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brs tão em todo lugar


So...? Was it fun?


I decided to play this game once again after sometime and jeez it's sooooo good, I am like craving for something like this irl lmao

but yeah... Quarantine sucks

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Now there are 5 :)

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Umm... You need to send me the files (

I am gonna explain what I know, open the renpy launcher, go to the project you want to translate then press the "generate translations" button, put a name like ptbr and then "generate translations"

Go to the game's folder and there will be a "tl", send the files in there to the translator ( A.K.A me) and that's all I know, I think that you have to go to screens.rpy and change a thing but I don't really remember now.

You can find a better explanation here ( ) or you can just launch the tutorial that comes up with renpy and see there.

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Hey Hoang Kien, I was thinking and I want to ask if you would like me to translate your games to Portuguese Brazilian

I liked the game, I really liked that every room was a different color

also, ya forgot to put collision on the whale lmao

The game is absolutely amazing, I loved it so much, the art and the writing are so great and the music as well 100/10

Anyways, I made a meme

Twis was gweat uwu

Sorry to break it to you, but nah, I don't cry a lot!

This... Was so great! One of the best vns I have ever played, if not the best!!!

I can't pass the first phase, I think it bugged, in the video the platform is lower than when I play it

I loved the game, the art and the story was great, would you like me to translate it to Portuguese Brazilian?


I used the third link, I honestly didn't thought I would  be fast enough.

So cute

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Are you working on this...?

I see

I loved the game, the art was soooo beautiful, that extra scene was... unexpected, great game!

Hoping to see more from you in the future!

Hey, Would you like me to translate the game to Portuguese Brazilian? If yes, how should I contact you? (to get the text files)

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It is more about memory, not really history,(not what I expected) 3/5

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I came to play lots of time later and it has saved what I got! Awesome!

I really think the art and music add to the experience, they are very fitting.

Also, I bugged it... somehow... I wasn't paying attention so I have no idea what happened 


I already saw lol

thanks anyway, keep up the good work!




Great lil game, loved it! Just wanted to note that for me to win I had to have the elixir of Hercules, cuz I am so bad.

You alive, mate?

Hello, I really like your games and I would be pleased to translate the game to Portuguese Brazilian, would you like me to?

I felt a great sense of Deja vu

This may or may not be my first time playing

Hello, I like your games a lot and I would be pleased to translate this game to Portuguese Brazilian if you so wish!

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I am surprised because I knew where all of them were

I am even more surprised I got the broulger code first try

also, if you are in first floor and use the fast travel the second floor becomes the first floor, that's nuts

1.)The puzzles were fair

2.)Yes especially for the bloquger wuoqjs blougrer (idk man) code cuz I can't do that

3.)I liked the plot twists especially when--

4.) Maido