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Haha, my game was a failure without playable challenge. I do not care about the score. it was fun test my own skills.

What if I use "Arial"?

I´ll not use any artistic font and of course I´ll not create my own.

So... it´s ok "Arial" or any other standar font?

GameMaker: Studio 1.4

FamiTracker 0.4.6

Gimp 2.8

use this.

I discovered yesterday XD

In Room properties you must click on "Views" and activate "enable use of views" and "visible when room starts" This second option si only for the view you selected (view 0, view 1, view 2...) use only one of them.

Ten in "view in room" you have to write the dimensions in the rules.

Finaly in "port to screen" write the window size. Use proportional numbers.

use "W" and "H". I recomend you stay "x" and "y" in 0

I hope it help you :) Good luck

Caution! Pressing space reset the game

if you want cheat you can also press Ctrl to gain money for free.



but dont do it...

Beautifull background.

Appropiate title, this game is hard!! No truce