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Hi guys! I see a lot of comments were added since MY last post :) 

The think is You must have edges at "perfect stright yellow lines" and the center of the edge must stay dark-red colored. For example that second (or third???) one side edge should be stright lines in the upper part and you can even leave bottom part complettly messed up (but must be red colored) no need for edge hitting. Imagine the sword edge now:

-------------------------\                                  -upper part

                                                -                               - edge

|_|_\\-_|\\-_|\__\\\__|=\                                  - You can leave bottom as is( don't even touch it)

It is simple but missleading in my opinion.

In the case of first edge - missleading thing is that freaki'n stright line You can create along in the center of the edge - don't do that. it is completly (useless???) Instead just leave the center or do something like that:

--------------------------------\                             -YELLOW

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||             -                        -RED

--------------------------------/                             -YELLOW

Hope that helps :)

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Game is wonderful but:

1 : Why there is no save in story mode? All tracks are unlocked and ready to play from other menu option! what is the point of the story mode then? only cutscenes or something?

2: You must be kidding me with that insane distortion effect at the end of second track: Audition.
I expected jumpscares and other spooky things but that??? Also that random mistake events when You play perfectly well - it brokes the entire immersion of the song ( I know it is another scare)!

Difficulty is way to hard! Don't get me wrong - I am playing Your game along with Super Hexagon :) Then You should know what I mean - I am not even angry when I loose in SH because is fast paced, but here...It is confusing as hell!(Because I am screwing all the time because of image distortions and other...Not from lack of abilities)!

Other than that this game is great, but I have hope there will be save function, more tracks to play and other "Improvements"

Thank You

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F.I.N.A.L.Y !!! I don't need help anymore! Now I know everything!

If someone will be playing this game and will have same problems as I - I will be glad to help!!!



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Ok, besides I am talking to myself here I've managed to create my first sword! But now, what's next? How to get another materials and how to choose different types of weapons? I've forged 5 swords and cannot see  any  progres further... How to unlock the rest?

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Hmm... For now I am the only one on this game forum... 3 days have past - no response...

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Hi everyone!

Recently I have discovered "Fire Forge" game here on

It is a game about blacksmithing. Problem is - after even few hours of play I completly don't have a clue how to play. Very interesting concept and visuals.

Guys! If anyone know how to play this game PLEASE Explain to me the rules! If not, give it a try - it is extremely difficult game!

I really want to play this but I don't know how!

Now, If I have Your attention please, share Your thoughts.

Anyone here???!!!

Thank You!

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How to do that? Everyones talking about ctrl or shift button but NOTHING works! Please help.

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I really like slow paced games which require a lot of patience but I must give up now... Don't have a clue how to make that blade...

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Outstanding game, but with one big flaw - without proper instructions I can't do much...

I don't even know how exactly the blade must look like at the end. dark-brown or bright-brown? Need HELP!