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Try it in Firefox: Runs well, can't shoot.
Try it in Chrome: Runs horrendously, can shoot.


I just ran past all the enemies, jumped and dashed over most of them.

Koishi's shooting noise is 128% concentrated ear rape.

Well, it would be a lot better if the game didn't drop ten frames every time Koishi fired another volley. What should be a simple pattern to dodge becomes practically impossible. And this isn't a weak machine, either.

There is a Defend command in the tactics menu, right above the Scent command. The game even explains the Scent mechanic, so I have no idea how you could miss that for that long.

There is also a way to auto-fast-forward the ATB gauge. This is also explained in the Help menu, which the game tells you to read regarding combat. On a controller, it's RB. It fast-forwards through anything that doesn't have a button prompt. I rarely use it, especially with Vex in the party, but it's there. The game is also smart enough to skip redundant animations automatically.

As for where to go, to the professor. That's...who the whole game revolves around.

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Amazing game with HUGE attention to detail and production values. Very deep combat system, fleshed-out characters and many different ways to interact with them on a personal level, and actually fun to play.

Fantastic dialogue, and lots of it. (Vex is hilarious and I love her to death. Wait, no, that came out wrong.) The characters' personalities seem cliche on the surface, but actually have a lot of depth and sincerity once you start digging. I actually care about all of them and their feelings.

I do have a couple of suggestions and one question that has been bothering me a lot.

First suggestion: The early game is extremely difficult right now. Mostly because of a DESPERATE lack of money. My potential solutions to this are:
 a. Have the Professor give the player a few potions and antidotes along with the $100 she gives you at the start
 b. Remove bandages from the suggested list of items to buy, since they are not useful until the second dungeon; suggest them when the second dungeon is unlocked
 c. Instead of suggesting items, describe the monsters and hazards the player will encounter in each dungeon, so they can infer which items to buy themselves
 d. Rename the bandages or the potions slightly, so Epic Gamer Instincts™ don't kick in and you accidentally buy bandages instead of potions as healing items, i.e. Health Potion and/or Absorbent Bandage
 e. Briefly mention how hideously expensive the Tent is when Miruku gives it to the player, so the player does not waste it, thinking it's a staple item like in other RPGs. Since the player is encouraged to buy potions, antidotes, and bandages, they are unlikely to scroll down far enough in the shop to see the Tent. This could also be achieved by actively displaying item cost in the shop list
 f. Discourage the player from trying to seduce monsters until they have access to Clarabelle and/or the Guild Hall, possibly even disable the option entirely
 g. Add a Chance event in the first dungeon that gives the player a semi-valuable item to sell, such as a trinket of some sort that is worth $10
 h. Have Poison wear off eventually. Currently, it never wears off. This will cause the player to constantly hemorrhage potions unless you have an antidote, or force them to leave the dungeon or save scum when Miruku or Circe is poisoned
 i. Reduce the cost of antidotes and bandages. Currently, they are the same price as a potion. This often forces the player to choose between one or the other with very limited funds, and they're probably going to choose potions

My second suggestion: Increase the volume of Vex's lines. Most of them are much quieter than the rest of the voice lines.

My third suggestion: Find some way to expand the number of ways the player can passively interact with the other characters. Once you start seeing text conversations repeated, you're forced to consciously acknowledge that they're in a video game. It's a little disheartening, because I do care about them.

My fourth suggestion: Let the player choose the option to postpone a confession more than once. I...really don't want to break Circe's heart, but I also don't want to break Vex's. They're both fragile and I want both of them to be happy. My only option is to never respond to Circe's text. It really discourages you from improving your relationship with them. It's not fair, dammit

As for my question: This concerns what Vex says regarding other men when you accept her confession. It's a heart-rendingly sweet thing for her to say, considering what she is. But, at the same time...doesn't it mean she's going to starve? This actually worries me, and it isn't addressed. She's already established that no other way will work. So how is she going to eat, now?

This comment is long enough that I'll probably never get an answer, since I doubt anyone will ever read this far, but I might as well try. That also means these suggestions were pointless, but they were on my mind and I figured I might as well offer them.

Bonus question: Vex's version of the story she's telling that gets cut off includes the words "So there I was, balls-deep in this guy's ass." what?? I mean, I would be totally cool with that, but like...I happen to know for a fact that you lack the aforementioned anatomy. And I can't think of a single thing this could be a metaphor or euphemism for. I NEED AN EXPLANATION.

You really need to fix the alignment of the battle buttons, so I can stop unintentionally ending MY ENTIRE TURN when I click the Skill button.

Why is that RIGHT NEXT to the Skill button anyway??? There is a reason every other tactical RPG on the planet puts that button behind another menu entirely.

If you're going to make the game this difficult, you should use a button more responsive than Space to jump. That's what's causing 90% of my deaths.