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Thank you, thank you!

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This is the first vn that actually worked on my phone! Nice!

This wasn't really my cup of tea, but if I analyse it objectively it's a pretty good little VN.

Every time protag said YAY! I was happy :D

I really liked the opening line with the voiced poem


My favorite characters are villager A and B

I played a vn with a delusional mc somewhat recently, so maybe I just got desensitized with that.

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I didn't start playing this game spoiler-free, I knew there was a yandere somewhere. When I got to the main choice, I chose Ichigo because he was so obviously the yandere one, and I feared the unknown. Then, I had to leave. When I came back I chose Yuzuki, for humanity is nothing without curiosity! Then, when the red flash happened, I went "Aww hell nah, I've played enough 'For Amerta' to know exactly what this means." and then came back to choose Ichigo.

Needless to say, that was one hard choice lmao

I then got the true ending first try (Nice) and subsequently all the bad ones.

Once I was done with that, I went to play mah boy Yuzuki's route.

Tried getting all the bad endings first this time, but after the huge change in visual novel focus to romance I forgot that and got the good ending :( I was almost there, dang it (Also, in the first bad ending, I thought he was gonna force our head in the soup)

All in all, this was a very exquisite lil vn. I loved Haruto and Yuzuki's romance and I named protag "Syllphana" which was quite funny lol (I am sorry)

Here are a few typos:

"The police is incompotent"

"Plus it'll make you seem more apporachable"

"This might dissapoint you"

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I read this at the beach :D

I am gonna treat it as a spin-off since, ya know, plot holes and all

Ning Jun is THE husbando, simple as that. Dude plants, cooks, and, quite literally, does parenting. This is like a cherry on top of the cake, you didn't need to go this hard, I already loved him.

Btw, I don't care enough to make this in order, I will just write as I go

The book uses the word "FEMALE" ONE, and I can't stress this enough, ONE TIME. This would be alright if it didn't also use the word "MALE" ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE TIMES.

"Queer fellow" was so out of context I didn't believe it. Then, I discovered queer also means "odd"

Synneah killing somebody and it being a huge deal was not really consistent with my mood. Arun killed his own family 378 times before that, so I was like: "Double standards, amirite?"

I had 108 kindle notations, but I don't wanna go through them. I even saw a few typos but naaaah I am lazy

A few were typos. Did you use voice to text? There once was a "what" in the place of an "one" or something like that.

A bunch were me shivering and UwUing at ning jun's sister.

The rest were just reactions.

Gotta love Walter trying to kill Synneah and Synneah going "friends :P". Does he like choking or some shit??? The heck

Bro made so many puns he just associated the person with the funnies

Alea is like a different skin Mirielle according to the cover ( Oh wait, that is Elm, isn't it?💀💀💀)

The whole "magic used to exist" thing makes sense. In Kairos, (which I only played a bit so no review yet) we see palmyr beach and the castle of the forging kingdom. This implies that the world of gaia and BB is the same, and since the beach didn't change names, they are not very long apart from each other in time.

Though, I am not sure Kairos counts as valuable proof or if I should disregard it completely

Noir is pretty damn cool 👍

"The last of the keepers, Synneah"

Siena: Am I joke to you?

I think I am finished.


Carine is very cool, I like that she is one of the only moral persons in the whole book 👍

Necromancy may be a dark magic, but that doesn't mean it's evil

Onto the list of favorites, to finish it all greatly.

1: My one and only, beloved, Ning Jun

2: Noir, cute cat backstory (When asked to imagine something small and harmless I thought of a bunny, and right after of a PET ROCK. Noir really came out winning by becoming a cat)

3: Synneah, the way he told his stories was so funny (I love parenthesis)

4: Carine, determined and moral + cool spade (I LOVED THE SONGS, I SANG ALL OF THEM) (If I one day finally learn how to make music I will definitely try to make them)

5: Mirielle, need I explain myself? I like shivering

Unreasonably addictive heh

I liked story mode

Such an anticlimactic ending shake smh my head

Very fun concept, I liked protag

Pippy! From Mintglow!

