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Great vibe. Love the feeling of being a little fella in this massive complex with huge dangerous machinery. Gave me MGS2 vibes that way. Also Limbo vibes—the kind of non-verbal atmospheric storytelling. Really dig that. 

Puzzles I feel need a little work. I think there is a seed of something really interesting—the magnetism, pulling and pushing, levitating. But I think they need pushed and refined to make the mechanic feel really fun and interesting. At times it felt frustrating or boring, but the right pacing would make it sing. Comparisons to VVVVVV come to mind here.

And the art, brilliant. Love it.

Super cool, I dig it.

Thank you!

Wow, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! :)

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For sure, don't want anyone to get stuck. Uploaded a video of the first level.

I'm so pleased with how the soundtrack came out. The composer, Eli Evans—he's a talented guy! He's got lots of stuff here

Let me know what you think when you play it!

Hello everyone,

I just released a new game called Percipio.

Percipio is a game about twisting gravity to navigate floating cities in the sky.


  • Unique puzzle mechanic
  • 3 beautiful world
  • 12 mind-bending levels
  • 1–3 hours playtime

I'd be honored if you checked it out!

Thank you! Thank you for your work in doing this!


Thanks! :)

Thanks so much!

Hey, thanks so much for the kind words! So glad you liked it!

Outpost Horizon Station is a bullet-hell platformer set on a derelict space station above Earth. The platform rotates as you run, adding a disorienting level of difficulty—but also opportunities to outmaneuver the enemy!

Play it  HERE

Horizon was a farming station that got decimated in a sudden  alien invasion. Earth has been scrambling since then—but their technology just got good enough to send a mobile platform up to old wreckage to start to get some payback.

OHS has 2 unlockable characters, and 2 unlockable weapons. I'm told it is very difficult.

Go check it out!

A point and click adventure in a dark and mysterious labyrinth. 

Made over the course of 12 hours as a practice project. "Darkness" was selected from three randomly generated themes.

Play it here:


Total work time added up to about 12 hours over the past week. Great project to practice on!

Go check it out!

This morning I finished all of the basic functionality I will need to complete the game. 

 ^ Rooms are navigable.

^ Each room has its own hotspots that respond differently depending on what item you are using—everything has a description for when you look at it, or touch it, or hold a torch to it.

^ Triggers are implemented—allowing me to do things like open a door when certain conditions are met

Nothing crazy—basic point and click adventure stuff. But it's my first time, so I am happy :)

I've spend about six hours setting everything—I'm estimating another four hours or so to finish out the rest of the rooms.

Last week I started making a game every day—working to get some practice and experiment with different kinds of ideas. So far I've made three games in three days.

Then on Saturday morning I bit off a bit more than I could chew—but decided to run with the ida anyway. I probably won't have time to finish until early next week, but I thought I'd post my progress so far!

Riffing off of old point and click adventure games I loved as a kid. Keeping the slightly creepy vibes alive.

Hey everyone! I am spending 1 to 2 hours every day making a new game. I generate three random themes in the morning, pick the one I like the best, then get to work! My goal is to get some practice and try to experiment with a lot of different ideas.

The third game is based on the theme "afterlife". I made it in about two hours this morning.