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Very nice way to tell a story. I love the visuals of the black and white scenes and the starkness of contrast between them and the river scenes.

I really enjoyed this. It just felt nice, everything fit together perfectly and created a great vibe. The visuals are stunning and the music fits very well. Nice job.

Really well written and I lovedddd the title screen visuals, I could sit and stare at that for a while. Interesting way of telling a story though I felt a bit like the game part was getting in the way of it a bit.

Very well written. I enjoyed each paragraph and learning more as it went. It felt like I was just randomly picking options however it might've been nice to have felt like you were making some sort of choice. Maybe I was and I just didn't know it.

The sound and visuals of this game provide quite a powerful experience. I especially enjoyed the occasional snapping sound as if someone was following me and they'd stepped on a twig. I would turn round in horror every time.

I really liked the visuals of this game, especially the broken wheel motif. I also liked the trippy Oregon Trail vibe.

This experience conjured a lot of interesting ideas despite its bite sized nature. I wish that my game had writing like this.

This was like a escape/road trip movie on drugs. I really liked the night time shots that showed the vastness of the world and how small they seemed.

I really liked the atmosphere to this. It's sorta the same thing I was going for with my game but executed differently.The creepy dudes that follow you and stay out the light are a great touch.

Thanks. Yes the narrative stuff actually has a karma system behind the scenes but I didn't get chance to do anything with it. I'm going to continue developing the game and that sort of thing is going to be the main focus.