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Ending bug?

A topic by DonnyZ created Oct 02, 2019 Views: 370 Replies: 1
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I just play. I spam click on a rat, something (like "The Truth") pops out for a milisecond then as I click again to kill the rat in that split of a moment the game ends and I'm in the main screen. I DIDN'T READ THE FREAKING PAPER :( Did I lose? Or did the game just end by itself? I had all bars full!!!


First of all, thank you for playing Dystopicon :)

It Is not a bug but it's a design error. The screen has an event to close it if you click on it. We are going to remove this and add a button to close the screen.
The game ends after 30 days and, depending of your political affinity, you have different endings texts.  If you had all the bar full maybe you had a big political affinity so you'll be promoted to first class citizen ;-)

We are having good comments about the game so we are thinking to develop a new level to expand Dystopicon. Follow us to know more about it.
Thank you for your feedback!
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