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Officer's Match

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Nice job, Mr. wizard.  You successfully learned Daz3D assets are actually shared.

Fuck you, Stencilbits lovers.  All you dumbass Stencilbit cucks should be hung by the balls and beat with a bat.

I watched the trailer, and I can't say I see any significant improvement with new vs old, any improvement seems to be marginal at best and only really served to put the game at a complete standstill for over a year.

Just edit the saves.

This update 0.20 was junk.  Setting aside there was a whole 0 minutes of progression and a bunch of worthless new characters, the build is plagued with graphical errors, tiled images, glitched animations, the list goes on.  All of the character events were more of the same, so what if there was another pointless encounter with the character followed by the usual sex scene, so now welcome to the world of boring repetition and now instead of being repetitive the scenes are now glitched.  I could not even finish the update before deleting it, not because it was 100% unplayable but because it was absolute garbage and not worthy of the time I spent to download it.

Had to delete this one.

Would have liked to see it completed, but as is customary with most devs this one also went back and decided to spend over a year remaking everything rather than adding anything of value and substance with no end in sight.

Part of it comes from the old guy at the pond, the rest comes from the safe in your room.

Every month, month after month just raking in the cash and not putting anything decent out.  Last update was complete garbage, so little content with more new characters you don't even care about and who aren't worth the time and effort.  You are lucky to get a new sex scene once a year now with these dogshit updates.  Update before was almost exclusively remaking already existing content.  Alleged new update 0.20 has been almost 9 months in the making and still no release date in sight.  This dev is just another scammer and this game will never get finished.

Game went into full donor milking mode a few years ago. 

Why not just fix the loading issue?  It's obviously an issue as many people complain about it.  

I was also patron, and this guy is 100% a fake and he ruined this game.  I wish him nothing but the worst going forward and hope anything he does or starts turns into a complete and total fail.

Yep.  This was started in mid 2018 and it is no closer to being done than the day it was started over 4.5 years ago.  I suspect frequently releasing nothing but translations or rewrites every 6 months has a lot to do with that.

There has been a chronic lack of lewd content for the whole duration.  I get that may not be the focus, but people have been long asking for content related to the daughters and the dev flat out refuses to listen, which is a dick move considering as long as they've been asking.

Me personally, IDC.  The last time I tried to play the game it was so full of bugs it barely run and with the hands off approach the dev prefers it took several months to address the fixes.  This game is 100% dead to me.

As far as adult games go, this is worthless garbage.

Almost 5 years for this?

That's not even considering the chronic milking and scamming of the Patrons done by the dev.

Admittedly, I didn't read the disclaimer but upon finishing the chapter or episode I wondered if there was something I had missed from the screenshots.

Even without those scenes, I still enjoyed the game as it was.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Trash for virgins and incels who enjoy an occassional boob shot but never actually get to do anything with them.

Liked the start but seems like I missed something?  A lot of the screenshots up above didn't show up in the game and there didn't seem to be any lewd scenes.

Fuck you NTR lovers.

And do YOU realize that people are using those options and just fine?  Clearly YOU are the only one here who has any specific problem here.

But how nice of you stroll along and rebuild the site and service over a problem nobody even has or asked for.

Do you feel extra important now?

0.3.9x was sort of underwhelming.  The only thing of note was trying to pop Alex up in more scenes.  I'm likely not alone when I'd say the less scenes with Alex, the better.

Some errors with the storyline.  After the new Nyx fight scene, the MC still claims to have rescued her from the orcs at a later point.

Dumbo, do you not know the app has resulted in bad downloads with errors?

There are creators talking about this very thing.

You were both wrong and got called on it.

Time to move on.  Assume whatever you want if it makes you feel better, could care less.

Considering this is probably the last update for Android until they switch over to JoiPlay and PC only, their wittle hearts are sure to be broke and the snowflakes will melt.

Amazon sells mil-spec knee pads.

Scroll down and read the fucking post where he said he didn't instead of making yourself look like an ignorant headass with no clue.

I could actually give a shit less what system they are playing on but it's always amusing to see someone go crying when they posted stupid shit and get called on it.

How can they do that when they clearly have already said they do not have a PC.

Problem is, it is probably old as shit and barely runs.

On this latest update, is the investigation bug fixed?

Also, is there any way or setting to reduce the very long loading time on Android?

Cool story, bro.

Are you hopelessly retarded, too?  It's wrote out plain as day that they don't.  But being a wax barfing Crayola muncher struggling to figure out which crayon tastes more gooder, I guess you probably missed it.

Where did they say they did?

Not concerned about some internet snowflake's report on their hurt feels.

No bullying intended.  Just pointing out ancient stone tablets may not be the best option to run games on.


Cool story, bro.

Never heard of it.

Some characters are still not appearing in places, despite their icon showing up beside those areas, latest 0.04b.  Maria doesn't show up in at least two of her areas - town and the park area.

There is nothing funny about it.


open the nearest window and toss that crappy outdated POS  out.  buy a real computer and play the game as it was meant to be played.

Very nice.  Will be following this one.

I'm curious as to who or why they thought anyone is or was a boomer.  Sounds a little obtuse-minded to me.

Both have the code.  You just need to input it.