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In all honesty, it had a slight glimmer to be a decent game, but the dev flat out murdered that.

Now it serves as a shining example of how not to make games.  I eagerly await this thing to finally be posted up on and make it's grandiose debut to Steam so they can rip it to shreds. I actually may be waiting for that more than I am the game (and I'm not).

Because they are dumb and don't know anything about games.

1.6 contains the full game.  You do not need 1.4 to play it.

Been a while since I last played this, back when the game was finalized.  I see there have been a few updates since, anything new or just bug fixes?

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I would be embarassed to have my head so far up the creator's anus that it is impossible to tell where he ends and you begin.

At the end of the month, the simps are distributed out and all show up to talk about what an astronomical update just dropped, so astronomical it'll be out next month.  Every time.

Latest monthly incel post is now up.  I can't read it, because it is only exclusively available to the resident rump kissers.

Just more probably-possibly goalpost moving cuck shit.

Stencilbits was too busy rewriting the game and rebuilding his fried computer, changing careers, moving all over the world, and sending relentless monthly alerts pimping new release dates that never arrive for any of that this month, so he'll see you again next month.

I doubt this lazy ass creator is going to move out of the basement.  That would require him to actually get a job and quit relying on handouts, and as many as he says he goes through, that's not going to happen.

You obviously don't have any idea about what the big issue is.

The dev is active.  He posts his monthly droppings and half digested crayons on Patreon and does absolutely nothing else for over 3 years.

The fact you are here rabidly defending a game that has not moved an inch since 2019 tells me all I need to know.

So another con artist and shill from patreon turned up on the board.


Or maybe, people are tired of hearing regurgitated excuses month after month after month from a guy who clearly doesn't even have any interest in his game at this point.

That's what some people call a clue.  But this is and literally the land and home of the blind leading the blind which is why we have clueless comments like this.

I guess this is what all the millennials and smartphone kids who only ever read about games on the internet think what updating anything actually looks like.

Sad world.

This guy here gets it.

Maybe for his next game he can make a color and size parody of bowel movements, because that's about all he's good at giving anybody.

And, every air humping incel on the block that still thinks this is still being worked on is now on Patreon jerking off in anticipation as they desperately try to hit puberty before the monthly update arrives, because you know, the next update already has all the makings of another inceltastic Stencilbits classic; a big nothing, more excuses, and dumb patrons still beating off to every word posted.

Hello dev.

Can we see the next latest monthly update so we can laugh and make fun of it?

Some of you on the dimmer side need to get off the crayon diet.  Nobody is working on this game anymore.

He's been saying that it's been coming since around spring of 2020.  That's what some call a clue.

All he does is posts a new dumb splash screen each month which is very interesting that he supposedly has a dead PC but is still able to produce those renders, but again some people are just nerds who only read about games online and don't know when devs are ripping them off with some dumb new garbage rendering method or whatever nerdtastic BS is the flavor of the week that goes on for years.

There must be a new flavor of crayon out that he feeds his patrons.

I doubt you have any real knowledge to speak of regarding how Devs operate or how games are strung along, and the fact you are butt hurt and being retarded with insults third graders use proves it.

Don't worry.  Your safe space is that way.

Fu and Krat seem come back from the dead (at least momentarily) if you do not complete Lori's Mother and the Take Revenge for Lori quests BEFORE doing Fu Fu or whatever it was called quest.

Was also apparently unable to complete Lori's revenge quest as a result but was able to finish Lori's Mother.

Just do brother/sister like it is meant.  The housemate and landlady junk is just for patreon rules.

Have I angered the easily enraged fan boys again?  Nobody cares, because they know nothing about games or how dev's drain Patreon.

This game literally gets updated at most twice a year.  The last update was over 5 months ago.

Double check your DOB and verify it wasn't yesterday.

You haven't paid the cash cow enough on Patreon.

In another 3-4 months you *might* get another 5 minute update, if you're lucky.

And you're not.

This game is clearly abandoned.  What is even worse is the corpse of this dev is using it to continue draining funds on Patreon.  I pity anyone stupid enough to still be actually paying this unemployed loser of a dev.

What is different in this version?