Cute bunnies!🐇

It's all a big Pippy reference xD

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Hello there 4noki, long time no see!

I am very interested in the worldbuilding, a human-made island sounds very magical indeed! I think what most piques my attention is the wind power. What other kind of powers are there, I wonder. The conflict between the government's gods and the cult's gods seems pretty cool also.

So-ra is the cutest! 

I believe you forgot to make protag's sprite appear in this line:

Ohh~~ The Clock Chronicle is on my list, so I will be playing it somewhat soon! I feel like the Boss Fight doesn't need to be corrected in that sense.  At least to me, I very much knew it was an impossible fight, what with any normal attack giving 0 damage. I just realized that the TP attacks actually gave damage and decided "Ayy, I am gonna defeat an impossible boss lmao". I did not actually believe I'd do it, his instant death attacks were very scary.

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Here begins the live reactions, I stopped doing them when I didn't know if you liked them or not, and by the time I asked and you answered I was almost done with the game, just delaying the review-writing as usual.

Definitely not medicines

Ning jum got to the passing point, defeated the guards, and just walked back where he came ;-;

Knew he'd leave us so I used all his mp to heal me bwahahahah

I am a damn thief, why can't I waltz everywhere I want

The fact different people don't have different color in the text box makes me feel bad

I called it, I told ya protag, it wasn't medicine, it turned out to be pandora's box

I didn't connect Ning Jum's strong magic in us statement with this though, nice foreshadowing

I like Ning Jum

He definitely just left off cuz of something bad. Dark magic is my prediction but it could also have to with Ning Jum's real identity.

Piero is so ugly, whereas his daughter is very pretty. Yes, I have a thing for purple waifus. (Yuri)

Purple because they are royalty? Color theory I guess. That's pretty cool. I don't know enought 'bout it to relate it with the other character though. Oh, and isn't purple also the color of corruption?

We are immune to crysmalia, which means we are the chosen one yay

Oh yeah, dark magic, who would have guessed, surely not me. I am also guessing our teleportation just now happened because of Ning Jum, he is the best.

Okay, it was Erika, best waifu anyways, screw Ning.


God, I love Ning Jum. I 100% have a thing for ~~rico suiche~~ smart people

By the way, Rico's... Goddamn, this is the wrong game, I will just stop myself.

Actually Erven did that too, so I am gonna say it anyways. Your geniuses are not just talented people, they are people who put in a lot of effort. I wish I felt like I put in effort. Yeah, I put in "effort", but damn, paying attention to class and reviewing the subjects every so often (not just for the tests) should be done by everyone

We are so strong as a squad, I feel powerful.

The tune in the main title reminds me of "Life in Adventure". I thought it was specifically for that game, but hearing it here, I really like it too.

I agree with Kain, smart people can be scary, since they have knowledge you don't. Especially when you don't trust them like with Ning Jum.
Since this series has a prequel and a sequel I am gonna play they all at once. Finished chapter 1 so now let's go to the visual novel :D

Back to it, I think I am tired from reading VNs haha, this action is kinda welcome now

Prince Revan, huh. That name is familiar

 Now the in-game, live reactions have finished, so yeehaw

You can actually defeat Piero normally with Kain and Erika, it's just, really REALLY BORING. Makes you think he has infinite health type of boring. After a certain amount of turns, which I skillfully survived with potions, constant healings and whatnot, bro just stops attacking. Then you can use your tp attack to give him 100 or so damage. I did that for a while and got bored so I changed the game files and discovered he literally has more than 6 thousand health.

I dunno why that bug happens, but yeah. With more time I'd have beaten him legitimately. The worst thing is once he stops attacking you can't die, so you have to, very, VERY slowly, kill him. Now I am gonna rechange the game files back to normal and have Kain give a normal amount of damage, but I am happy I defeated an impossible boss almost legitimately.

New bug just dropped. Chivalry is so overrated it was the starting point for me to start liking Kain, before that I hated him. Basically you can use chivalry in the main menu and then get infinite defense. No damage taken, actual wall. Which, had I realized earlier, would have made defeating Piero legitimately much, MUCH more easier. (I had to use 2 elixirs of life to revive them during the fight and get to the point he doesn't attack anymore) (The girl in pink can do that too but meh)

There's a lot of foreshadowing, which makes me think of good writing, good job. It was indeed very fun. I feel like I could stretch this review further, so lemme write about each character.

