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Ooh nice! I didn't know the closing style tag could be omitted.

Thanks so much for that, I appreciate it a lot, and you're the first to make a video of my game as far as I know :)

Nice to see you made it to the final level too!

Would be awesome if you could play my game:

No I didn't... Not sure how I missed that, but I had a look at it, and the tutorial is good. I'd suggest starting the game at the tutorial, to make sure it's not missed ;)

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Cool little game, nice and simple, and with very responsive controls. I liked all the different mechanics, but it can be hard to figure out what you can do (I got stuck almost immediately before I realized the screen wrapped around). 

Edit: I didn't play the tutorial...

Thanks, IMO I think the rating system should be changed to be like what Ludum Dare has, so each rating gets saved as soon as you click. 

Overall the game felt very slow for a shooter, and it could have done with some camera shake, more sounds, particles, etc. Still, the few sounds you did have were great, and despite not fitting the theme very well, the main mechanic is and interesting way to make the player think a bit more when shooting.

Thanks, I was worried that I went for something too obvious when I started, but I think it worked out better because I didn't have to spend extra time trying to be creative.

Thanks, I played your game :)

Cool game, nice simple concept that's easy to learn, but hard to master! My favorite part was the game-over effect, it was really satisfying!

Really nice game, and interesting concept. The collisions with the enemies didn't really make any sense though, and made it a bit hard to kill them.

A little strange, but a very good concept, and just the right difficulty to make it fun! 

One thing I would change is have the enemies be slower at changing their aim, to give a little more time to kill them after they stop aiming at the past/future self.

Nice looking game, but overall not very fun for me, I kinda liked the first section, but the second section was impossible for me to get past. Also the difference between the two sections was far too much, it almost felt like they were different games... :/

Yeah, I made the last level a lot harder on purpose, but I might have gone a bit too far with the red blocks at the end... :D

Looks nice, will check it out now :)

Cool game, very clever concept, a really nice difficulty curve, and fun too!

Thanks, all the clones are an exact recording of the player's previous movements, so they should only move if you did ;)

Here's my game:

Ah... Nice :D

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out my game, and see if you can beat all 10 levels!

Also, not promising anything, but you can leave a link to your game and I'll try to play as many as I can :)

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I would definitely like that, here's my game: :)

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Already played and rated your game, would be great if you could do the same for mine :)

:D Yeah I did that, and saw the ending, but what I was confused by was the infinity values, it doesn't look like they were intended...?

Really nice game, I liked how you integrated physics into it, which was something I wasn't able to do with my game, which has a similar rewind mechanic.

Great game, I wasn't sure what to do with the acid, but I enjoyed playing what I was able to :)

Cool game, really lacking sounds, but still nice and fun.

Also gave me some ideas to add to the game I made, so thanks for that :D

Not the best, and can be completed just by guessing, but it's a game at least :)

I can see the idea you were going for, but I found it hard to play, and also found that you could just sit on one of the side platforms, pushed up against the middle platform, and nothing could hit you...

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Really nice game, the controls were a bit floaty, and sometimes jumping stopped working, but I still made it to the end, and had fun :)

Also great idea with the form switching, really unique puzzle mechanic. Keep up the good work, I'd really like to see this expanded and polished more!

Really cool game, great unique concept, and very fun! Only complaint is that there was a bit too much post-processing bloom...

This was cool, not sure what happened at the end, but I left it running while I did something else, forgot about it, and I came back to this:

Awesome game, simple but extremely fun, one of the most fun games I've played in this jam in fact!

I agree with @Solo Byte Games, it might have been better to let the rewind ability be used with a partially full energy bar, for example a small rewind for each "chunk" of energy.

Really nice looking game, the difficulty could be a bit less steep (or maybe I'm just bad..), but otherwise it was great, and fun to play. 

I couldn't get it to work, was able to dash sometimes, but nothing else seemed to work, no matter how much I pressed the keys... Looks great though :)

I played it again and found out how to get past that level, and edited my comment to reflect that :)

Hope you can play my game too :)

Here's my game:

Will play your game soon :)

It would be great if you could play my game too:

Here's my game, if you don't already have too many to play :D

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Beautiful game, very polished, and the story element between levels was really nice! One of the best games I've played in the jam. 

I almost wasn't able to play your game, because a DLL file was missing, but luckily I was able to find a suitable replacement on my computer :D