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great idea and great game! only issue that it was so short. keep at it!

by the way, do you mind taking a look at my jam submission? thanks!

I liked the concept, but I feel like if you had more time, the game would be better.

by the way, could you check out my game? thanks!

The idea is really creative, but the movement really killed it for me. still a great game!

any chance you can check out my jam game? thanks!

The game has a real nice aesthetic to it, the artstyle is really nice! I do think you could've made instructions so people would understand how to play your game, it took me a minute to figure out what was happening. only real problem is that the game is too short, and it feels like you had no time to make more levels. 7/10 great but short

Great game, nick! It's very challenging and doesn't really get old fast, but I would like to make some suggestions:

Personally, the arrow keys confuse me, I always get the directions mixed up. I don't know how you could fix this on the PC version, but if you do eventually make a mobile version, I suggest instead of arrow keys, make it work with a joystick. the position of the joystick would be the rotation of the paddle, that way it'd be much easier to play.

I think the game lacks a tiny bit of flare that you can easily add. for example, when you hit a certain score (10, 25, 50, etc..) A certain sound and particles come out, that way the player would feel rewarded for getting to such a high score.

that's all the suggestion I have for you right now, but please don't feel obligated to make them if you don't want to. Have a great day!