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Hmm, I've had one other person report this bug, and can't figure out what to make of it; I can't replicate it, and 99% of players don't seem to run into it either.  Sorry! I'll keep looking  into the issue. In the mean time, if you're comfortable using reg edit, you can manually edit the card into your inventory:

1. Open reg edit, and navigate to Software\OleanderGarden\Pagan3

2. Edit the inventory value, adding the string "tarot19" between two adjacent commas (this value is just a list of items by name, separated by commas, so it's hopefully not as opaque as it sounds

3. Save, and restart the game

Hope that works for you! Apologies for the inconvenience—this is proving a very strange bug to track down. 

I'll use regedit, thank you! Good luck tracking the tricky bastard down.

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i also encountered this issue tonight during my playthrough, unfortunately. i have a VOD here where it happens at ~54:45

have you had any luck with figuring out a possible fix? 

Oh dear!

This seems to be a 1/100 players sort of bug. I have no idea what causes it, and can't seem to reproduce it; as far as I can tell, it's a problem with the way this version of unity runs on particular systems.

I think editing the card into your inventory manually (following the above instructions) is your best bet for now. If I still can't locate the bug, I might make a patcher that adds the card to your inventory while I'm putting together a demo for IGF. It would just do the same thing as a manual inventory edit, though.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience—hate to be one of those "here's an arcane registry hack to fix your issue" devs.

I appreciate the tip and hope it works out! Loving the experience otherwise, thanks for making this game