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Check back in the year 2033.

This game does not work on Joiplay.  Game is pretty much a dead stick as far as Android goes.  The APK is hot garbage and Joiplay will not work. 

Just use the dirty cheats done for free mod.

Whatever you do Stencilbits, you don't want to disappoint anyone even though you haven't released a single update in over 4 years.  I think that ship done sailed.

It's already proven anyone still supporting this joke of a dev is clinically retarded.

Until the dev decides to address the crashing and lag issues on many devices, game is largely unplayable.  But I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon since this is a persistent problem. 

Welcome to the club.

Meh.  I've got no interest in this anymore.  It's an endless trollfest on the trollercoaster.  Game is dead and done.  Those are the facts.  Last update was what... almost 4 fucking years ago?  Then we've had all this monthly bullshit since.  Anybody with a functioning brain would know even at that pace if just one relevant render was made for each of those months, there'd be a finished product here.   Most of the game is ragdolls simply copy pasted over pre-rendered backgrounds, and about as zero effort as you can fucking get.  The fact that he claims to have rebuilt the game in godot is also rather telling, because godot is a bug riddled piece of trash, so apparently godot and this game deserve each other.  It will give Stencilbits plenty of bugs to hunt down and jerk off too for many months to come.

Because the current Android build is not stable.  Doesn't look like it's getting fixed anytime soon.

So you put the title in English and then write something not even germane to the title in another language?

And then don't even bother to elaborate on what is actually broken.

Cool story, bro.

If the girl in question is a love interest, then that is NTR.  You can go over the semantics of it happened at X or Y point in the game but at the end of the day if they're a love interest at any point in the game and another dick other than the MC is involved, that will understandably be viewed as NTR and people won't be able to get away from the game fast enough.  Especially if it is unavoidable and it sounds like it is, which is enough for me to award a hard pass after finding this page.

Dev needs to use something other than Google drive for downloading.  

Use Workupload or Pixeldrain.

Google drive is 100% complete garbage, the downloads will stay inaccessable for days or even weeks.

In other news, the Earth is still round.

I notice there is less and less enthusiasm regarding these updates.

WOW! Just when you thought this had finally died down, it grows legs and returns with a vengeance... guess I'll need more popcorn.

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Whichever one it was.  I believe 25.b was the last before breaking mods.

Apparently the latest update breaks even more mods.

Will it be the same one we saw last month?  Wouldn't wanna miss that.

Where did anybody ask the developer to maintain the mods?

Nobody asked the developer to maintain any mod.  It was asked if his latest change of params that didn't even effect actual game broke any of the mods.  And it did.

He changed params for no apparent or obvious reason and broke a lot of mods.  That doesn't sound very mod friendly to me.

Mods go in files/game/Mods folder.

Most, such as those that add characters do not work on Android and will produce errors.

Considering Stencilbits is unimaginative and quite lame with the CTRL+V and copy paste from one month to the next for the last 40 something months, my hypothesis is we'll see last month's excuse again.

I forgot to mention, but yes it is on Android, or at least mine is.  Two different phones.

You could probably narrow it done if you recall what you did that was different in Iris' scene from 0.19 going forward, as all other previous scenes work as normal.

Probably what he is talking about are images like this.  Since 0.19 these have plagued some of the last scenes with Iris.  The last build there almost isn't a single animation that works correctly and doesn't have a bunch of draw errors running across the screen.

Maybe it's time to quit being an idiot every month, month after month, acting like anyone is doing anything with something nobody has even looked at since 2019.

It's just as bad as the same two idiots on Patreon who "can't wait" for the release despite having posted the same can't wait BS for two years straight.

Anyone that comes here and acts like the game is still actually being developed when it hasn't been touched since 2019 deserves to be double dogpiled.

Try a VPN set to a US server, or even Swedish.  Either works fine for this.

I won't even use a German server if it auto-connects.  Way too much censorship.

Whether or not he does or don't, doesn't really matter to me.  I've no interest in this anymore or anything made by this dev.  Assuming he even does, I'm not going to pick it back up so it can be tossed aside at a later date for another game that he wants to start.

Plenty of other games out there by devs that are actually motivated to finish a project.

More like had diarrhea.

Hopefully these bootlicking shills don't stink up the comments again with all the nonsense about how much this game is being worked on but hasn't been touched since 2019.

Stencilbits already sat himself up going forward, he's been suposedly working on Godot so he has plenty of fresh excuses when he comes back with being in over his head and can't get anything to work the way he wants, so he goes back to the drawing board to test and retest everything again for 900 million more updates.

That's because the Android version is so badly optimized it actually takes up to several seconds to register in the game with each menu item being pressed, and sometimes you have to hold whatever menu button you are pushing down until it decides to respond.

Not really much you can do about it, and the dev doesn't seem to care about the Android version as it has been a chronic problem.

I've never seen a 25 MB save file before.

Pretty much that's the gist of it.

Only ones still waiting on it are the same 2 morons still slobbering all over it every month on Patreon.

Most of us have figured it out already.

Not the new Dark Perpetua, but the normal one can be found in the Perpetua Rematch mod.  It doesn't alter anything or change how the game is played, it just puts a level 100 Perpetua in the Forest as an option.

Considering if he actually contributed anything to Godot and this hasn't been another case of "look mommy, look what I did on the internet.  I'm special mommy" as is typical with these kinds of people - as much testing as Stencilbits claims to do with this game, then Godot would have to be dumb as hell to allow anything from this guy.

I'd suspect they'd want to have some semblence of quality, and not be tied up for years on end retesting all the illegible garbage Stencilbits produces.

It's taken him 4 years (and counting) and not even there yet to do one thing with this game, so yeah I'm calling BS that he even contributed anything to Godot.  Likely he is trying to leech off it and stay relevant while not actually doing anything.

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I have no doubts Billy Mays would be able to sell even this dead game.

Are you talking about the red slime?  IIRC, there is a mod that enables her as a normal opponent.

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As was predicted for his newest miserable excuse, he is yet again talking about Godot.

Is he still on vacation?

Stencilbits doesn't have to really have to put that much work into it, and that might put him out if he actually has to put any semblence of any effort into coming up with new excuses rather than simply recycling his old excuses.

The game is 100% text based with 2D art, it's not exactly ground breaking by any stretch.  There's almost no reason why it should cause this many problems.  The problems all stem from bad optimization.