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Hi guys! I see a lot of comments were added since MY last post :) 

The think is You must have edges at "perfect stright yellow lines" and the center of the edge must stay dark-red colored. For example that second (or third???) one side edge should be stright lines in the upper part and you can even leave bottom part complettly messed up (but must be red colored) no need for edge hitting. Imagine the sword edge now:

-------------------------\                                  -upper part

                                                -                               - edge

|_|_\\-_|\\-_|\__\\\__|=\                                  - You can leave bottom as is( don't even touch it)

It is simple but missleading in my opinion.

In the case of first edge - missleading thing is that freaki'n stright line You can create along in the center of the edge - don't do that. it is completly (useless???) Instead just leave the center or do something like that:

--------------------------------\                             -YELLOW

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||             -                        -RED

--------------------------------/                             -YELLOW

Hope that helps :)