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Hey there hello.

Very interesting story, also I found a bug. 

Image 'glowing_tree' not found.


Sonata and Sonatina is especially weird for me because 'inha' is used in my language to represent something smaller/cuter. Because of this I thought Sonatina was Sonata's daughter lmao

The Aria ending is so bittersweet, on one hand she finally went on a date, on the other she forgot Legato. Personally, my favorite ending was the one where she talks to the old lady.

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Very cool!

Really liked it, especially the little details sprinkled throughout the game like the book, the tablet on the table and the birds are not mammals dialogue :D

By the way, I found a bug. I have a yogurt but the game acts like I don't. I was able to do the cake but if I looked at the internet it would say I still needed yogurt and if I were to look in the fridge it would give me another yogurt (Although I would still only have one yogurt in my pockets).

I just noticed this page's link hahaha

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Only saw this now. Nice

A few typing errors here and there, but the "meat" of the story itself is great.

By far my favorite character was David. Going to the beach and reading a book, giving good afternoon at 19PM, very cool guy.

This was a good vn, *clap clap*.


Also the end was a bit depressing, fairytale and real life ending!? Everything was cute and then the name of the endings appear like a punch in your face.

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Well, you could do it like Mintglow, create a "fake" page for updates and whenever the game is ready create a new, real one. (It seems like the project gets more views creating a new one)

And then, I dunno, put the old page in a "Devlog" list?

Indeed, balancing difficulty is something very hard to do in game dev, I think that stats solution is good. Personally I prefer it than a set difficulty level because some bosses are easier than others (at least for me), so it adds that extra level of control.

About length, I do agree with you in the fact that bosses should have a longer health bar but sometimes it gets repetitive. I guess that is why some bosses have a second form (or at least a different set of skills after you hit them enough). But I have no idea on how you could even implement it in an rpg or if it would fit the story so this isn't good advice.

Ohh a vn, nice. Good to see you're getting the hang of it.

Good saturday too! Saturday? Oh wait, this was posted three days ago...

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Hey dude, (Sorry for butting in out of nowhere) I am sure you'll get the hang of renpy. If you want a recommendation, I would gladly tell you to watch this girl: I haven't really watched it all, but there are some pretty good tutorials in there. (Plus I prefer hearing someone instead of reading the renpy documents)

Whenever you make the vn, (if you do end up doing it, no pressure) I will definitely play it! I just haven't really played your rpgmaker game since my potato pc went nuts the last time I tried to play one lol

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I am late to the party. Better late than never!

Got guardian! Only problem is I am too hasty and press the space bar whenever there's a choice acidentally so I have to restart the game to pick the right choice like the stoopid guy I am lmao

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Lmao the video was removed from youtube

The rest was pretty darn good tho

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I decided to play this again after some time, cuz why not and...


The image below contains spoilers

If you don't want spoilers don't click in the "view rest" thingy


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I love how you  got my reminder 6 months later

It did! Finished playing it, I really liked the story, one bad point would be that I am dumb and never know when I can take the shape of something, I stood like, 10 minutes not knowing I could become hammer and I got stuck by not becoming the instruments.

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Hey dude, I was playing this and... I am real dumb

I got the candle and that's it, the walkthrough doesn't work anymore... help please lol

Are you sure it was fixed?

It was pretty cool exploring this little world

Eu sinto por tu, cara. Eu também tentei os contatar kkkk

Nice, found a hidden fullmontis game

It was great as always

Onyx? Very... familiar name...

this was great dude, I laughed a lot

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzt. Incoming transmission.

Hmmm, is it working? Hold on let me check the manual... Yep, seems about right.

Hey there hello.

Lots of stuff all at once, huh? 

Welp, the trailer is looking pretty nice, happy late birthday.

I don't really know what to say... Good luck with the rest of the development!

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzt.

End of player message.


Ué, se tu não sabe inglês como tu jogou? Nani!?

Hey there, hello

I like helltaker and modeus is my favorite of the demon harem, because of that I would like to ask if you would want me to translate the game to Portuguese Brazilian.

In case you don't know how to do that you can launch up the tutorial that comes with renpy (and check there) or use this link:

That was all, have a nice day!

brs tão em todo lugar

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So...? Was it fun?


I decided to play this game once again after sometime and jeez it's sooooo good, I am like craving for something like this irl lmao

but yeah... Quarantine sucks

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Now there are 5 :)

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Umm... You need to send me the files (

I am gonna explain what I know, open the renpy launcher, go to the project you want to translate then press the "generate translations" button, put a name like ptbr and then "generate translations"

Go to the game's folder and there will be a "tl", send the files in there to the translator ( A.K.A me) and that's all I know, I think that you have to go to screens.rpy and change a thing but I don't really remember now.

You can find a better explanation here ( ) or you can just launch the tutorial that comes up with renpy and see there.

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Hey Hoang Kien, I was thinking and I want to ask if you would like me to translate your games to Portuguese Brazilian

I liked the game, I really liked that every room was a different color

also, ya forgot to put collision on the whale lmao

The game is absolutely amazing, I loved it so much, the art and the writing are so great and the music as well 100/10

Anyways, I made a meme

Twis was gweat uwu

Sorry to break it to you, but nah, I don't cry a lot!

This... Was so great! One of the best vns I have ever played, if not the best!!!

I can't pass the first phase, I think it bugged, in the video the platform is lower than when I play it

I loved the game, the art and the story was great, would you like me to translate it to Portuguese Brazilian?


I used the third link, I honestly didn't thought I would  be fast enough.