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you are breathtaking!

Спасибо за отзыв ! :) 

Thank you for the good feedback! Bug fixed! New levels are not planned yet

О, а я в нее раньше уже играл :D 

Удачи всем участникам!

З.ы. Здесь могла бы быть ваша реклама  рыба!

Спасибо за отзыв :-D

Прям Spore :D

thank you! I hope someone will come to visit me :D

Nsfw asset pack :D

A good puzzle. I didn't read the rules, but I passed with 4 attempts ! 

cool graphics!

Very cool game :) But for such games I need more than 60 seconds :-D I want to play it and not rush!

Good job. I love these games!

Nice mini game! Good graphics

We used your music for our jam game! Thanks for the great music!

Отличная картинка ! :)

Hello friends! I have prepared assets for you with a 100% discount (in case someone needs it) and a 50% discount on my little game about survival in the laboratory! Do not hesitate and use the assets anywhere and in any way, also if you have a desire, you can purchase my game.

My Assets

My Games

There is no music in this set, only sprites

Trailer my game
Thank you very much for your attention and your interest. See you at the New Year's sale, I hope by that time I will have something else interesting ;-)

Sorry for the bad English <3

Good job!

Greetings friends! I took part in a jam in which it was necessary to make a game in the style of a game boy !

The jam has passed, but the game remains! And in honor of Halloween, I decided to update it, adding the ability to save and connected the gamepad!

Be careful, the game is very difficult and it has very loud sounds :)

Link to the game

Link to the sale

And a link to the game in my bundle. Which also includes a set of sprites for the space arkanoid

Thanks for your attention!

I love games like this! Good job!

I liked the graphics and the music. I didn't like a lot of text in a language I don't know :D But these are my problems! Good game!

Unfortunately I didn't play on gameboy and atari :D Well at least something turned out)))

Thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, I didn't play miami hotline. I didn't play on the Atari 2600 and didn't even play on the gameboy itself! That's why it's unclear what I got! I only played on an 8 bit Nintendo... :D

Very cool design. But unfortunately I don't like clickers. Also, I don't have access to my personal computer. I play on a 2008 laptop... Unfortunately, the browser starts to slow down very much while loading the game. Have you used unity?

I love Pacman ! This game adds interesting mechanics to it! Good game!

Thanks a lot! And the last question! I promise! :-D :-P Can I update my game before the time expires? )

I also want to clarify, did I send my game? :-D Blood4bit ? I'm not good at navigating this site. I think I sent it, but still my paranoia takes its toll :D

well, thanks! I will beg my friends to make me a soundtrack for the game :D

And hello again. Is it possible to use free sounds and music in the game, or need to do it yourself too?

Sorry, thank you!

Hello, can you tell me the control in the game can be done on any buttons? Which ones will I want? the main thing is no more than 8 buttons, like on a gameboy? Or is it necessary to put the active buttons on A and B + control on the crosspiece or numpad?


Can I use any 4 colors or do I need some specific ones?

Thanks. You are really right. Perhaps one day I will transfer to another engine and make a game with all the fixes

Thanks! I completely agree with you. Many mistakes were made : (I forgot to switch the app language


Thanks! Yes, I wanted to add a lot and do a lot differently, But I didn't have enough time ...

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Hi! I used your song for my game in the jam . Unfortunately only in Russian: (Thank you for the song !