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Really nice! Gotta use that! Thanks!

I was never a huge fan of mazes, but this one is good :D I like the room style. And I agree with KAJ7 it is a bit confusing, because player do not know what to do and what is the goal.

Thank you :)

One thing is to do not spoil the potions. But I think here is better to let the user know what it does. For example, the Rage does nothing if you do not hit the wall and I don't want to hit the wall, so I have no clue. The ghost is just the same.

I love the idea since you wrote about it on discord. It's great :)
Can you please describe what the potions do? I cannot figure it out for most of potions.
Also some sound by eating would be nice.
And I am unable to see the screenshots on your page and I think there should be some...?

I like your game. Keep the good work :)

Thank you :D Better safe than sorry

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Can I eventually have the same entry for this jam as for minijam#41? Or is it a problem here? (It's not for minijam). This jams are almost in same time, just a few hours apart. Thanks.

It's nice game. I like the graphic and reloading :)

Little notes:

  • I feel that beasts hit me sooner than they visualy should. Maybe its just me, but it makes me a little frustrated from dying.
  • It needs sounds
  • I think you shoul give player option to reload anytime, so the player can do so while not in danger.

The small amount of time is the best and worst part of this jams :D

I hope to meet you at the next jam too :D I hope I will have time, it's not always easy.

 Keep doing good job and get better and better!

Thank you ^^

And yes, it is on my todo list :) Hope I will be able to add effects soon.

Wow! Nice game!
The player should be invulnerable for a while after loosing a life, in my opinion.

I have the same problem with my games. I lower the difficulty so even I can win it and forget than because of testing and "perfect" knowledge about game mechanisms, I became a true master of my own game. Then even my brother wasn't able to win it and he is pretty skilled, so I know this very well.

You can make difficulty choosable, lower it for casual players but give them option to play "hardcore" or "nightmare" or whatever mode. It can help your game to be playable by more players and still give the most skilled ones opportunity to show their talent.

And thank you. It was fun! I like this game :)
I am sorry to tell that, but crashes again... 335 rabbits vs 3 wolfes. That even looked insane , I am not surprised that the game did not take so many rabbits xD

No problem ^^

I do :)

It's always hard to know new engine well. And making games is the best way to do so :)

It is very hard for me to aim with no crosshair. Also the boxes are too small for me. This game is hard, very hard. But it's fun and I playd it a while :)
Good job.

This is great. I love the visual and it was pretty fun :D

This game is hard. I know you know it xD I just need to write it here as everybody else xD

And this game is supper cool and I like it. I wanted to implement timeslowing mechanism into my game too, but I run out of time. It fits your game and it's perfect.

Good work! It is not simple to make a good simple game.

Small but nice! I find it very funny. Good job :D

Maybe you can give the player more time to round. I know that the time is increasing by collecting the frogs but I still feel taht the game is over too quickly.

I like the game atmosphere. The music is great, the light is great the sound is awesome. The game is too hard for me (I was killed in tutorial... many times...). And I really like the main menu, it's fresh and interesting.
Great job.

Consider add some difficulty options for weak players as I seem to be xD

Amazing art!

And maybe this game is better without sounds... it adds it a bit darker and strranger atmosphere. But I really don't know.

It  looks nice, good job :)

I think you should change a little how the character is controlled. You should use some maximum mouse distance and beyond it do not increase the speed. Now the player can move really fast, but only in few directions on the few places. (sorry for my english)
And also consider adding sound for picking up the key.

I very like the way of fighting. It's sad that there isn't more content so far. I hope you will finish it :)

Not bad at all. I like the music.
The marmelade sometimes spawn very close to me. Is it supose to do that?

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And weeeell.... this is more than interesting:

But the game is good! Keep the good work!

Nice visualy. Game can be very good its just little buggy. If the (probably) coin hit you it can stay on you and you cen get multiple points by playing with it... I am not sure if it should do this. Music is very nice, but there should by an audio for colisions and getting points.

Good game, nice maze.
I just found the music too much repetitive, it starts to be annoying after a while.

The aiming is great, I played lot of RPGs as a sniper and I like this scope and its movement :D
Maybe there should be less ducks. The player is not forsed to hunt quick, so I think that bigger spans between duck appearance should be better to add more relaxing feelings. But that's just my opinion.
Nice game.

I like it. The idea, the gamefeel, the visual, the music and the amount of cookies you eated.
The growing radius is just perfect technique. Good job and keep the good work!

Really nice graphic and concept of story. Very interesting controls.

The game is laggy on my computer and the harder jumps make it almost imposible to play :/

I am thinking... can you make it so if you press LMB you go left and when you press RMB and still holding LMB, the player will simply jump left? Is it possible?

This nice game just made my day. It's so adorable :D
Maybe the squirell could just follow the mouse when holding the button, imho.

But the game is really nice.

Great game! I really like the concept. I wasn't able to finish, but the game is great. I love the smooth movement of literally everything in the game. Good job.
Note: Player can get out of level by wrong shot.

I have the same problems as Ebediam. But I agree, this game should be definitelly good, if you remuve the bugs :) Keep doing good work!

I like it :D As Ebediam wrote in comment bellow, I wasn't able to see the pattern in hunters movement neither.  Also I don't know how many hp, or lives I have (They sometimes shoot at me, but I didn't die, so I guess they missed or something...).
Still I somehow manage to win on my first try :D

Good job. The game looks realy nice and i can sympathize with main character.

Too short but excellent game.

Not bad! :D
Sound for shooting should be better.
I like that player is turning back while aiming up. thats cool.

Idea is pretty cool, it's pitty it crashes so much.

Yeah I understand. It's good game anyway :D

This game is amazing! :D I love it. The gamefeel, the animations, the audio, all well mixed. Game is pretty hard, i like it.

Art is very nice, good job with the characters, they look great.

This is relaxing :D Very nice and cute graphic. Good job :)
It could be great game for little kids, I think.
Maybe you could add some counter how many fish you have....

Good job. Excellent game. It has great gamefeel and I really like the difficulty increasing (well done with this, I found it very hard while making my own endless games).

Maybe the death sound is kinda too much creaking. I was always well relaxed from music and then *BUM*.

(I am also proud of score 177) :D