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Thanks! Keep trying, you'll get there :)


Thank you! I may consider mobile.

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the game :)

Thank you!

Rogue to Ruin is a casual yet difficult, vertical scrolling, action rogue-like, distilled down to the essentials.

  • 4 button controls... play with one hand!
  • 3 randomly generated levels.
  • 4 unique and unlockable characters, each with their own special powers.
  • 6 loot items to collect and aid you to victory!

A game by @OpticalOverride and Bahototh

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I haven't yet tried local storage, but considering this line from the docs "accesses the current domain's local Storage", I worry it doesn't work after "updating" a game (deleting an old file, uploading a new file to a new, randomized directory).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't an update button on an existing file in the dashboard solve this problem? Instead of only new files, or deleting existing files, what about "overwriting" existing files? Keep the old directory the file lives in, delete the contents, and then upload new contents to said directory. This way concepts like PlayerPrefs in Unity's WebGL builds would work. 

I'll try interfacing with local storage from a Unity WebGL build later and update this post if it works for me.


Quick Update:

New menus and a new machine, the "Mechanic", which allows weapon parts to be permanently "welded" to the ship, giving the player the ability to progress and experiment with combinations beyond 3 weapon parts.

As you can see, a bit has changed with the visuals (camera angle, HUD in the background has moved). There are also new enemies, new rooms, new game mechanics... No time to turn them all into GIFs today, but I'm feeling really good about the progress. More updates soon!

- Alex

Been a while, here's a GIF showing some new weapons and enemies in the game

Now for some other changes:

Machines. Machines appear occasionally in completed rooms and give the player various choices and mini-games that grant the player rewards. The "Shock Roulette" machine, shown in the image below, has a small chance to electrocute the player or grant a reward. Each use of the machine raises the chance of electrocution (best used when excess HP is available or early in the game for skilled players).
The art and menu are temporary (ignore the "[:INTERACT:]" text :) ) and will change.

Map. Added a top-down "map" camera view that allows the player to pan over the entire current sector to see any special rooms, machines or loot sitting in previously cleared rooms.

That's it for now, a lot more has been added but I don't want to go spoiling good content before release :) I'll be back soon with more updates. Hope you like it, let me know what you think!

- Alex

A lot has changed in Null Vector, but first the most fun part: ship component chemistry.

New Weapon Chemistry

Every ship component now affects (and consequently is effected by) every other ship component. This means combinations like

- [Rocket] + [Ricochet] + [Homing Shot]
- [Laser] + [Homing Shot] + [Multi-Shot]
- [Multi-Shot II] + [Laser] + [Rocket]

Here's a GIF for an example ([Ricochet] + [Laser] + [Multi-Shot]):

Also, a short list of changes since the last post:
Change log:
- Warp Crytal game mechanic removed, Sector Portal always open
- Sector Portal room is now marked on the map and spawns 3 waves of enemies when entered
- Added a new resource (Crystals)
- Added the "Exchange" machine, produces random exchange deals to the player (2 HP for 4 Crystals, 1 Energy for 1 Ship Component...) that can be re-rolled for a cost.
- "Slow time" Energy based ability removed for now... still playing with the Energy based special abilities (insta-kill all enemies in the current room? reverse the direction of all enemy bullets currently in the room and make them player controlled?) Let me know if you have any ideas for a special ability that costs Energy to use!

Also, sorry for taking the demo down. Being a sole developer is hard enough (just creating this post and GIF alone has taken close to 2 hours). Creating a demo that parallels the huge number of changes and improvements that happen on a daily basis is simply too much, however I plan on having the final demo out around release time in August.

That's it for now, I'll be back soon with another update.

- Alex

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Thanks! Yea I'm happy with the shadows, they were a pain to get right. It's hard to see in these GIFs but when the shadows overlap they sort of "melt" into one another instead of just layering, it looks cool but it took forever.. haha

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Null Vector is an arcade rogue-lite game drawn with 80's style vector graphics.

The game will be releasing in August 2017.

About the game
It's a challenging permadeath rogue-lite. Fly and fight through rooms of random, uniquely designed enemies. Pick up components that augment your ship and weapon to better your chances of survival. How far can you pilot your ship?

Wow! Thanks guys! Congrats to everyone, it was a really fun jam!