Siena: I love Siena, my bro is very reasonable, relatable- Wait, uh, I am not a robber, I swear- and practical. I love sneak in games btw. His sharp tongue makes me like him very much.

Kain: I hated Kain, but after the chivalry bug he started to grow on me. "Mah bro is built like a wall, there ain't no way in heaven or hell ya scratching him". And of course, I like his commentary on killing Siena.

Erika: meh

Ning Jum: I LOVE THIS MAN, although I think I stressed this out enough in my live reactions. Intelligent as heck, looks charming like a snowflake, has morals and ethics, is a good human being.

Alea: Oh, that's her name

Onyx: AYO MY BROTHER IN NAME YEEEEHAAAAAAAAW. His dialogue with Siena at the roof, as well as his informing Ishana of Siena's initial plans make him a very cool character.

Ishana: She pretty damn cool

Reagan: Dunno him a lot, but he seemed interesting.

???: Cool, rad, fire, lit. Making a keeper lose his job lmao. (THANK YOU ??? FOR THE AWESOME IDEA, I LOVE NING JUM)

At last, typos:

"Huh... They couldn't Lestyr knights."

The first screenshot in this page

Alrightie-o, bye bye. Thank ya for making this

The style is very unique, making this stand out a lot. Can't believe I got tricked into reading a manga (just a joke)
I am interested in this world, but there's a big contrast with the other one. Whereas the other game was kind to the ghost, in this one we beat 'em up

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I feel like if it had 11 endings instead of 12, it would be really meta

Best boy is Roger, although Van is pretty cool too.

The voice acting for the random driver is simply too much for me to handle. It's angelic-like harmony permeates throughout my body, I've never, AND I MEAN NEVER, heard a (and I quote) "RAAAA!!!!" so powerful. It endlessly bounced on the fiber of my very soul, making me feel auburn, crimson, skirmish, and overall, extremely pedantic.


I put the things Van said in the epilogue in VSynth to make it an actual synthetized voice, it did not turn out nicely lmao

Best ending is ending #3. Roger's ending would be cool but having a romantic relationship with your boss isn't exactly ethic.  Ethics aside tho, it would be the best one. I mean, we potentially get more than just a billion we get a very good bf yeah.

Roger doesn't know how fractions work hahah, no wonder he leaves all the paperwork to Del. 20 is 1/3 of the clock, not a fourth

How does Glenn get 11 results from a 6-sided? This man out here looking at the fourth dimension to get his results

Onto editing text:

"I roll my eyes, but does as he says" Shouldn't it be "do"?

Shouldn't it be "favoritism" instead of "favortism"?

Shouldn't it be "necessary" instead of "nescessary"?

Shouldn't it be "legalese" instead of "legaleese"? (Ironic)

Shouldn't it be "decision" instead of "descision"?

Shouldn't it be "adamant" instead of "adament"?

To be fair, this VN grew on me, it's pretty cool now that I've finished it. The writing is good, the art is great, I dunno what else to say.

I do wonder though, when exactly this happened in the BB series. I guess after the punniest pun messter, cuz of the increased organ harvesting

That seems like a lot of work! 187 maps, huh, that's pretty big. Good luck in your enDE(a)Vors.

Btw, which type of comment do you prefer? Well-thought like this one, my live reactions like in REDemption Zone or my short ones like in Chocolate Catastrophe?

I am currently playing the Crysmalia series (Very good) so I will use whatever you answer to react to those. It's the least I can do after all

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ahhhh I don't wanna write but I've procrastinated this review for far too long

That's some quite nice handwriting I just got here. Wish it was like that in real life

Ever since Rico I've become interested in scholars, that word just sounds so cool heh. I was obviously quite interested by this since it was supposed to talk about the bad parts of being one.

