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I can help if you want.

Good Game, Nice graphic polish, it is sometimes annoying that I would have to restart the level all over when I die, but overall good game.

Nice game, it's really clear that you and your team put a lot of work on this game.

good game, nice art, the grappling feels nice and tight, I do wish I knew how powerful my jumps were since I couldn't really tell if I will make a small jump or a big one.

Overall, great game!

epik gaem

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beautiful, the best dating sim game I have ever seen, with great realistic characters, great storytelling, and with beautiful graphics

thanks, I forgot to tell the player to press space when on your back, that was good visual feedback

thank you

good gaem :)

very polished game

really good job, I am surprised that there are not more people rating this game, nice


good puzzle game, good idea

it was still a good game, the art was fine and the idea was great, maybe with more experience with handling short deadlines you can do what you wanted with this game.

art style really nice, good job

gameplay was really smooth, nice job

thanks for feedback :)

you're right, I should have done a quick time event game, thanks for the feedback

really good game, liked the idea of scarecrows attacking, nice

nice :)

nice :)

really polished

nice challenging game :)

really good game for short deadline, nice

nice game :)

nice game, although I wished you had time to make the game more longer I am impressed of the coding and the art design of the game, good job :)

really good game for 3 days, great job

I think the art is good, great job

really good game :)


really good game, art design is great and fitting the game into the jam by making the bomb called the little fat bird was funny, great job

this is a really good game, the mechanics are really interesting, and I think you can turn it into a full game, nice

really good graphics, gameplay is smooth, I do wish there were more sound effects but that's really all I wish for this game, good job


fun goofy game, it was a good concept of having to also click on objects to progress, good job

I like the concept of the game, it is a really good idea, but I do wish things were a bit slower and I could see more in the game since I couldn't react to objects coming at me in high speeds, overall nice game

really fun game, it is challenging in a fun way, good job

press space to stab people, for a bird

Thx :)

good, polished game :)