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Great game, nick! It's very challenging and doesn't really get old fast, but I would like to make some suggestions:

Personally, the arrow keys confuse me, I always get the directions mixed up. I don't know how you could fix this on the PC version, but if you do eventually make a mobile version, I suggest instead of arrow keys, make it work with a joystick. the position of the joystick would be the rotation of the paddle, that way it'd be much easier to play.

I think the game lacks a tiny bit of flare that you can easily add. for example, when you hit a certain score (10, 25, 50, etc..) A certain sound and particles come out, that way the player would feel rewarded for getting to such a high score.

that's all the suggestion I have for you right now, but please don't feel obligated to make them if you don't want to. Have a great day!