It's quite a sentimental one indeed. I like how you portrayed all those feelings, you can feel that this is personal. Such mastery can only come with real experience, and I find it quite cute your friend's experiences are in it too.

[SPOILER AHEAD SPOILERS } (why is } the right bracket, why did it suddenly become a curly one? Also, I just discovered those are called CURLY BRACKETS HAAHAHA)

One of the most powerful moments in my gaming journey was here. I came in this blind, just knowing it was very sentimental and about scholars so I really did not expect that suicide scene. Of course I thought it would be a turning point where things go for the better, but instead you went through with it, you committed. I think kinetic novels are so SO good for this. Multiple ending VNs with lots of choices are good for horror, romance, funnily-silly VNs, but sentimental VNs really shine like this.

And then, after I had already praised your brilliance in subverting my expectations, there came another bit of text, which me, in all of my haste (which is probably quite infamous by now) accidentally skipped and couldn't PgDn fast enough to re-read as I was forcefully brought to the main menu. The only part I quickly read: "Choices now unlocked". That. That was such a powerful moment. 

I needn't talk about how smart the decision to make this a kinetic novel first truly is.

The choices didn't feel at all as though they mattered, it was just repeating the sad story or trying new stuff. But maybe that is part of what makes it so powerful. The fact I wondered whether telling the truth to the parents was the right choice probably says something about me that I am not sure I want to know haha... Haha...

I feel as though the girl didn't get as much spotlight as she could have gotten, but I am fine with it nonetheless. Actually, it makes the game much easier to write I guess, but I dunno, I like side-stories hehe. Perhaps it would feel too packed with her taking a toll too.

Erven's room has some anime posters, so I suspect he is secretly a weeb (A secret he holds even from himself)

As usual, I read the script. No nice lil introduction this time hmph! I initially got confused with the "As an 8-year-old child" and understood it was a flashback only after a bit of thinking, it seems you also got confused there haha. (For context, you added #? at the end of that sentence)

Erven looks so buff in the final cg lmao

And now, the final part, typos, at least I believe them to be

"How's your exam preparations going?"

"The sheer amount of academic work Erven has to shoulder was overwhelming"

"Ugh, I wished I wasn't involved in this."

"and but the words"

"I was able to relieve all the pressure I felt when we're together, so..."

Too tired to write why I think they are typos, it's been 30 minutes ever since I started this review.

Thank you for the game!

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I found this to be very funny, hand sanitizer as a healing item haha

Evan kinda sucks

Ending 3 reminds me a bit of Rico's cg in the truth route. What with the wall and all.

(2 edits)

Binary code wasn't a secret :(

"I open my mouth to answer, but is interrupted by Rei."

Shouldn't it be "am"?

Hmm, a choice just passed by me without me choosing, meta-narrative element or didn't write the other choice in? (Me being too quick and inputting my answer before the question even appeared waaah, I also did this with the name, meaning I didn't have a name)

I love that the sounds that the game is progressing haven't yet ended, I am scared of the amount of text I will have to catch up on, so instead of reading it I am procastinating by writing this. Phew! It stopped.

Also, I keep inputting random things instead of numbers, guess I am too impatient.




Hmm, same numbers. Also they are repeating in a loop, guess that means it's not actually important! (Ok, now that I have three I am sure they don't mean anything) (Just checked it one more time xD) (Every time it appears again I have the temptation to check again lol)

Lmao, if I press the arrow keys I can choose between 1, 2 and j. Top 3 numbers.

"Min: By the way, where's Rei? I thought he's gonna eat with us".

Shouldn't it be "was"?

"A shadow looms behind me. I turn back and realises it is Rei."

Shouldn't it be "realise"?

"He is staring at the lifeless man wide-eyed, and then at me."

Shouldn't it be "He stared at the blah blah, and then at me."?

Trace telling us to not fall in love with Rei makes me think of Seth, I thought I was getting Rico (I chose to be more interested in him, I mean, Rei) and instead I got a worse Seth. Whereas Seth I'd risk it when Lynette told us to not get in contact with him, in this one I don't want to risk it.

