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Nice and elegant. 

I enjoyed it :)

Great start

Great work 

Do take out time to work on it more

I really enjoyed it 

Very amazing game-play

Challenging and entertaining. Great visuals. And I really appreciate the models and environment. 

Your hard work really paid off :)

My only concern is that I was confused at first because I wasn't able to cross the first ledge. Maybe you should add a description about spawning the pumpkins by shooting the grass

I shall package the game again with redist. containing any necessary program required to run the game. Sorry for any inconvenience 

Don't worry. We learn from mistakes.

I have your game in my computer and it has such a relaxing music and graphics that I can block those hacking attempts forever :D 

Thanks for making an entertainer.

Aesthetics of the game are great.

I had issues with using WASD and arrow keys together because the player cannot fire diagonally. 

You can release it on mobile with gyroscope  controls i.e. tilt the device to move up and down and touch to fire at that spot -work on its graphics, make AI movement more random in speed & add pickups 


Nice attempt at the game.

I liked the music

About game-play, I was confused at first what to do, and about what multiplier did in the game. I thought it would increase the rate at which hackers are spawned. 

Nice attempt at the game in such less time

Its random and I enjoyed it

Nice game. The way punch floats here and there is entertaining.

I would suggest you to make it more challenging by making it compulsory to hit a circle. If any player misses it, you can either cut points or allow only 3 misses after which game ends

Very unique

I loved how amazing it is and how it is made in such a less time.

I loved the circle character more. 

I would suggest you to work more on it without any limitations since the jam is over now. You have a promising concept. Work on graphics and other elements and release it. 

Very exciting gameplay. The user screens are elegant. Its simply awesome. 

Only backdrop that I faced was to wait for other players to finish attack and flee. As a player, I don't want to wait long for others to finish. So, making them move quick or speeding the gameplay after main player finishes his moves would do the job.

Overall I loved your game :)

I like the story of your game. 

Main player and its abilities are simply awesome. 

I enjoyed it :)

I loved the shooting mechanics in the game. 

I wished the map was even bigger to play it for more time :D

I am so sorry for that

I shall work on it and submit an improvement as soon as possible.

Thanks for downloading the game

Thanks :)

I like the idea of your game

But the instruction were not clear. Only after playing for a while I was able to understand it.

I would suggest adding labels to buildings. It is not clear from the images used for them. With labels we can figure out how much money will they produce and how much gas will they emit.

I really enjoyed it. And I appreciate the message your game gives, to save the environment.

Dash into air in slow motion and avoid spikes to break records and reach your max.

Super Dash

Right Click to enter slow motion and dash into air

Download it now for windows :

Great :)

I am also brushing up my skills in unreal.  May be we can team up and make a game together someday.

I started learning 2D with this tutorial series. Hope it helps you too- 

Thanks for playing the game.

Unreal is really good for 2D. I haven't used any other engine but my experience with 2D was good in unreal. You can add things easily and it provides greater flexibility over designing complex things. 

An example of what can be achieved in Unreal: 

If you want to use unreal for 2D, my recommendation would be to learn character animations and use of  flipbooks for making those animations

Nice game. As others are suggesting, you can upload it to app store with good graphics. 

I loved its simplicity and it is entertaining. Good work

Interesting gameplay. 

Nice Job

Nice design. Everything was simple yet tough to cross. Enjoyed it :)

Your screenshots look amazing though. I wanted to play the game but simply couldn't because of Open GL version issue.

Thanks. Your words have motivated me to keep making games and partipate in more game jams. I will improve my skills and deliver a good game next time. I really appreciate your opinion and your support. 

I am so sorry. I am new into making games and I am familiarising myself with Unreal engine. Thats also a reason why the game size is 94MB. iI didn't know how to reduce it. 

But I will work on it and correct it so that my next game runs flawlessly on every system.

Thanks for showing interest. 

I am very new into making games. I am still learning the basics. But thanks for liking its theme. I will impove my skills and work on more input buttons. 

Thanks for showing interest :)

Thank you for playing the game. I really appreciate it. It was my first game that I released for everone. I was nervous. Thanks for loving its style. 

I was not aware of AZERTY keyboard. I will sure add more control buttons and consider all kind of keyboards so that most people can play it.