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Hi! new version uploaded with some of your suggestions. Thank you!

Thanks for playing and share your ideas about the game! The powerup sprite is totally different to make it easier to identify... and for a clear Knightmare inspiration :)

I'll think about how to make the player's death clearer... even though I have few tokens left and no sprite space...

Thank you!

Thak you, Carlos

Me alegra que te recuerde al Knightmare! Muchas gracias por tu aportación al juego con tus músicas!

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for playing and comment! 

Best regards

Congratulations, Kounch, really fun game. A bit difficult for me (I've only played a few times and I didn't know the original game) I'll try to dedicate more time to beat it. Good work!

Thanks for playing and commenting! Originally, when I started development, an alarm sounded when evil otto came out, but I removed it because it lost tension and the suspense of whether or not it's out yet. I'll think about whether to include it again in a new release of the game. Thank you!

Hi LowtekGames, just upload a new version with the option to switch buttons. The default option remains being A-Fire and B-Fly but you can change from ingame menu (the selection is not saved so each time you launch the game you must change the controls) Thank for your idea. Best regards.

Hmmm... interesting... you can fly by pressing UP in the DPAD (in fact I use UP direction to fly), but It's a good idea I'll change the button assigment and I'll put an option in system menu to switch between them. Thanks

Muchas gracias Snabich por tus músicas y tu apoyo!

Gracias crack! Jetpac fue uno de los primeros juegos que jugué en mi Spectrum y le tengo mucho cariño. Espero que esta versión esté a la altura del original :

Hi Jordan! Thanks for the videos and comments! I hope you like the games next games I'll release too.

Hi Jordan! Thanks for the videos and comments! Really appreciated!

Great, thanks for report the problem

My fault! when i fix the next bug i will fix the build id. Hiscore recording works fine now, right?

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You are right, there was a problem and doesn't save the hi and last score if the game finish and the player doesn't continue. It must be fixed now, please download the game again. Thanks for your help! 

Hi adamantibus! Thanks for playing. Not sure what is the problem with saves. Are you playing in real device or in the simulator? In simulator it works well. It's weird, no one else has reported problems with savestate...

Gracias, Duefectu! abandona el Basic y pásate al lado oscuro del LUA!!! :)

Gracias, Snabisch!

Hi all,

as a suggestion, I guess it won't be easy to implement but it would be nice to be able to include one more parameter in export commans, called URL.

If it's empty, it points to the tic80 repo to download the binaries (as currently), else TIC80 will get the binaries from URL entered. Even in local storage, if possible.

I think it would be something quite flexible although I don't know how difficult it is to program it. 

Anyway, thanks for making TIC80!

Thanks for playing and comment! Hey, reach level 8 is really good for firsts playings! Best regards!

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Thank you for the last score idea, I've uploaded a new version of fast an ZEN pacman with it. Thanks you a lot! 

Really high quality chiptune loops, keep on good work!

Best regards

Gracias, Maestro!

Thanks BlizzardJesus

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Hey! thanks for keep playing the game and comment! Yes, maybe I should rename the binaries to avoid confussion. Zen Pacman... Hmmm... it likes me! :)

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:) I'm glad you like it

Thank you for playing and comment! I'm glad you like it!

Sí! usar el SDK es bastante sencillo y las cosas salen rápido. Quizá deberías echarle un vistazo al SDK y, quién sabe, hacer un Quadragon para Playdate :)

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Hi AwesomeNick! Thanks for playing and comment. Regarding the option to skip level, you are right, it should not add 1000 points to score. I'll fix it. About water and street... yes... the newcomers might get confused with the same solid black color. I have tried several options but due to the lack of color, all of them are confusing or visually annoying... I will try to find some option for the next version.

Thank you for your comments!

Thank you, master!

Thank you for your help!

Best regards

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Ok, thanks for your tests and comments. Please could you try the new version I just uploaded? It's called

I hope it runs faster in the real hardware than previous versions.

Thank you!

Faster version runs at 50 fps instead of 30 fps of the normal version. I do not own the real device yet so I only can test with the device emulator. Other players with real devices experimented a little game speed up with fast version. Best regards.

I did not know the original game, it is a great version, very fun and playable. Thanks for this game!

Thanks for the video!

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Thanks for playing, comment and make a video! The criteria for large enemies to appear is that the difficulty level is hard or very hard and 2 or more enemy waves have been passed. Every time a level is started with these premises, there is a 70% chance that large enemies will spawn. Maybe you were playing on easy or normal level?

Thanks for playing and comment! More classics will come, sure! Best regards!

Thanks for playing and comment! Good idea, I'll implement fire with UP dpad while using cranck. Phoenix is one of my favourite games and is on my todo list. Maybe in a few weeks/months I have something new about it. Thanks! Best regards!