Something cool I guess, I can relate to Matt since I am also a memer and a swimmer, but I also can relate to Rico. Well, I am sadly not rico myself (Rico means Rich in portuguese brazilian, so that's the pun) but I try to be smart and partake in more intellectual olympics than swimming.

"Operator: We had to cut off some parts of them due to confidentiality. Wouldn't want to reveal too much secrets, you know."

Shouldn't it be "many"?


I feel as though the "is" there is unnecessary.

I really liked the typing noise.

Here's why I chose that Trace is guilty:

Min was guilty, even though it was self-defense. It might even have been something more since there was a lady laying on the side.

In here, no matter the intentions, reasons, motives or whether it was self-defense the person gets declared guilty.

It is simply the logical and moral reasoning that Trace would also be guilty.

I disagree with this system because of my religion. I feel I need not explain more than that, I'd gladly do, though.

WOW, that was a lot! I wrote it all as I played, except the reasoning behind my last choice, that was later.

I have to say I really liked this experience, I can see why it's not too popular though.

I wonder what this has do to with BB?

I think this is all, thank you for this great experience.

Tu madre??? 💀💀💀

Lmao huge respects to the translator

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Hello there, it's me again.

I liked this one. Got all the endings and all. Lynette and Akila are very cool.

I liked all the voices, but actually hearing the VAs takes so much time aaaaa

(Yes, I constantly cut out the voices by reading too quick)

Since unity has no screenshot feature I uhhh made this lmao

[Spoilers? I dunno]

Don't ask about my bottom left art
(1 edit)

"#ok this is prone for testing errors cuz i only can test it once"

I don't know what to say because I feel like it's been so long you wrote this you probably already know any advice I can give... I'll say it anyways. You can test it more than once you just need to find the renpy %appdata% folder and delete it as well as the saves in the local game folder. Although this is for the itch build, so you'd need to use that instead of the default renpy launcher.

Different colors for different characters would be pleasant.

AHAHAHA, the code has a message to yourself that you never deleted haha, amazing (yeah, past me, it's not just that one lol)

Why is there a random amount of ######??? In the middle of nothing what-

Ah, knowing the impossible math question was actually impossible makes me sad. I inputted XX as the answer when Rico said it lmao

Talking about Rico, he's my fav. I know what parsec means thanks to him, it will definitely help me tomorrow. (It didn't, parsec's value was on the test, but I think I did pretty well) Also, Rico's dad asked what was parsec, not it's value, thus, Neim got declassified. Such a tragic ending.

I am reading the script.rpy as I am making this, that is why it's messy. I first saw the script had your comments when I decided I should turn it into a horror vn and kill the principal's daughter. (Literally, I opened script.rpy with murderous intent)

I always had some time of prejudice against your vns cuz holy hell, you are a writing monster. 100k!? I plan on reading crysmalia's novel someday. Oh, and also, I didn't really like the art, now I am used to it and I can say that getting over that prejudice was absolutely worth it!!! 2 years of procastinating your games lol

I am getting parasocial over here.

Gotta love all the professional dev talk in the script "Do this", "Do That", "Worired", "urghhh english", "shit idk what to put here"

"#hahsdjfhahdhjadshjkhhdhahhahahahaha bru she's a police officer". I literally thought the same when neim said lynne was from the mafia

You did not. I refuse. "#idk does this even MATTer". Nope, not accepting that pun.

Finished reading everything. This was a very good game and now I shall play the others!

Anyways, have a picture. (I tried "Rico, The Hammerless" but it didn't fit the UI)

btw my favorite characters are rico, lynette and akila

(7 edits)

The oh so horrible grammar makes me furious, it is outrageous that "for fucks sake" has no apostrophe, how I am supposed to know whether it is for the sake of a specific fuck or all the fucks!?

Also, the fact that it LITERALLY says you can't go back to earlier dialogue since it is so trash, when in fact, you can press PgUp and go back to earlier dialogue will never cease to baffle me. Was it intentional? Did the author really not know? Either way, I think it adds to the narrative.

Bwahahah, I really love writing like this. Baffle, really?

This was very fun to play, mlkrnsiodjslkcnsjl.

