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This update 0.20 was junk.  Setting aside there was a whole 0 minutes of progression and a bunch of worthless new characters, the build is plagued with graphical errors, tiled images, glitched animations, the list goes on.  All of the character events were more of the same, so what if there was another pointless encounter with the character followed by the usual sex scene, so now welcome to the world of boring repetition and now instead of being repetitive the scenes are now glitched.  I could not even finish the update before deleting it, not because it was 100% unplayable but because it was absolute garbage and not worthy of the time I spent to download it.


What do you mean by "graphical errors, tiled images, glitched animations"? I have not received any other feedback relating to this and don't know what you mean


Probably what he is talking about are images like this.  Since 0.19 these have plagued some of the last scenes with Iris.  The last build there almost isn't a single animation that works correctly and doesn't have a bunch of draw errors running across the screen.

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Oh wow, I assume it's an android version-specific issue on some phones. We'll look into this, thanks for showing me!


I forgot to mention, but yes it is on Android, or at least mine is.  Two different phones.

You could probably narrow it done if you recall what you did that was different in Iris' scene from 0.19 going forward, as all other previous scenes work as normal.