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I watched the trailer, and I can't say I see any significant improvement with new vs old, any improvement seems to be marginal at best and only really served to put the game at a complete standstill for over a year.


That is tragic. I can see a very clear improvement. But then again, those were not necessarily the scenes that most needed a makeover.

If you need a reminder, I suggest replaying the early parts of the game, with particular attention to hands. Like in the dream right after the back alley scene, the teacher fondle scene or in the cosplay scene.


As I can see you haven't read any of my patreon post about the remake. The very first reason of it is to make my work on the next updates easier. Since 0.5 and 0.6 took too much time and more than 2k renders each to make. That's why I'm optimizing the game, rewriting and remaking some scenes along the way for the complete look. But I doubt you care about that. And let me remind you that it's a free game that you don't have to do anything to wait for. Besides waiting. But if it's too much for you to do, I'd recommend you to enjoy life somewhere else without stressing about my project that much. I'll do that myself.