I hadn't actually looked at the screenshots before downloading it, so the part where you mentioned that got lost on me. (I barely even read the description tbh)

  My favorite characters are the sword, the code, the princess and the narrative frame. Their stories were very cool

Goddamn, the sheer amount of "/n"s in that script. I also dunno how to use internal renpy animations, so I don't blame ya

I felt a lot of optimal conditions for sacrifice vibes, so seeing it in the credits was cool. 

Also, since I've written this much, I kinda feel like the Critic hehe

Wait, I just realized I have played some of your other games lol, this is pretty cool but also it feels weird

To me it feels very different because irl online I am even less sure that they noticed me, whereas irl I can say "Hi" and if he just looks at me weird  or walks away repeat the "Hi", online I throw the hi out and it's much easier to imagine the person is busy and hasn't noticed me because there's nothing I can do to reassure if that is case and reaffirm my initial message (I hope this was comprehensible)

No problem, Anwynn, that's what friends are for!

I don't really mind it when creators don't answer my comments, it's more of a reward when they answer and no answer is the default for me, so if I ever have a notification in itch, I am happy but if they don't I just forget it.

It's much easier to be polite irl where you have to see it and you just throw a instant answer than be polite online like that, so I don't mind it. But I guess I don't write stuff as long as you do.

I guess I do have a experience like that, but it makes laughter more than anger. So I sent an email to this developer, right? And then another translator went on the comments and was like "Yo, this is my email, send a message if you want" and I kid you not, the translation from that guy was added bwahaha (Still waiting for the day the dev checks it's emails hahah)

I quite liked the way this post was handled, you know, I use dark mode itch so this made it be highlighted instead of it being weird with the side images

I like the small one more, it just feels more natural since I've played so many rpgmaker games with that style.

Although, I guess the bust one would make it feel more unique

(12 edits)

HAHAHAHah, oh well, what is done is done.

Anyways, onto writing my review

Pretty cool yeah, I liked it a lot. What was the "Even my sister who saw it in passing got really freaked out by it. It's not a jumpscare, but it's something."? I at first thought it was the cursed THAT which I searched on the internet after discovering the name in the game's folder but since you removed that, it probably isn't

Here is a bug:

I will now play the non-cursed version just to know what about the version I just played was so cursed, also, didn't find it at all heavy? Maybe it's because it's implicit and I still haven't gone to the LMAO maze 

I now have gone to it and I still have no idea

Nope, it's not the withdraw written incorrectly that was cursed

I beat the final level again but now with demon's feet (I had used the eye to be faster in the earlier playthrough for the last level) and holy boy that was quick, I think I got below 10 tries wow

And yeah, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I know what was cursed lol. Why didn't you also take it out of the pictures folder though?

(1 edit)

Bruh I just finished the game come on

3 minutes hell nah

I am blind, thank you, I would never have seen the fake transparent me if it weren't for this

Considering lorelei's limbo ending, it can't get much worse, right??? I hope

Anyways, so this is very nostalgic, the house being the same as lorelei's limbo is pretty cool, choblin, the basement goblin (Although, it did look different, didn't it?)

I need some help in round 8(1:30 to get there, also, I saved up to buy the one time shield and I think that was a great choice), the new tricks monster bugs the heck out of my mind. Sometimes he makes me become him and him become me and that's alright, but other times I feel like I have no control at all? I move and move but nothing happens. One time I saw it direct itself to the greeting lady and as soon as it touched her I died, but I wasn't moving as her? I really don't understand it. Help pls
I think the tips you place at the start of every round are pretty cool

Wow, that's very emotional

I can offer ya my words and my time

I was gonna replay this for the nostalgia value but I started playing hellancholy and boy did the nostalgia go away fast (faster than me when I see one pentagram, at least). Although I do plan on replaying some of your other games (Apparently, I never tried octasouls huh) (Oh, and maiden chateu, my new waifu will be stair  boogeywoman)

Very polished yeah, UI elements are definitely sharp.

What happened? WHAT HAPPENS???

also wait what I restarted the game and it has voice acting?????? How did I even miss that?

