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Huh, never seen that before. Thanks for taking the time to make a GIF, I'll look into it for you. If you don't mind me asking, what's your hardware like? (CPU and RAM are probably the most relevant things, in this case)

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Message @void_hyacinth on twitter, that'd probably be easiest; alt. email, but I'm bad about checking that, lol. Thanks!

My first thought is a memory issue; how much RAM do you have? Unity is sometimes finicky with low-memory systems.

Regardless, I'll look into this. Thank you for reporting the crashes, and sorry you've had issues!

Huh, that's very weird — do you remember what the items are / order is?

Huh, this is exceedingly strange — especially that it's happening in both games. If you don't mind me asking, what sort of GPU do you have? The third party lighting library I used for the PAGAN games sometimes has serious issues on lower power GPUs (which is a big part of the reason I stopped using it when I started working on HEXCRAFT).

Unfortunately, that seem to have purged all the old comments — but feel free to discuss the game here.

Oops - had to look into this to figure out what it was. It's not sending any data that /I/ can see: (my end of) the unity analytics system doesn't even know the game exists. But unity (the company) seems to be collecting hardware data (for their own records, I presume) on all games by default — which I agree is sketchy as fuck. I've manually disabled everything I can find / find out about for future projects, and will do likewise with Autogeny if there's another patch.

Thanks for spotting that; I'm sorry I didn't catch it earlier.

Thanks! I wrote the coda text, lol

Press [I] to open your inventory. Click to select an item and click again to move it; if it's equipable, equip it by moving it into the relevant equipment slot

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The shaman isn't a ghost ;)

Might also want to try increasing your speed or armour

(and thanks! Glad you like it)

Huh - that's a new one. Are the controls in the launcher set to WASD?

Oh, sorry to hear that! What are your system specs, if you don't mind me asking? You might be running out of RAM

Oh dear!

This seems to be a 1/100 players sort of bug. I have no idea what causes it, and can't seem to reproduce it; as far as I can tell, it's a problem with the way this version of unity runs on particular systems.

I think editing the card into your inventory manually (following the above instructions) is your best bet for now. If I still can't locate the bug, I might make a patcher that adds the card to your inventory while I'm putting together a demo for IGF. It would just do the same thing as a manual inventory edit, though.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience—hate to be one of those "here's an arcane registry hack to fix your issue" devs.

Oh dear! It should have saved as you went through the door, so hopefully you haven't lost much progress. Might want to give the 64 bit version a try; it seems to solve crashing issues.

Check the install folder for the manual; that should help! <3

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Oh, wild? How'd you manage that? If things are just 'strange' or you get a message telling you to reboot / not to reboot, that's intentional!

Otherwise, if you're comfortable using reg edit, you can manually reset your save:

1. Open reg edit, and navigate to Software\OleanderGarden\Pagan3

2. Delete every value except "Default"

3. Save, and restart the game

Hope that helps!

Hmm, I've had one other person report this bug, and can't figure out what to make of it; I can't replicate it, and 99% of players don't seem to run into it either.  Sorry! I'll keep looking  into the issue. In the mean time, if you're comfortable using reg edit, you can manually edit the card into your inventory:

1. Open reg edit, and navigate to Software\OleanderGarden\Pagan3

2. Edit the inventory value, adding the string "tarot19" between two adjacent commas (this value is just a list of items by name, separated by commas, so it's hopefully not as opaque as it sounds

3. Save, and restart the game

Hope that works for you! Apologies for the inconvenience—this is proving a very strange bug to track down. 

Thanks! Desert theme is from here, used under CC - By Attribution. The only other music is the intro/portrait theme, which is J.S. Bach's /Komm, süßer Tod/ played on synthesizers at double speed, which I posted here.

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Because I am an absolute dumb_b*tch, patch 1.2 reintroduced bugs from version 1.0. Version 1.3 forthcoming in the next few hours! Apologies.

Patch 1.3 out now!

Might want to look around and see who's conspicuously left standing once the martyr roams free - they ought to have a hint for you :)

Alt. wait for it to show up on GameFaqs in 3 years, for authentic 90s vibes.

I'll look into this - thanks!

Glad you like it! <3 <3 <3 

Aha, yes - that's one of two "true" endings. A coda is the ending of a piece of music <3

The final ending is even harder to find, if you're ever inclined to revisit the game.