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You don't need to install anything else. And it should launch. Download MurMur-0.6-pc, or MurMur-0.6-pc-compressed from above. Extract zip files. Run MurMur.exe, or MurMur-32.exe if you use a 32 bit system.

For now, I can say that endings would mostly base on love\lust yes. Anything else would be considered closer to the end. Story is still in development and while I do have plans, I still improvise here and there. And thank you ^^

If you're talking about itchio rating system, then on the right side of the game page.

Glad you liked it!

When I finish it

In some scenes

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She is one of the girls. I plan on different endings, but not solo routes for now

The game is in development, current ending is only the end of this update, there will be more

It works for most people, I can assume that you're on android 12 or 13, which can cause problems, and I can't say why either.
The game asks for permissions to save your progress.

Try redownload the game from itch or patreon, delete the version that you have installed, reboot your phone and reinstall it. Hope that helps.

The love and lewd points of every girl, that affects Shinigami too ;)

Sophie :)

Then I can't say without being specific, you can join discord server and ask there if you want to.

Try different love/lewd points for the first one.

For the second you probably need to activate DD scenes and watch them along the way.

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Harem only :)

Thank you <3

Glad you enjoying the game!

You can see the progress bar for the next update just above the comments :)

Glad you like it ^^

It's the end of the current version, yes. When the update will be ready I can't say, but when the time comes I'll announce it

The game is free, you reached the end of existing content

Thank you for your kind words <3

Glad you liked the game

Every girl is the best girl

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It's a bug for sure, unfortunately I don't know what causes it yet.

Please tell me your phone model and android version.

You need more love or lewd points, game is the same for everyone

Links for 0.6 will be available on older patreon post for some time, until 0.7 for sure ^^

Probably, can't really answer that

Lewd previews would only be available for patrons as a reward though, closer to the release of remake

Thank you for the kind words!

Progress status, just above the comment section

Can't say, I will announce dates on my Patreon when I'm sure of it :)

Glad you liked it ^^

They come together ;)



Rework taking a lot of time, but I'm not dead :)

 She asks them to do that

Date with Yui is the end of current content :)

I don't make ETA's because it's impossible to say, but I always work on it ^^
You can see the progress bar just above of the comments, or read the latest important posts on Patreon.

Glad you liked it!

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I'm the only one, character design is made by me, but my girlfriend Axsens is helping me with its general game design and in many other ways :)