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That was very fun and satisfying!

Thanks for the feedback :). And yeah I agree the sound would have been better to add. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

There's a browser version now! yay :)

Great game. music was good, and the art was too. A little confusing why the cats hurt you when they are usually nice. Besides that super fun :)

Super fun! The game was very entertaining to play and move around in. The only problem I ran into was jumping towards the camera. It felt weird and most of the time didn't work. Besides that great job, it was fun :)

Super cool art, great game too. It was hard at first to understand what to do, but I became better once I go the hang of it. Good job, its great :)

Really fun! The game was definitely entertaining. The hitbox for the penguins was a little wonky, but besides that it was great.Good job :)

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Extremely fun, the Penguin vibes are great. Really fun mechanics too.

Thank you for playing. This is great feedback. I can see how a overall score system can be rewarding, and background music probably would have been nice.  Thank you for the feedback, I will work towards fixing after the jam :)

Really fun and enjoyable! Good job. The puzzle game mechanic is really fun. This is a great game.

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Really Fun, the Mario party style was definitely a joy to play. Great job on the art style and penguin customization. The only feedback I have is can you please fix the play again screen. There was this annoying bug that only allowed me to play the first game again instead of all of them again. Anyway Great job, the game was amazing :)

The page is now fully updated, thank you all for the amazing feedback :)

I just finished the cover image finally :)

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The game was very entertaining. It's a really cool spin on the theme, with it being a horror game. At first, I couldn't tell what I was looking for, but it was very fun once I got the hang of it. Good job the game was great. :)

Super cool game ! I really enjoyed the feeling of adventure. It’s also worked really well on a phone, which I understand it probably wasn’t meant for. However, the cursive was a little hard to read. But that could have also just have been me. Anyway Great game you did a fantastic job! :)

Hi everyone, I updated the page to be more welcoming and explaining instead of blank. I did not change anything in the game (just to make that clear) only updated the page. Thanks for all the feedback.

Hey, thank you so much for the great feedback. I am currently adding the controls and how to play into the page. The game is supposed to be an endless penguin fighter, sadly no win screen. The coins were also added in so that you wouldn't be getting the other things as often. I do understand how that can be confusing. However, I hope the game was still a good experience besides these setbacks. :)

Yeah lol, they can be annoying. I hope you still enjoy it though. :)

That was really fun. Great job Vimlark! :)

This game is amazing. It is so fun and interesting. I really like the story so far in the demo. But my favorite part is the great art style.

There’s a spot for you on mine. If you wanna join that is of course. My discord is OrganoKD#0950  just dm me.

Hey did you ever find a team to join?

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Hey Programmer here! It would be epic to collaborate. With anyone.

My discord is OreganoKD#0950