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Find a Team Member

A topic by jannamoon created Jul 01, 2020 Views: 368 Replies: 9
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Use this thread to help find a team member!

If anyone still need a 2D artist I'd be happy to team up. I draw in a cartoony / vector style, can try to adapt if needed :D 

hey i would be interested and glad to find a fellow vector artist :). I use adobe illustrator you?

Yo yo, also illustrator for the vector art, but been experimenting a lot in Photoshop lately :D

Composer over here! I'd love to collaborate!

Hey did you ever find a team to join?

I haven’t, no.

There’s a spot for you on mine. If you wanna join that is of course. My discord is OrganoKD#0950  just dm me.

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Hey Programmer here! It would be epic to collaborate. With anyone.

My discord is OreganoKD#0950

3D or 2D beginner artist, know a little code and stuff too. Discord is Jewel_Knight#9740