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Really nice pack but the knight jump animation isnt available; the folder is empty. Also it would be really nice if there was a sprite sheet for the tilesets. Otherwise Good Job!

Thanks for checking it out. I did not commit much time to it and what you played was made in 2 hours. I will however commit to finish it into a playable and fun mystery adventure game in the near future. Please stand by

Yooooooo!!! Thanks for playing my game! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing my "game" Really 

Yeah its just playable and nothing more. I made it in 2 hours lol, Keep an eye on it. Will finish it in due time

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You can download the game from itch now yaay

Believe it or not I had actually planned that. At least I had planned on some levels to feature platforming puzzles and beat em up sections but I had to can it because of time constraints

Thanks for playing my entry

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Yeah its normal. Its a bug I cannot fix given how Yahaha is set up. Each enemy is trying to be on the same level/Layer as the player and some have attacks that just hit you wherever you are lol (I have partly fixed that issue, please give it another try)

Sorry about that and thanks for playing my game. I'll play yours today :)

The player died in a car crash and is sent to limbo as a shadow. Shadows arent allowed in limbo and you have to pick a path. Up(9 Circles of Heaven) or down(9 Circles of hell) in this case

Each enemy you face is represents the sin or the good you did before you died.

Thanks for playing my game

Head over to this link to play:

ScoreSpace x YAHAHA community · Created a new topic Prizes

How or when are they being given out?


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The XP Stuff works, I just didnt put an explanation for how it works. But basically, Enemies killed drop XP it can be either 1XP (Blue) or 5XP(Red) Collect the XP drops then head on over to the Synthesis menu, its between the Inventory and Leaderboard icons, It looks like a star. Craft the desired item given that you have enough resources to do so. 

Once you have successfully crafted an item, head on over to your player inventory and "Use" the item to gain the effects of that said item. Go try it out

Thanks for playing and also thanks for the criticism

Mom come pick me up, the monsters are big and scary

You can punch lava monsters in this game

I got a chicken dinner. But who rubbed Vaseline all over the hills? I mean who does that???

You set the game mode to be survival. Just set it to be Time left/ Monster kill count and you'll be set

I love the aesthetic tho


I love the Aesthetic of the the game. Bu the amogus people are scary

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Fun fighting game. I loved when they said: I am the Baseball person and completely demolished the guy with his baseball hand

The first jump is impossible

Platforming in Yahaha is pain or maybe its a skill issue on my end. really fun tho

You set your game as a survival game and essentially what that does, is it checks how many human survivors there are. Since there is only one, they automatically win.

To change this just change the game to a time left/monster kill count game

Doesnt fit the theme and there is no point of racing tho

I got killed by the most adorable crocodile, Im not even mad.

Nice Florida simulator

You can punch seagulls

I like the dreaded setting and the music. 

I like the atmosphere setting. Though you could have went with the flexible camera option

Thanks for playing my game! The reason as to why that's the spawn point is because thats where the ship crashed. Also the Daggra/ExoHuskusGen got stuck alot in the hilly areas so I shifted them to the flat area to avoid that lol

Also fun fact, I had actually added alien vegetation to the game but had to remove it because almost every enemy got stuck to the trees and bushes and the game got absurdly easy and removing the colliders wasnt an option because it would lead to visibility issues lol

Finally, someone actually used the flexible camera option

I dont have any friends to play Yahaha with lol. But I love the atmosphere tho

There is no link to the game

Cool game. The enemies hit too hard tho

Platforming in Yahaha is harder than Dark Souls

Game looks good, especially the River but I dont see how it fits with the theme. Looks like a good place to listen to Zelda and Chill to


The pistol had way too much ammo lol. 

Lovely location, nice weather effects but I would have appreciated some sounds. Especially for the gun

7/10 Would kill amogus again


The pistol had way too much ammo lol. 

Lovely location, nice weather effects but I would have appreciated some sounds. Especially for the gun

7/10 Would kill amogus again

Thank you for taking your time to play my game. I really like Space and Cats. I like your pfp. Cant wait to play yours (When they fix my net; its poo poo at the moment)

Thanks for playing, really. Ah that was an oversight on my end to be honest but I was short on time to add explanations. I was close to canning them all together like I did some other stuff. But basically, enemies killed drop XP. The bigger enemies: ExoHuskusGena and Neo-Nephites drop 5XP and 5XP twice respectively. Everyone else drops 1XP each. Crafting can give you debuffs such as Buff ATK and Buff DEF which buff Attack damage and Defense for your player respectively. You can also craft health potions and the mother of all: QUAD DAMAGE which buffs your damage by 400% ! Cool right. 

Again, thanks for playing my game. It means a lot to me. Cant wait to play yours (When they fix my net :D )

Is it possible to submit my project when the lights come back? I have mostly completed it and there were just minor things to touch on the project here and there but The lights have been gone for almost a day now. Would it be possible to submit after the deadline of 3pm today?