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perfect! Thanks for testing and comment!

Hi Bruno, all the games were updated with list-view icon. Just download the of each game.

Thank you.

Best regards

Hi, sure, I'll look for info about them and this weekend I'll try to add list icons to the games. Thank you. Regards.

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Thank you for play it!

Gracias Arnau!

Muchas gracias por testearlo, crack

Gracias a ti por probarlo y comentar!


Jajajajaja, saludos, crack! La verdad es que la GameBoy es muy sencillita y muy agradable de programar. La cuestión es no estar quieto, nunca. 

Very fun game, well done!

Thank you ozn8ter for play it!

Hi, I've just updated a new version with the ghost bug fixed. The .gb file is smaller now and the same file works for gb/gbc machines. Sorry, the color palette for gbc remains the same by now. Thanks for the bug report.

Hi gingerbeardman! If you take the big pill the ghost runaway from you and not reach the screen edge. In your case is the ghost trapped on the edge without take the big pill?

Hi! thanks for your comments. Yes, it a little bit harder than the original one, maybe for the game speed. Thanks for the bug report, I'll upload this weekend a version with it fixed. Regarding the color palette, I'll try include it. I must to study how to do it as I don't know well how color palettes work in GBC.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing and comment!

Hi TJ, I'm glad you liked the game. Thank you for the video, I love the passion you put in your videos!

Best regards!

Thanks, Steve!

Gracias, crack!

Hi! thanks for your comment

Hi! thanks for playing and comment. While you are pressing B button, you can fire and aim using dpad without move the player position. Just aiming and fire. Pressing A button fires without stop your player movement

Hey! thanks for the tip!

Purchased, really good pixel art for a little game I'm doing!

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Hi Anosoft! Thanks for your comment. AFAIK play date games doesn't allow be played in web browser yet , there is not an web based emulador for it and the PlayDate compiler doesn' t allow create an html5 version. Other games I made using PICO8 can be played in web browser due you can create an html5 version of it with PICO8 compiler.

Hey! thank you! I hope you like it!

Uf! I have several games to finish yet... I can't begin to code more games for awhile 

Hi thanks for playing, comment and make a video review! You have now 16 subs! Ant Attack... hmmm... interesting although I think that it has too complex math calculations for me...

Hey! thanks for playing and for taking time to comment.

Best regards!

Thanks for playing! I'm not sure if I could release the p8.png file since this format includes the graphics in an open format (anyone with pico8 could access them) and this could conflict with the license of the sprites that I bought and used in the game.

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Hi! open TIC80 and type: folder. Put your 128x128 pixels png in the explorer opened by folder command. 

In the TIC80 console, type: import sprites yourpngfile.png. If you want import tiles instead of sprites, type: import tiles yourpngfile.png

It must work, at least it works for me.

Best regards.

Hi! new version uploaded with some of your suggestions. Thank you!

Thanks for playing and share your ideas about the game! The powerup sprite is totally different to make it easier to identify... and for a clear Knightmare inspiration :)

I'll think about how to make the player's death clearer... even though I have few tokens left and no sprite space...

Thank you!

Thak you, Carlos

Me alegra que te recuerde al Knightmare! Muchas gracias por tu aportación al juego con tus músicas!

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for playing and comment! 

Best regards

Congratulations, Kounch, really fun game. A bit difficult for me (I've only played a few times and I didn't know the original game) I'll try to dedicate more time to beat it. Good work!

Thanks for playing and commenting! Originally, when I started development, an alarm sounded when evil otto came out, but I removed it because it lost tension and the suspense of whether or not it's out yet. I'll think about whether to include it again in a new release of the game. Thank you!

Hi LowtekGames, just upload a new version with the option to switch buttons. The default option remains being A-Fire and B-Fly but you can change from ingame menu (the selection is not saved so each time you launch the game you must change the controls) Thank for your idea. Best regards.

Hmmm... interesting... you can fly by pressing UP in the DPAD (in fact I use UP direction to fly), but It's a good idea I'll change the button assigment and I'll put an option in system menu to switch between them. Thanks

Muchas gracias Snabich por tus músicas y tu apoyo!

Gracias crack! Jetpac fue uno de los primeros juegos que jugué en mi Spectrum y le tengo mucho cariño. Espero que esta versión esté a la altura del original :