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Oh, you probably haven't started her questline yet. It begins by finding a flyer in the mall's trashcan. This allows you to access a website on the PC in your room. The questline then requires you to view a certain cam show on that site for a while, mostly at night. Eventually you'll get to level up Iris

There are 2 other cams, one is on top of the safe in your room (do bulletin board quest in the hallway to increase your repair skill, then repair the cam). The other is inside of the safe. You can unlock it by finding the 3 combination codes (pieces of paper) around the manor.


mc = your name

Did you download the new version and play it through that folder? You can completely delete the v0.11.1 folder. Do not copy files from the new version and replace files in the old version, it won't work correctly.

She's at the ice cream place in the morning, it says afternoon by mistake

Happy Birthday! :)

Still not very sure, there's a lot to be done at this point. Maybe 2021?

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, your progress will transfer to each new update. If you are playing on Windows/Mac/Linux, you do not need to do anything. Just download the new update and play. 

But if you are on Android, you should backup your save files and then uninstall the old version, then install the new version and put your save files back.

Her name has been changed in v0.12, but yeah, same nurse

Night Vision Binoculars are not added yet.

Check Servix at night (the store). In the next version, the hints will be a lot more obvious.

It's an item sold by the Old Man at Magic Lake, the Long Brass Doohickey.

Naira at work and Kaila at the gym

Dahlia is unlocked first by checking the mall's trash can for the flyer which lets you access a certain website on your PC.

Esther is level 25 I presume? You must enter the hallway from the garden in the morning. For v0.12, I've been completely overhauling/improving the hints system since I know I made a lot of the hints way too vague. 

Carmen (At Doggie Style in the mall)

That's not usable yet

Hi, we had this song created for Mythic Manor by a guy named Corsairon. It doesn't really have a name other than "Manor Night Theme."

Do you have v0.11.1? There was a bug in v0.11 that prevented you  from accessing Jade, so you will need to get v0.11.1 if you don't have it. She is found in the park in the afternoon.

Dahlia's storyline starts by finding the flyer in the mall's trashcan.

Still no reports of the bug yet, hoping it's actually fixed now 🤞 If you still get the keyboard bug when you play, let me know or put it in the review!

I am not 100% sure, as I was never having the issue in the first place. But there have been no complaints so far! It's possible a Ren'Py update fixed it, since there have been a bunch of updates to Ren'Py in the past few months.
But yeah, we are not in control of fixing this issue, it's up to the game engine we use (Ren'Py). Hopefully they have solved it by now, I'll keep an eye out

Yes, we have plans for the cashier in the future. The church will have content at some point, but we do not have plans for it yet. Your English is good, don't worry!

Thanks for suggestion  and kind words :) This upcoming update is a major Jade update, so you'll see more of her real soon

For PC/Mac, you don't need to do anything special. For Android, you need to back up your save files first

It's not in the game yet.

You just need to go to sleep at Night time on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

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At the mall clothing store and in Naira's room when she's not in there

You can continue, the saves are compatible :)

It is available now for our $10+ patrons on On May 31, it will be available for $5+ patrons. Then it goes public on June 7th.

Yeah, that's the problem. You need to do quests on the bulletin board in the hall, those quests will let you repair the camera on your safe in your room

That is strange, the requirements for the panties to be in the bin are the following: Fanora must be level 20, they must not already be in your inventory, and you must speak to Fanora first (at the Ice Cream Stand)

You need to talk to Esther in the garden to let you in. You need to do bulletin board quests to get your Repair Skill up first.

It's going good, will be out later this month. :)

In one of her drawers or dresser

Hey there, thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! With the Android app, I'd backup your saves first (Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves) as I'm pretty sure they get deleted when updating. The next update should be later this month! Cheers :)

In Naira's room (there's a bag with them in it)

Hmm, it does work though. For me and everyone else I asked. No one else has reported this as a bug.

The Quick Save files are located in the "Q" tab on the Load and Save menus. At the bottom, there is A Q 1 2 3 4 5 ... etc. Hit the Q.
A message pops up when you hit the Quick Save button. --> "Quick save complete."

 Are you on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android? I've tested it on both Windows and Android just now, works perfectly. 

There will never be an IOS download for this. Apple does not allow lewd games and they are very strict. So there is no way to bring this to iPhone.

How much free space do you have? Did you uninstall the previous version (if you had a previous version)?

Just added the patch notes/overview to this post. TL;DR: More new main events for all of the manor girls and Jade, plus some side content such as the beach expansion and Esther's PC folder (now unlockable).