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"You must not be happy"

We want you to be patient and do the same job very well done that is standard for you...

Review is based only on my experience of zero 2 times (Once being my serious self and having the best ending possible and a second being crazier, trying to experiment with other options)

The game is very fun, it has an interesting story although I don't think it's very polished in ch1, the path is very... horny (which is good, since the game is serious with what it tries to be), I really enjoyed it of the jokes placed naturally during the dialogues, the interaction with the characters tend to be interesting (With the two main ones at least) and this makes the dialogues have a greater value, the art is beautiful, either the characters or the images placed during the scenes, oh and before I finish this text, I can't forget to mention the combat system, which needs to be improved, but that was made in a way that it is difficult, but by no means impossible, which made me really like it .

Ah e antes que esqueça de comentar, eu ri bastante quando vi que tinha um diálogo em português.

Glad to see material on the hydra character, or rather any hydra character, because they don't get the attention they deserve.

Excited for Friday!

I'm glad the creator is interested in feedback, so I'll take the opportunity and ask.

Do you mind if your players keep reporting bugs? Because a very bizarre thing happened when Gogo comes to our house in the game and I didn't know whether to post a comment warning about the bug or if I'm just being annoying...

I apologize for the length of the text, but to explain better, this is going to be a necessary evil.

This VN is fun (I especially loved Gogo, because he's my favorite character so far) with cool characters to interact with, cool interactions between them, unique designs without being weird or exaggerated, script going well, song timing a little off, but that doesn't interfere much with the immersion.

In short, full of potential, because it's being made with love and you can feel it (Especially in interactions with this very cute Lombaroo) that's why I say it's a VN stupidly full of potential, it's going very well.

But some bugs like the saves (Other players have already talked about) some sprites that don't appear correctly and the fact that it's still being produced is what I mean by "Needs a little more polishing"

It's kind of like seeing a really good, amazing pilot episode, but it's not quite done yet.

A few (many) words from a player who loved your work :)

Intriguing story and stupidly full of potential, but at this moment it needs a little polishing.

All right, give it time, because by taking it easy, the project will come out full of affection and care.

I only know one thing... This last update was well written for FUCKING! damn what a good read, but not to give spoilers for those who haven't played, I'll just say that I can sleep peacefully after this ending.

Don't give me that "For those still waiting for the next update." you idiot, how could people not be waiting for this very promising VN? So beautiful and full of affection from the creator.

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Sorry for the english.

I loved Khenbish's content! He is a character that is very useful mechanically speaking, but he is also very good for the story, he gave me the same taste that Asterion gave me, a cute character, with a good heart, externally a little intimidating and very reflective, always thinking about your past and how to move forward. Honestly, after reading his content, I'm thinking more seriously about having relationship options other than just Asterion.

Oh! I almost forget, I laughed out loud every time Kota appeared in the background while Kenbish's father talked about the gods, congratulations that was very good!

Not only the Kota joke, but other things like the truffles (which even made me stop for almost 3 hours to do research) were very well placed tools, all Khenbish content was very well tied together so that you understand the reason for the references of the story.

I apologize in advance, because the text is going to be a little long and my writing in English is not the best.

I really liked VN, the theme of VN initially gives the impression that it is very generic, but... No, the relationship between the heroes brings a feeling of friendship that is very nice to read, the villains have not yet been very well developed, but reading the documents that the Baron put on the flash drive, I could see that the Super-Nova universe has a lot of history to be worked on, thinking about seeing Nick fight these villains makes me excited. There's an image that, in my opinion, was very strange, which is Vince driving the car, but on the other hand, there's the Templar scene and the Baron's superhero outfit, which are incredibly well designed (and it took me 1 hour to realize the eyes of the Baron's mask move) so I say that in general, the art is very very very good.

I loved the references of Nick's phrases, it brings him an air of reality, since cultural references (like him calling Mnesis Yoda) but I admit that the reference that made me laugh the most was the news that it has an NMF reference.

In short, I appreciate the opportunity to read this stupidly well done visual novel, you can feel the affection used in the project and I wish you to achieve the success that this VN deserves!

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I haven't finished the game yet, but I can already say that I was taken by surprise, a good surprise. Great job!

(I will post more comments according to experience, I think that passing the feedback to the creator is important :)

Edit: OK, Now I feel stupid. I don't know if it's because English isn't my original language and that's why I didn't realize it, but... I've played (and still am, it's 2:51 am) for over 4 hours straight and I feel stupid for not have put a single correct password! The title screen of Sal's bad ending is the image I saw the most in the game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

The worst thing is that I don't even know if the password is case sensitive.

Edit2: Wanted to make a note, the game is good, give the game a try if you haven't played it yet.

Edit3: I read half of the comments about how passwords are put on bad endings and I refuse to sleep without getting at least 1!

EDIT4 and last: I really am dumb. after trying 80% of the words at the end and pausing to read more than half of the comments I could see it (it was obvious, but give me a break I was too shocked to have noticed)

Como eu nunca tinha visto nada sobre esse jogo? Gostei tanto que não sei como fiquei 4 meses sem conhece-lo.
Ótimo trabalho!

Eu já baixei o programa esperando que viesse todo em inglês, então ver que poderia baixar em português foi uma incrível surpresa, seu trabalho com a ferramenta foi e é maravilhoso, meus parabéns.

Achei surpreendentemente divertido.
Com certeza esse seria um daqueles jogos de celular que você joga enquanto senta na privada ou que você e seus amigos jogam durante uma viagem de ônibus, o que eu quero dizer? Viciante, simples e divertido.

Good game, well done story, beautiful art, the only thing missing is support for the people behind it to be able to polish this diamond.

Amazing, the game is fun, somehow challenging, horny, beautiful and with a good excuse to call it a story.



I'm glad to know that I'll be able to interact better with Argos, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and thanks for offering to write the answer in Portuguese, it shows that you have a care for your community which especially nowadays, is getting more and more rare.

+RESPECT for being a visual novel that thought of putting PTBR or at least letting a translation be done. Maybe Asterion isn't the big-hearted one here is he?

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As my favorite character (After the hot and kind-hearted bull) is Argos and so I need to know, will we have more appearances from him? Something redemption and recruitment level? Because after playing it several times, I felt that progressing with him is not only the slowest, but investing in it itself is not very rewarding. (I edited it to try to improve the English, I think it just got worse)