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Total love, not so much and not only for the idea of the mechanics themselves, but of the relationship you chose to use with the text. It took me a moment to realize what was going on, and when I realized I was heart-eyed. Eyes that I then sometimes had to hold still with my fingers to keep from messing up. Endless congratulations <3


The horror vibes of the story were really powerful, especially for someone like me who lives in a very catholic country. Very well written and evocative. Some of the choices were really powerful - don't know if they actually changed the story and, honestly, I don't want to know!

Really congratulations for the work <3

The idea of using the theme in this way is interesting, and the only question that comes to you is: will you continue to work on the project? <3

Quite an evocative experience. I liked how it was able to put me in a different state of mind reading it: the whole "run left/right" soon became disjointed from the actual actions I was doing and more about the mood I was looking for.

It was not very clear though what kind of overall story it wanted to tell. There seemed to be glimpses of a lot of interesting topics, but I guess the high number of optional parts of the story can make it difficult to catch them all.

Like the others have said, a really nice experience.
I have only one unsolicited comment to make: what do you mean by "Author's note: [] you also weren't on the right track." If you offer the player an option, it should be their right to choose it and explore the narrative consequences :D

This kind of  "time loop" game reminded me a bit of games like The Forgotten City, and I wonder if the inspiration was intentional or not - although maybe this is more alike to... a narrative roguelite? Is there such a thing ;-D?

The drawings are really evocative of the atmosphere, and also the idea that practically everything and anything is a danger. Maybe the idea of inventing a "Rah"-thing was not strictly necessary for the story itself, but overall well executed, it kept me there until I was finally able to exit! Maybe a quick restart button could be useful too.

Soooooo cute <3 Funny and smart, good job :D

Really nice and simple idea, and well executed! This kind of mechanic definitely fits well with the quick scene depicted in the story, and it's a good way to communicate an action-packed moment in a narrative game. The fact that the text itself was so quick worked well to prepare you and get ready for an immediate reaction when the choices came, even though I was slightly disturbed by the sudden violence of the scene!

I could also see the color-game in a mode where the speed gradually increases, making you race to see how far you can go.

A different shade of yellow, or a different color, could also help with legibility.

Great job ^_^

[spoiler: english is not my first language, i hope i'll write something understandable XD]

Ok, when I have read "Ripley" the first time i was gagging, when i have understood better, i was dead.

First praise: the pace management. Little group of sentences makes it easy to read, and in this case, create more curiosity ('cause i wanna know what's going on :D), and than more bigger paragraphs for descriptions. Good, really good. It's not common at al <3

Second: sci-fi is not my genre, but you have made me really comfortable with a highly evocative style. It's somehow full of colors, emotions. I'm really in love :D

Gameplay it seems common for CYOA (it's not a bad thing, but my love for Ink comes from all the neardy possibility that it has :D). In a few places there are a lot of choices, that could feel overwhelming (is that a farm?/a child?/the housing etc etc).

I have had a bug nearly the start: when i have chosen to say my name, anything happened. I have tried again, same problem :D No problems when choosing "rank", but i have had another blocking problem later (nearly "They don't resemble anything from Earth. Well, you'll learn them soon enough.).

Curiosity: it's clear that you have put a lot of effort in the writing part <3 how many words are in the game? And have you wrote novels and so on?

Good job <3


Hi! Thanks a lot for the feedback! We pushed a last-minute translation of the game in English if you want to try it out :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback! ❤️

The lines of explanations of the minigame were the only ones that weren't in Ink, and as such we forgot to translate them - pushed a fix for that too!

