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Thanks for your feedback!

There's no save because we essentially ran out of time. We originally planned for lots of tracks in the story, bigger cutscenes, and more effects in the levels themselves. That didn't pan out. As for the difficulty, I had wanted to make the experience unnerving/frustrating to replicate the feelings of being on a stage with anxiety. I probably overtuned it, though, and if I go back would balance it out a little better.

Moving forward we don't plan to heavily work on the game anymore. If something happens though, I will take your feedback and make those improvements. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! So you can find the soundtrack here:

There aren't really any alternate titles, but I'll ask if the sound guys have any wish to rename their tracks.

You can find it here!

Thanks so much!! 

In response to other feedback we've  been getting, I will soon be implementing a no-fail "practice" mode where you can try all the songs out without any horror effects. Maybe that will help!

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Updated with lots of bug fixes and a Mac build - thanks everyone who played!!

Yup, just fixed that bug and the input bug! I'll be sending you an updated build shortly.

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Hello! So the input missed bug is something I'm actively working on, reported on the first day, and should have a fix really soon. I will let you know when it's out - is it all right for me to give you an updated build via the email registered to your payment?

I haven't seen those other bugs yet (the beginning is intentionally randomized, but shouldn't be to that degree). I'll get on that ASAP.

Thanks for your comment, and for your support! Apologies for the bugs.

We're back and released!! 

Mac build, and Steam build, to come. Thanks for your patience!

Hate to be that cliche dev, but we're going to have to postpone release of the full version - for  a week. Sorry everyone, and thanks for waiting with us. See you in a week!

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Hello all! The full Stage Fright game will be available next month January 19! Check out our Steam page for a new trailer and more info:

A new itch page will be up at that time. 

As always, thank you so much for your support!

No worries for the long comment, thanks for the feedback! I'll respond to your list one by one.

1. We have no plans to allow players to change the note speed, as that's tied directly to the music playing and depends on its tempo. I think your other suggestions kind of tie into the problem you suggest (that it's hard to read the note timings), and we've been looking at ways to solve that issue.

2. Agreed on the ticks, we will make them coordinated and more visible.

3. After a year of testing we're unfortunately going to keep the columns the same. They're angled that way precisely because it makes the game more difficult, and gives an easy way to differentiate between our game and other rhythm games while also matching the background art.

Still, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for your kind words! We'll have an announcement regarding release pretty soon :)

Thanks so much for your support! 

This past year has been crazy, and all of the team hasn't had as much time to work on the game as we would like. But we're still grinding away, and hope to have it out by December this year. I'll update this page as soon as we have more to show!

All the music is original - they were made for the game, so don't have names. I'll ask the sound guy!

Thanks! It will be better in a few months for release :P

Thanks for the Let's Play and kind words! We did just get Greenlit on Steam a few days ago, and a full version is planned for later this spring, which will be released there.

Great info once again! I'll be sure to include the system requirements once we launch. Thanks so much!

Just got back from traveling, so I wasn't able to see this before, but thanks so much for the feedback and info! Also enjoyed your YouTube video for the game.

Ah, glad it's working for you somewhere at least! Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can do about running the game on old computers.

Just updated it, Mac version should be playable!

Just uploaded a new update, let me know if you still have that issue!

Hm, I've never seen that bug before, sorry it's there!

I'll release an update to the game either tonight or tomorrow morning, and if the bug still happens afterward then send me your specs and I'll try to work it out.

Ah, sorry about that! I'll have a new build up in a couple of days.

No worries!

Ah, it would be hard for me to test a Linux port! No promises, but I'll try to include it in the next big update.

Thanks so much for the love!