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you can't escape from your past - non puoi scappare dal passato
Submitted by owof games (@owofgames) — 6 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Which Theme from the list did you choose to implement in your game?

Deathly Chill

How did you choose to implement your chosen theme in your game?
The player has to run away from a chilling specter along labyrinths.

Did you implement any of the optional Bonus Challenges, and if so, which ones?
Death is Not The End, Religious Location.

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I absolutely love the atmosphere of this game, this was probably the best game of this game jam in that aspect. One criticism I have is that it was way too hard to deduce where you need to go in the different levels. Some more clues and hints for the player would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work. I seriously loved this game, even with its flaws. :)


Hi! Thanks a lot for the feedback and the encouragement, it's really appreciated! We particularly needed feedback regarding the difficulty, because it's something very hard for us to determine on our own (since we already know the structure of the levels ;-D), and we published a second version with a little more help and leeway for the player also thanks to your reply. We are trying to strike the balance between giving possibilities to the player and making them feel chased and in panic, which is not easy.

Thanks again for the comment and the organization of the Game Jam!


It might just be me, but I found it very hard to try and figure out were to go in each level.

The sunglasses were the hardest to find, in the first level, I only found them by accident after the third lap of the city.

The subway level was hard, but it gave me a chance to learn I could loop around the invisible ghost(?) that represents depression(?) and run by.

The ghost was hard to out run in the house level where the phone is ringing. Even knowing which doors I needed to go through I could not out run it. I think the rooms were too small to loop the ghost around, so  I couldn't find a way to find my way out of that level.


Hi! First of all, thanks for the feedback! It's always very hard to gauge the difficulty of a game with puzzle elements when you already know the solution, so it's very useful that you pointed out the problems in that.

BTW, we uploaded a new version of the game tweaking some aspects of it, also taking into considerations the parts you noticed where problematic. In case you had time, we would love for you to try it out again and tell us if you think it's enough or if you find it still too unclear / difficult to find your way out of the level.