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It is a really fun game while also being really polished, good job! The only complaint is sometimes the enemies would stay under me, making my boulders useless, I actually think this was a good mechanic, just wish there was another weapon to combat this. (I could just be wrong). Otherwise, you did a great job, the enemies feel nice, and the weapons I am given are satisfying when used, I'd say you did phenomenal.

Great game, mechanics, and art design are all top-notch. Good job!

Overall neat concept!

Love the presentation and creativity when creating this game. Although I do wish there were instructions in the description since I didn't know what to do, took me a long time you had to use the camera on the side to take pictures of people's faces. But overall, a great concept that can be expanded to a full game.

Really good concept with a nice and simple art design. Overall, a nice simple game.

Don't have anything to add, unfortunately, the art is really nice and neat, although the game is too simple. Still nice to play!

The art of this game.... :O

It is definitely an interesting idea to be a monster in the backrooms. I feel like you could make a full game out of this idea!

The art is great, and the animation is top-notch.

Very neat concept!

It's nice to hear I did well when it comes to art design. Glad you had fun!

Thanks a lot for playing this game! the music source is in the description if you ever want to check it out!

Maybe there will be more of this...

Thanks a lot for checking out this game! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The presentation is great, had a good chuckle at the jokes. nice job!

Neat concept.

Really liked the overall game, it seemed like you knew what you wanted with this game.

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Good puzzles!

Really good idea. Parrying feels really polished and enjoyable. Good job!

Really cool idea.

Fun game with interesting concepts!

Really fun game with a great concept that is carried by an astonishing amount of creativity. Great job!

Really polished game! Good job!

Very creative game.

Overall solid game, I do wish the player's y velocity was also slowed down when holding space, but that's the only complaint I could make up. The game has solid art, levels, puzzles, etc. Great job!

I am thankful you enjoyed my game! :)

A really nice game, good job on completing it, especially with Pac-man and his AI.

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Thanks for the advice, maybe after the game jam I will work on adding more features to the game, or in a sequel.

Glad to hear you had fun!

Don't worry, it's just how I programmed the game, you have to play for 5 minutes without dying while evading enemies that pop out every second, even I and everyone else couldn't make it to the end.

Thanks for playing! All of your advice seems like good points that I should be thinking more of.


Solid art design with a good concept, really cool!

solid game, really polished with good puzzles/quick time events.

Cool Concept.

The Concept and creativity is leaking all over in this game (In a good sense that there is so much of it), I didn't really know what to do in this game, I really just stood there until I [REDACTED] the guy. Overall interesting Idea.

Yeah, Thought putting in 300 seconds would be 3 minutes... it would take about 5 minutes of going through the Copy-Paste Enemies. That would be the No.1 change for me, I'd change to about the same length of the song, and maybe lower the difficulty.

Overall Solid game!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!