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Yep.  This was started in mid 2018 and it is no closer to being done than the day it was started over 4.5 years ago.  I suspect frequently releasing nothing but translations or rewrites every 6 months has a lot to do with that.

There has been a chronic lack of lewd content for the whole duration.  I get that may not be the focus, but people have been long asking for content related to the daughters and the dev flat out refuses to listen, which is a dick move considering as long as they've been asking.

Me personally, IDC.  The last time I tried to play the game it was so full of bugs it barely run and with the hands off approach the dev prefers it took several months to address the fixes.  This game is 100% dead to me.

Deleted 1 year ago

Well that would be better i think,wasting time and creating an epic thriller after centuries is acceptable but milking in this way is not,if you are a creator or making something and you know you won't complete it for much longer time,then don't take others money for granted.

I know it's hard work but this dev isn't even updating or give any preview for months and then these short updates,story is good bit game is tooooooooo short for being in development for 5 freaking yrs,you know even i could learn coding and start rendering and could have finished this avn by this much time.

But this shit dev isn't even close to,and not even making any clear statement for it, just another shit dev.