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Very interesting game. You definitely achieve to transmit how we have felt sometimes in New Year's Eve.

Very interesting! I enjoyed it a lot. 
I like how you used lights and colors. I think I can learn a lot about that just looking at your game.

Thank you very much for playing Dystopicon: D

I have a couple of questions:
- Your TV did not change in your video. Did the TV turn on? (A bright white light should appear).
- Did you see the news bulletin arriving every day?
- Did you notice that you can click on the window?
Thanks for taking a little time to play our game. We hope to finish the game in January.

Have a good day!

The lottery system was fixed in the wake of your gameplay.

Thank you for playing Dystopicon demo again :)


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Thank you again.


Thanks for playing Dystopicon!
It's very interesting, you just broke the game! hahahahah. You have the record earning money with the lottery, it should be almost impossible to win that amount of money!
Ok, I think the game needs to explain more things before the player starts. You should read the Daily News to understand why there's riots in the streets and how this society works. So I invite you to play again reading the boletin and seeing what is going on.

Your video it is very useful, I see that I need to control more parameters and make a better gameplay.
Thank you very much.

I love the concept but I miss a mechanic, just a small one :D

The game is interesting and illumination is really cool. The only (important) thing that I see: it needs a big optimization. I have less than 30 fps in the marketplace area and it's almost.
Keep working and congratulations!

Muy interesante, sorprende la profundidad del tema cuando lo intuyes. Creo que habéis conseguido hacer un juego interesante a pesar de que el tema de la jam no gustaba a mucha gente.

Es curioso, en mi caso daba prioridad a la limpieza sobre la cocina. Supongo que prefería que pensaran que la casa estaba limpia a que cocinaba bien jajajaja.

Por cierto, ¿cuándo va a volver Jordi a Murcia? La charla que dio fue muy inspiradora y le queremos otra vez por aquí :D

Thank you very much!

Keep working and making such an interesting games ;-)

Hey, that's cool! 
We are developing something very similar for one of our mechanics in Dystopicon. We want players choose in elections between options that can be not very moral but profitable for them or more ethical options but with gameplay penalties.

Good job!

Thank you very much :)

Political channel gives you some fun and you can combine it with church channel. Lottery is not very popular hahaha.

BUT they don't know that political channel also gives you affinity with the government so, well played ;-)

Awesome gameplay. 

Your strategy is unsual but works! hahahaha

Thank you very much for playing Dystopicon :)

I think it appears the last day or the day before the end ;-)

Awesome! Thank you very much for playing Dystopicon!

We have taken notes from your comments.

The statistics are easier than the final version to make the player complete the demo. By the way, you missed to take the wierd package that came from the door :P

OMG what a great work!
You have hit the main point of the game!

It worked! Thank you very much :D

Ok, I'll try that and I'll tell you if it works ;-)

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I have this error in all folders except in "Buildings". Do you know how can I fix it?

By the way,  great job, I like Asset Forge very much :D

I played you're game un the Ludum Dare an I love it. Congratulations for your #1 place