"Oof! Ah! Ngh! Gah! Pfff! Dnh! Khk! Tfh! Yee! Bwh! Ughhhhh..." it's the perfect summary of a Monday morning :D
In bad days like those, this game is a little gem of friendship and fun, thank you so much <3

Hi! Thanks a lot :-D. We posted a very last-moment version with an English translation if you want to try it out :-)

Thanks a lot! We just pushed an English version of it, at the veeeeery last moment ;D

Grazie per la segnalazione per i typo :D siamo arrivate alla fine così esauste che letteralmente non abbiano riletto NULLA XD Il suggerimento per i controlli è ottimo <3 Mentre per la localizzazione di cose così specifiche ci sono non poche *** in corso :D Anche perché abbiamo un po' di reference culturali su cui appoggiarci ma che fanno più capo al mondo UK che non a qualcosa di generale. Possiamo giusto confidare nel trash che la famiglia Kardashian sa offrire al globuniverso :D (asap ci giochiamo :D)

Hello pals, we'll try to make an english translation asap, for the first days the game we'll be only in italian. Sorry <3

Wow, this is a really amazing job, and the graphic is so cool and lovely <3

Thanks a lot for your kind words and for the playthrough video ❤️. One of the reasons why we made this game was exactly to talk about something lots of people know little about, and to try and communicate what it means to feel certain things in your life!
(sorry for the late reply, we're still getting back to our normal rhythms after the summer break!)

Thank you so much. It was what i need when I didn't know <3

You have no idea how much this means to us, coming from you! We are incredibly happy you liked it, and thank _your_ beautiful games (we also played Pebble Witch some weeks ago and it was sooooo sweet and relatable! 💕)

Thank you so much, really 💖
It's that kind of situation where we don't know if we must be sorry or happy ' cause someon is crying, so: a lot of hugs from here 💖 

Thanks a lot for your message ❤️
If you feel like sharing with us what you felt most relatable, we would love to hear it.

And thanks to you for having played our game!

Thanks so so so much <3

Grazie mille per questa recensione, siamo felicissimə che l'esperienza che volevamo dare sia arrivata in questo modo <3

Thank you all for this game ^_^

Really a small, beautiful gem.
Lots of the rethoric about immigrants is also very strong here in Italy too, and it's both disheartening to hear the same phrases and leit motifs repeated in another context, and reassuring that a common front can be built to face these kinds of oppressions.
Thanks for the experience, it was good to throw that last seashell!

sì, la difficoltà dei bullet hell è una cosa che stiamo sistemando nella nuova versione ;D

uninstalling monogamy: 100% done.
ethical non-monogamy: installing...

thank youuuuu :D i haven't understood that XD

I hope i'm not going to open an existing thread, but i wasn't able to find an answer.

Officially i've finished my training skills (when i meet an opponent, my training bar is full and green), but i'm missing 6 of them: 2 from every tier, except the first.

It's normal, or it's a bug? i see some skill (like sniff) is used by the opponents, but i don't have them yet.

Thank you <3 

un'esperienza purtroppo comune, vero...?

Ok, i'm totally in love with this game. Simple and cool <3

Thank you <3

E prossimamente ci saranno degli update con qualche nuovo mistero ;)

Hi! Thanks a lot for the feedback and the encouragement, it's really appreciated! We particularly needed feedback regarding the difficulty, because it's something very hard for us to determine on our own (since we already know the structure of the levels ;-D), and we published a second version with a little more help and leeway for the player also thanks to your reply. We are trying to strike the balance between giving possibilities to the player and making them feel chased and in panic, which is not easy.

Thanks again for the comment and the organization of the Game Jam!

Hi! First of all, thanks for the feedback! It's always very hard to gauge the difficulty of a game with puzzle elements when you already know the solution, so it's very useful that you pointed out the problems in that.

BTW, we uploaded a new version of the game tweaking some aspects of it, also taking into considerations the parts you noticed where problematic. In case you had time, we would love for you to try it out again and tell us if you think it's enough or if you find it still too unclear / difficult to find your way out of the level.

The game is presented in a subtly disturbing way, which helps bringing the idea that something is wrong in the place. I wouldn't honestly have understood what the point at the end was without reading the comments you put regarding the theme, so I'd say is quite too subtle: maybe some extra hints here and there could help understand what it's really happening!

The mechanics are really simple but effective, the tension is definitely there during the gameplay. The use of the music is good, although it would have been better with some fade-ins and fade-outs to avoid abrupt skips. The graphics are captivating: sometimes it's just a bit too dark, going from atmospheric to impossible to see. There are a couple of bugs still (some models are not adjacent, sometimes the doctor just seems stuck in place even when you get near) but nothing major.