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Game is wonderful but:

1 : Why there is no save in story mode? All tracks are unlocked and ready to play from other menu option! what is the point of the story mode then? only cutscenes or something?

2: You must be kidding me with that insane distortion effect at the end of second track: Audition.
I expected jumpscares and other spooky things but that??? Also that random mistake events when You play perfectly well - it brokes the entire immersion of the song ( I know it is another scare)!

Difficulty is way to hard! Don't get me wrong - I am playing Your game along with Super Hexagon :) Then You should know what I mean - I am not even angry when I loose in SH because is fast paced, but here...It is confusing as hell!(Because I am screwing all the time because of image distortions and other...Not from lack of abilities)!

Other than that this game is great, but I have hope there will be save function, more tracks to play and other "Improvements"

Thank You

Thanks for your feedback!

There's no save because we essentially ran out of time. We originally planned for lots of tracks in the story, bigger cutscenes, and more effects in the levels themselves. That didn't pan out. As for the difficulty, I had wanted to make the experience unnerving/frustrating to replicate the feelings of being on a stage with anxiety. I probably overtuned it, though, and if I go back would balance it out a little better.

Moving forward we don't plan to heavily work on the game anymore. If something happens though, I will take your feedback and make those improvements. Thanks for playing :)