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Thank you! ;-; It's been upsetting haha. I'm working hard on fixing it.

Late answer lol but!! Yes! That's super appreciated! I do the same thing for indie games I like nowadays b/c reviews can make such a difference. :D

Huh! I hope I'll be able to maintain that vibe. :) Ava's a fun character! I'm really eager to have her full route available and to slowly share all the secrets Falls has to offer...

I'll do my best! :D It's something I've been mulling over for a bit so it will definitely be factored into it... (And maybe he does!)

I'll definitely try my hardest to strike a healthy work-life balance haha... Progress + self care would be key! Thank you for your patience!!

Hi again! :D I'm very happy to see you on the front page! Let me start by saying that I really appreciate the time and thought you put into this review; I was smiling all the way down and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

I must say that was a cool correlation with the GUI!! I didn't even realize it had a bit of a thematic resemblance to Windows 95 until I looked up that interface, lol; it's definitely unintentional but I'm glad you liked it! (Ideally I'd like to get a super fancy GUI in the future but I'll likely keep the current one for this LH, so rest assured, it'll be there in the final version!) I'm also happy that you like the rest of the art; the handshake scene was super fun to draw.

Cool! I still can't officially pick favorites (:P) but it's great to hear that you connected with a couple of the characters, especially Ava! I can definitely see that how Devlin doesn't seem stern, by the way - I think I ended up writing him as a more reserved character rather than strict. I was conflicted about locking Ava and Nova out of the demo; I really wanted to give players a chance to interact with them, but canonically it wouldn't quite work, haha... I sneaked them in where I could.  (P.S. Both Devlin and James are getting more updates in the polished/full version of the game that'll touch more on James' experiences in pre-med and Devlin's day-to-day challenges in the union!)

I'll continue to try and make the choices as realistic as I can! I was a little worried about them as I realized some might be too straight forward haha... I wanted them to be fair + something the player might do!

Thank you again for playing the game and I hope to push it out as soon as possible!!

Hi!! Thank you for commenting and for letting me know - it always seems to be the background calls that escape me. :') I really appreciate you taking the time to share the bug with me; I'll try and get it patched on the weekend at the very latest.

Hi!! Thank you so much for playing the demo and for writing kind words! I'm just as eager to release the full game, to be honest - I'm working very hard in the background. I'll try my best not to overwork! :D

I really appreciate that, thank you!! Take your time - I hope you enjoy the game (though any and all feedback is very welcome! I'm so excited to hear what people think haha). And I strive to answer as quickly as I can; I'm always checking all my channels (i.e. Itch and Twitter primarily). 

(I can't pick favorites among my cast but I have to say that I like James, too!)

Very grateful to see a comment! Thank you for asking! :D

Finally gave this a try yesterday and I'm glad I did! I actually began playing it with the intent of playing Micah's route, but as soon as I began interacting with Eva during the security department's  open house, she won me over haha.  The events that take place with her and her personality are really sweet!

I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the game's full release! 

Hi! I adore the game's art style and the cats' animation - it's definitely the first thing that drew me to this page haha. I started off by playing the web version and I ended up having trouble with selecting things with my mouse as my cursor didn't show up in game, but that could just be a browser/computer/OS/misc. technical issue on my end. I opted for downloading the app instead and it worked perfectly.

Knowing that you could recruit more cats than just 'ordinary cats' (like the Persian and the Tabby cat and Bred, which are all super adorable!) was a big motivator for me. I really liked the idea of having a moss or space kitty! Unfortunately I haven't found them yet but I'll keep playing and see how it goes.

I also appreciated the cat 'purchase' system where if you got a rare-ish cat that you already had, you could send it back for 1 coin and effectively try again. You don't usually see that in other games that use a similar gameplay mechanic and I was pleased to see that this game used a more forgiving approach.

Overall - fun and cute game and I'm looking forward to seeing how its story will unfold!

Hi, everyone! I hope you're doing well!

I'm the Love Hues developer, and I wanted to tell you that the game's demo been released today! You can download it at

What's the game about?

Love Hues is a visual novel that follows the adventure of you, the player character (default and changeable name, Skyler) who is going through their first few months at Falls West University. As you find your feet in a post secondary environment, you get to meet your peers and romance or befriend them! 

However, it looks like everyone has a complex past and secrets they'd rather not share, and Falls West University's sudden jump to glory has also raised more than one set of eyebrows. What's the truth about the Curiosity that everyone whispers about? Why is the abandoned building viewed with such suspicion? 

The game focuses on branching paths and shapes the story based on the choices you make: maybe certain characters end up together in some routes, maybe you'll go out for coffee with someone, maybe you won't. I hope you'll enjoy the replay value as much as I have!


The demo version of Love Hues has: 

  • 25, 225 words, 
  • 7+ distinct 'endings' and a number of event variations (i.e.  5 of the 7  'endings' are the cut off point of the route; the demo routes are not full routes)
  • Three partial routes,
  • And 9 CGs! (plus 1 that doesn't show up in the Gallery. The other 5 are permanently locked for the demo!)

The full version of Love Hues has:

  • 100,000 words and counting, 
  • 27+ different endings,
  • Five full routes, including one secret route!

And, of course, plenty of CGs! The total CG number will likely be about 30. It's still being finished.


Want to see more? Here's the trailer! Thank you very much for checking out this game, in advance.

Hi!! I just finished playing the demo in one sitting and I just wanted to say that I loved it! 

The GUI/UI is absolutely beautiful and it compliments the game really well, and the dialogue/narrative switching back and forth works well too. 

I also loved the entire cast; Beckett and Zax were my favorites for sure though Holt and Leaf were cool too. There was so much intrigue and mystery! I'm going to see if I can grab some of the merch but regardless, I'm super excited for the full game to come out in 2020. Keep up the great work!