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 Thanks for the feedback! I'll be adding sound to it after the jam is over. I just didn't have enough time to add it before submission.

Definitely! Others have zoomed in on the pixels, though, to make it easier to see. It's totally fine to not have it zoomed in.

What is this, a game for ants? :D

If it started out a bit slower so you get used to the mechanics, then speed up as you progress, I think it would be more fun. But some might like the Souls-like difficulty.

Fun game! I love the tricks you pulled in the last few levels in the design. The camera angle threw me off but it feels like part of the aesthetic. Nicely done.

I gotta admit, first time I've seen resizing a window as a game mechanic. Nice job!

Love the narrative you added!

It's got potential. I wish the beat would speed up faster. Would be best to time the beat with the number touching the line, too, so the player has an indicator. Great job sticking to restrictions, though.

I got to 131!

Amazing, well done! Animations were smooth, graphics a treat, and the game was a very fun puzzler.

One piece of advice: If you run out of juice maybe show a "Press R to restart" or some prompt just so the player learns in case it's not a behavior they picked up yet.

The physics works nice and adds a fun element. You can probably reuse it for other game ideas.

 I would add an objective in at least your game page like "find the way out!" It would also help to show a game over/win screen, too. Congrats on submitting your first game!

I love it! Very fun and the restrictions really brought out your creativity in the sprites. A fun tweak would be to give you points for staying alive as it seems to take skill in itself. Great job!

Graphics look great with sweet animations. It's a bit dialog heavy and the enemies come at the player slowly. A good tweak would be for the enemies to come faster while lowering their armor, as well as possibly spawning more enemies.

I'm a big fan of the graphics!

Great job, the anxiety is real!

Thanks for the feedback! I've made it so it's easy to edit the levels by hand so if I ever revisit the game I'll try it out.

My bad, glad you figured it out!

Haha we'll see! Thanks so much for playing and the feedback :D

Takes me back to the old days. Awesome work.

As hard as it is addicting. One day I'll conquer and be one with the drift.

Fun reuse of the built-in assets that DragonRuby comes with. I really like the mechanic of changing the difficulty as well.

Fun and simple. The character animations are amazing, nice job!

You really got a lot out of the 20 second restriction. Great job, and love the twist with the boss :D

Very fun to play, nice job!

Loved your story, and what a great medium to tell it from!