The writing IS pretty good, but ya know, it's so short I can't be sure; I will definitely be on the lookout for any other VNs you produce. Good luck!

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This was very good, I loved it all and Olivia has very good drawing skills


If I were Enid, I'd be blunt about my love, but if I *had* to lie I'd turn the table on Olivia. "Why do you have a document about every kind thing I have done to you? It kinda feels like you are in love with me" and then I'd back it up with some dates like when the journal first started and comparing that to when we met, Oh, I would also mention how she blushed at the prospect of me being in love with her.

I knew it, the second she said she read the book I thought "Well well well, if the liar hasn't changed"

I genuinely forgot the kiss scene in the itch page so when I played it I was very surprised

thank you for making me play this game heh

This was very cute, I really liked octopus' ending and also the fact it wasn't just a dating sim. I mean, I would have liked it anyways but this was more cool hehe

If you press A to fish multiple times the music restarts and one time I finished the normal ending of the game and the lovey-dovey heart background was still there when I loaded my earlier orca file, no idea why.

(3 edits)

OMG YOU ARE THE PERsOn WHo made that game My Master's birthday So cool to see ya again

The FAJH BRacin???? FAH BRACCINI??? Translator too :DD I mean, uh, the VN is very nice and I loved the characters, my faves are Gloria, Alfonso and the maid (Yes, I like her so much I don't know her name)

Sorry If I am weird, i guess the characters rubbed off on me hehe

Here are some typos I found:

Shouldn't it be "hear"?

Shouldn't it be "an answer" instead of "and answer"?

Shouldn't it be "both times"?

Also, I love how these typos are all together xD It's like you were tired while writing this part (I can relate) (I just realized Fah Braccini did the writing, eae kkkkk eu tenho uma pergunta se tu tiver lendo isso e quiser responder, com o que você escreve? Eu uso o bloco de notas do windows mas é muito claro aí eu tou querendo trocar)

I didn't save before the credits so I couldn't read them correctly (which made going to the page and realizing Fah Braccini was here and that bosimba made "My master's birthday" all the more cool heh) and also, I think being able to give different potions and get different results (Or in the case of the maid who is knowledgeable about potions, just annoy her) would be cool although hard to implement (especially considering the time limit for NaNoRenO, sticking with a linear vn was definitely the right choice considering it)

PS: I think the UI and the design of the potions was really well done

I can confidently say that at least one person played this, heck yeah.

I feel ~~very~~ (and I mean overwhelmingly) scared of the possibility that you died with covid-19.

No social media on your page (but it does say say you created this just for the 2019 jam so I dunno)

Your vns are so good, anyways, here are the answers to your questions... The questions of a long disappeared Wight, but whatever.

I questioned myself many times if you were sadistic and added a cure or not. I feel like I didn't work enough, but I am not sure. If I had worked more, would I really have achieved a better result? Or was going out the right choice?

All in all, I am satisfied with playing it as I would in real life.

Also, your optimism that there would have ending guides and Walkthroughs is very funny and I guess ironic considering the 'game' (as you like to call it heh)

The fact I am writing this much to a person that will most likely never see the writing is a bit ironic too.
I should read script, after all, a (hopefully only online) dead person surely won't bother if I just appreciate them that much, right?

I believe in Brazilian Spiritism, so wherever you are, as a dead spirit or as an alive one, I wish you know that you made a stranger write this much.

Heh, so there are more end drawings than just those two...

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Thank you ebi-hime


Anyways, This was a very cool experience and I discussed the beauty of identical flowers with a friend, he was very eager to argument on it so thank you for the great prompt haha

(I will now document what I know)

I dunno how to get the different images but I think there are 3

Actually, I read the comments, there are nine


If you say mindspace in the place of the story bit he has a secret answer

If you say he is pretty he asks you why

Those are things I found before reading script, so I will keep them

Hmmm, Now that I think about it, I believe "Wight" proofread a certain visual novel... Can't remember tho

Omg this is so cute and cute and I feel fuzzy and arm hair go up and here typos

I don't know what to say but great job this is very good

Oh hey, I was looking at my images and found this

No idea what I did to bring this but yeah, the text cut off