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Thank you very much!

Keep working and making such an interesting games ;-)

Hey, that's cool! 
We are developing something very similar for one of our mechanics in Dystopicon. We want players choose in elections between options that can be not very moral but profitable for them or more ethical options but with gameplay penalties.

Good job!

Thank you very much :)

Political channel gives you some fun and you can combine it with church channel. Lottery is not very popular hahaha.

BUT they don't know that political channel also gives you affinity with the government so, well played ;-)

Awesome gameplay. 

Your strategy is unsual but works! hahahaha

Thank you very much for playing Dystopicon :)

I think it appears the last day or the day before the end ;-)

Awesome! Thank you very much for playing Dystopicon!

We have taken notes from your comments.

The statistics are easier than the final version to make the player complete the demo. By the way, you missed to take the wierd package that came from the door :P

OMG what a great work!
You have hit the main point of the game!

It worked! Thank you very much :D

Ok, I'll try that and I'll tell you if it works ;-)

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I have this error in all folders except in "Buildings". Do you know how can I fix it?

By the way,  great job, I like Asset Forge very much :D

I played you're game un the Ludum Dare an I love it. Congratulations for your #1 place