline Therapy and Cat Wishes!

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I had a mild panic attack and I'm in need of debriefing.

I'm supporting the next in this series lol

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Honestly, this looks great, and the controls are not that bad. I have a feeling (graphics-wise) it could be optimized or adding the option of lowering the graphics quality for lower computers if this game will continued to be built.

Are we allowed to record this game and upload it to YouTube?