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Thanks so much! I didn't even notice I'd left 'man' in the Dracula text, I'll edit that as soon as I get the chance.

There's a file included as part of the pack which includes the history of each inscription and a translation if known (it's a bit too long to paste here). Most are from tombs like Ramses II, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra.

Hey thanks so much! Yes this is fine, it looks like a great game - I'll keep an eye out for release. :)

What a great idea! Thank you so much. Both Bloodborne and Zelda have a special place in my heart so this is a real treat.

I second this.

Hi there, it's a lifetime license and you can use it for as many projects as you want after purchase. :) 

Thank you so much, what a thoughtful and touching comment. I try not to think about this game too much anymore, because the memories it brings up are painful. Sometimes I think about deleting it so I don't have to see it, and occasionally I get hate mail from rape apologists (Yes, they really exist. My game got posted in an anti-consent forum, so they flooded it with bad reviews and filled my inbox with bile. One person was very angry that I linked my ko-fi account in the description??), but as long as this game has the potential to help others and shed light on the tricky area of grey consent and unacknowledged rape, then I will keep it up.

I really enjoyed it! I knew what was coming but still wanted to keep answering. The perfect length, too.

Thank you for making this! It was fun to discuss kink and limits with a fictional partner.

This is genius and I love everything about it, from the colours to the book to the snails and... ahhh, just so wonderful and satisfying to play!

Poor Luigi! I like how you made the face in the haunted house, good use of bitsy.

After watching several hours of the DK stream my only thought was 'I really hope someone makes beaver bother into a standalone minigame so that everyone across the land can enjoy this masterpiece' and here we are

Classic mode is such torture thank you for capturing the essence of what makes it so infuriating, 10/10

I used variables, so an example of the code which sets the pronoun to 'they/them' after clicking on the link is:

(link-reveal: "they/them")[(set: $title to "Mx")(set: $psubject to "they")(set: $Psubject to "They")(set: $pobject to "them")(set: $Pobject to "Them")(set: $possessivepro to "theirs")(set: $possessiveadj to "their")(set: $preflexive to "themself")(set: $Possessiveadj to "Their")(go-to: "start")]

And then the actual text before the player chooses a variable looks like this:

"When $psubject reached home, $psubject found $possessiveadj servant waiting up for $pobject."

I can't not give my popsicle to the raccoon

I really love the colour palette you chose :)

Yes that was me! I'm so glad you liked them :)

Thank you so much! That's great feedback, thank you! I'm definitely adding more stories, and more pronouns too, I just wanted to get it submitted before the end of the jam. :)

Thank you! :)

I was so sorry to hear that development stopped on this game but I just wanted to leave a comment to say thank you. It was a wonderful experience that I'll treasure forever.

A small fangame because I fell head over heels for all the quirky shrine names in Breath of the Wild.

Play it here.

I love this so much, these cards are so imaginative!

What a great idea, thanks so much for sharing!

I made a very short name generator as I am home alone and not anywhere near the GDC (Goblin Delve Creature?)

Please try it out and if you like, let me know in the comments what your goblintype is today.

Mine is... ambidextrous snot thief.

What a great idea!

Whoa, every single randomised one I make looks amazing! I've never seen that happen before with a character creator, good job!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

I am living a very full and happy life.

This is a really thoughtful comment, thank you so much for playing. I think you picked up on a lot of what I was hoping to achieve. There is a point where sexual assault has already happened, and after that it's no longer possible to get a 'good' ending. It's not supposed to be a pleasent game (but I'm hoping that future game attempts will be more light hearted!)

Thanks for your feedback!

Heh, this is something which is happening to my friends too. They are excited for my game but a lot of them have their own traumatic experiences so can't actually play it!

It's supposed to be hard to make these choices, so in a way I'm glad you're not finding it easy to play. You got the best ending, though, so go you! And thanks for the feedback.

Thank you so much! 

No problem! I like having these kind of conversations and I'm always happy to talk about consent stuff. Thanks for taking the time to interact and leave your feedback, much appreciated. 

Oh also! You might benefit from looking at the definitions of consent and coercion on this website:

"Consent is a mutual verbal, physical, and emotional agreement that happens without manipulation, threats, or head games.

Consent is a whole body experience. It is not just a verbal “yes” or “no” – it involves paying attention to your partner as a person and checking in with physical and emotional cues as well.

Consent is also mutual (both people have to agree) and must be continuous. You can stop at any time, you can change your mind, and just because you said yes to one thing doesn’t mean you have consented to anything else."

(1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback! Some clarifications: They were not a man.  They did not express that they had any trouble with body language and double meanings. There is more to the story here, which the game doesn't get into. An example of a time when people say 'yes' to sexual contact which is coersive would be if there was abuse involved or fear of punishment in some form. I have been around people who make sure to get verbal consent (for non-sexual assault situations) through intimidation and fear, and then use that verbal 'consent' as a gaslighting tool.

I would categorise that friendship as abusive. This person knew exactly which boundaries to walk right up to, and which they could cross. I don't think they planned on me waking up. "uncomfortable in a situation" etc is a far cry from "woke up to sexual assault".

I would say that it is not always the responsibility of someone to bail when they are uncomfortable - purely because some people cannot bail when they are uncomfortable. There's a great book called 'Ask: Building consent culture" which talks about this, and a famous book about date rape called "I never called it rape" by Robin Warshaw which is based around this issue too.  Recommended reading if consent is an issue you want to explore!

Thanks for playing though, this is great feedback and I'm glad that conversations about consent are happening around this game.