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sweeeet, i might buy these sometime, although I would probably modify the colors since my graphics are usually a little more neon colored. Did you think about adding an explosion sound effect for each explosion in the YT video? :) Great work fawful

thank you, its been a few years and I realize there's some design problems like i may have made the levels too large. but thanks for commmenting! 

thanks for playing humaz! Do you ever try to reach the highest ranking in a level (Rank 11)? I'm just wondering are people content just to complete the missions successfully or if they are also trying to get the fastest times possible.

I've been meaning to make a record speedrun of my own, just haven't gotten around to it yet :P

Big thanks to the reviewers! Would be nice if there was some way to send a thank you, especially to the third guy who seemed to like my game a lot.

Also the second reviewer said about my game 'great level manipulation' and 'this is not a roguelike nor a roguelite'... so I think he may be under the mistaken impression that the levels are custom-designed in some way, when in fact they are randomly generated. Is there any way to contact these reviewers to notify them about something like this?

Thanks. It is a truly mammoth task you and all the reviewers have accomplished.

thank you humaz. For most of the development you had to hold down the grabbing key for about half a second before you would fully acquire the block. I realized at the end this made it more tedious than it had to be so I switched it to be instant. :)

thank you Mukky, glad you enjoyed it :)

a nice golf game, the aiming was kind of weird to figure out at first... but I enjoyed playing, however I never encountered any powerups or anything and I feel like I'm missing something. Are there hidden powerups somewhere that would increase your hitting power?

I liked all of the graphics(I appreciate that you didn't use ASCII characters like everyone else), except I found the font hard to read. Nice little prototype.

Thanks! The game is quite simple, but my hope is that speedrunning will make for an additional optional challenge... since the levels are randomly generated there's a lot of luck involved but that goes for any RogueLike game :)

Yesterday I made a tutorial level and the game menu. Today I made an ending "cutscene" and a victory screen to show your final time.
The game is semi-finished, so today & tomorrow(my last day) I'll be polishing up things like the menu, etc and consider adding another obstacle or 2 into the game levels. The goal in the game is to complete 7 procedurally generated levels as fast as possible.

I'm working on a platformer with generated levels where you can pick up blocks and move them around. Each level has 16 emerald gems you have to collect to go through the exit to the next level. Some of the blocks have special attributes and are either dangerous, or helpful, or both. Comments/Critique welcome.

Hello, everyone. I'm pretty sure I've never participated in this before but I might this year.

I've been brainstorming and I'm thinking of making a roguelike-esque game that does not have a turn-based system, but is instead constant like in most games, like in Spelunky for instance. I'm hoping this would be alright with the rules, just let me know if not.


Thank you sir. I appreciate all the feedback. Level 21 has 2 different routes, one easy and one hard, so yeah, you might think it's a route to an easter egg but it's just the 2nd entrance that leads to the spike. Thanks for playing and commenting!

really sorry if it still isn't working, I usually use keyboard myself so when I started adding controller support to my games I bought an xbox 360 controller for testing and so that's the only controller I can guarantee will work... although I don't understand why other controllers with the same kind of buttons and switches wouldn't work equally well.

I just tested it with my xbox 360 controller and it worked fine. What type of controller are you using? Maybe the USB port on your computer isn't working, can you try plugging the controller into a different USB port?

You just go to the options menu and switch to the xbox controller  on the controls setting.

Thanks for the additional feedback, shadree!

I'm going to have to give some consideration to making the elevator buttons operated by pressing the down key instead of just standing on them for 1 second. There isn't any music yet because I haven't had time to find any. There will probably be some in the next version though. The guards vision is horizontal, but they not only can see you if you are in the 16 pixel range, they can also see 8 pixels above and 8 pixels below if there is a clear line of sight to the player.

Thanks for downloading and testing out this new version!

Hello again, Shadree! Just want to let you know the game has been updated and now contains a tutorial level as well as several other improvements. Hope you'll give the game another try!

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Hello Shadree. Thanks for the feedback.

-I've taken your advice and now mention the stab mechanic in description.

-To my knowledge, enemies can't see through walls. I've never encountered this. The red visor juggernaut has special vision, though, so he can see you even if he is walking away from you.

-The red key is used on the red door.

-If you run out of c4, or if you have no more enemy bodies to activate the special door switch, you may have to restart the level(by dying or by pressing escape to go to menu)

-The only way to dodge bullets is to run away from them. There is no jumping in this game.

-It takes 1.3 seconds of standing on the elevator buttons to activate the elevator. Please note that if the elevator is already in motion you will have to wait until it stops to activate it again.

One thing to note is that the grayish door can only be opened by an enemy(or an enemy corpse).

nice game but I can't get past level 2, those cheeses are murderous. Maybe add some treasures that have hp packs or something that would be cool to find treasures with attack cards etc. Great work :)

thankyou my good man!

most of the controls are written in the game, but I'll add them to the game description now also.

I had the menu mouse-controlled, because that's the way the original Karoshi game was... but I have been thinking of letting the player use the arrow keys to use the menu also.

McBean is platform shooter game featuring 5 levels, 7 different weapons, and a few hidden secrets. Speedrunning is also possible(my own best time is built-in to the ending screen).

The game is priced at $2 on
(a 2 level demo is also available for free)



Buy it now, or try the demo on

This game was inspired by Cool Beans, a prototype by Chad Chisholm. Special thanks to Zack Banack, Harrk, and Nik Sudan for beta testing. In-game music is by Kevin MacLeod.


thank you littlest rusha :)

Did you download the game shortly after(like on the very day of) it's release? There was a debug code I accidentally left in, so the first 2-3 downloaders of the game have a glitch that makes the powerups always be the size powerup. Sorry about that, but if both of you download the latest version you should not have desync issues. Sorry for inconvenience.

Oh I see. You must be using Linux, then? I just downloaded and tested out the Windows version and it's working fine, but I have no way of testing the Linux version. So I assume this is what is giving you trouble. I will try to contact Yellow and see if he knows what might be causing the error. Thanks again for reporting it.

Heylo mahomaho. Can you tell us what you were doing in the game when this error appeared? Thank you very much for reporting!

very fun nice work :D