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yup that's why i love it, my opinion but in some 3-4 years people will share my opinion too, it's a shame that a good game, doesn't have good ending, and depression full endings possibility, moreover dev is filthy greedy, and cheapskate on top,only good thing is he ain't lazy bastard, he may complete it in years but he would. 

In my honest opinion after playing bad,I can confirm that its overated and nothing in front of eternum, and even below oial, imagine the hype after the ending of eternum, why i didn't liked Bad? It's good but too much shit drama, not bad but just to make you a despression patient, people who want to play to feel bad? Then it has bad endings 80-90% possibility of it, and even good ending(considered by dev) are just bad, bad is a good avn, but just exxagerated, and dev is a filthy greedy bastard, who is also too much cheapskate and doesn't want to spend single penny in delivering worl early(so can milk his patreon for decades, and can save money, a complete win-win)

I can assure you friends this one isn't overrated like dik or summertime, have everything perfectly balanced with perfect happy endings possibility, and no shit show or Melo drama of depression, nice loving, warming, sweet avn at its best. Dev ain't a greedy bastard. 

Sir I think you should apply for motivator job, I'm sure you will excel there, as for mc understanding, it's just character you are getting too much emotional with, yes he's been broken for yadah yadah reasons, beautiful explanation in avn and more better representation by you, but how that supposed to change my view? Like if he's portrayed as a cuck, loser in his life by dev, why I'm wrong? And to judge him, common a guy who can't move past tragedy after 3 years of therapy and still shit in pant at sight of a bitch.

Sure his personality is hopeless, beautiful portray of character? Yes agree here, but too much shit nonsense revolve around mc here, ain't funny, ain't good for anything, moreover he feels like side character in front of kindra, she should be mc of this with mc x bitch gf as villain.

About not buried deep for sex, that's not how i have experienced till now, heck it's quite opposite, a Scene with fucking that whore x in start, then mc fantasy about every damn girl (that's complete asshole or teen virgin behaviour, disgusting for a guy who's trauma by past relationship, something hella wrong with his head for sure) then some orgies as i explained before, all over kinks are fanatsy sex or orgies with some fraternity whores, that too with inclusion of other males and side girls, or future main girls fucking them, sex scene are okish but kink in them is shit.

Story is 110% and all characters are good except mc who is wierd as fuck, sexual traumatized patient of past, avoid relationships, flirt with own therapy doctor, lust for girls, fap in fanatsy sex, fucks with whore, shit in pant at sight of bitch, good for nothing, a useless fellow.

Sympathy character? Off course i won't abuse him, but as a mc? That shit guy can only fuck or do anything in his own fantasy, a loser in real world ya can't deny, bad avn? Nope at all, bad choice of mc? Yes, although i don't like FMC i would love to play as kindra more than this lunatic pervert, sympathy gainer childish behaviour moron. 

Hehehe,I appreciate your efforts Ryen, and love all this you are putting for improving the game, adding of new items , characters,side stories, gameplay and improving it at same, but this map thing which is yet irrelevant and hardly affect anything, since there is no war system available, not like i want a war, like i previously commented about having a peaceful ending without war. What I'm not liking is instead of trying to finish or progress main story before and expanding game later, you are just wasting time on unnecessary things, it's your game, but common already it will take you at least 4-5 years to finish story with a good ending if you start today, and maybe more but with all this new character, side story and stuff it may take you forever, I know you have to earn and using it, but common you can't you do this all side stuff with moving main story ahead at same time? I mean 1 out of 10 updates can have that right? From 3 years not a single update for main story progress, it's annoying tbh, i loved all that wedding stuff and war, gameplay mechanics and grind but at this point 5-6 more  irrelevant updates and adding of new character which will increase more time , will get me lose my mind for sure. 

okay fair enough, i also love kids(only when they are cute little babies and not 4+ then they become monsters) a goodish plot, but i think Ryen doesn't like kids much, he get annoyed when with kayelinth and didn't accepted her in start, imagine him raising thousands of like this bastard children, would be fun to see. 

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okay your story', but WTH you want eggs, dragon children or whatever the fuck? Is there any need of it? Just wierd plot, and my plot i clearly mentioned, simple to just redecorate that place and use it as safe town for all of Ryen lovers, wife', children to be kept there during war. It would serve better purpose that way then those useless eggs. 

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okay but  does that make any sense? That's crap story plot tbh, i mean in starting something like this, story of three brothers, blah blah they grew up become warrior dragonic or something, but it's shit if it's of future and not past, a good plot will be when mc redesign his old town and shift all his lovers(wife's) there to protect them and his children from the upcoming war in time jump event or something. 

why you want mc to adopt someone else children? I mean he already has enough going around, now don't tell me you have fetish of father-daughter, and want those eggs to be of girls, and mc to fuck them. 

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Thank you sir for this beautiful explanation and for giving proper reason for mc becoming pathetic loser,and shit behaviour, but how does that supposed to change my view of mc? I mean you are agreeing that he's a loser and giving explanation for it, how my view of mc is wrong then?

And about sex scene thing, i think you understood me wrong, i don't have issue with there being lot of them there, that's you got it wrong, i have issues with the kink in those scenes, i like one on one, or sometimes a threesom in avns, a bit of voyeurism is okish, but in this one all i seen(till i played) were some fantasy dream sex or some orgy bj, eww 🤢🤢 that's called fuck fest and disgust me a lot, there could be people fucking full on in story behind, i don't give a fuck, but i don't like to see those nonsense scenes of girls giving BJ's to other npc and here in front of mc,i mean they are pretty much fucking as some sort of orgy, here no option to not see those, since mc is also participating is such shit orgies, so this weirdo shit mc, who has realtionship issues, and get afraid of his ex and pretty much avoid sexual thing, is okay with getting bj from some fraternity whores(STD isn't a thing in future? Lol) that's shit explaination so story also seems flawed, and moreover like i said ain't my type at all.

I have zero issues with 1000 sex scenes, but kink in them, ain't for me, it's like everyone is each other untold fuck buddy in this one, and that's just in beginning, i won't take more crap. 

see, instead of giving a simple answer or  even if you don't know answer to it, instead of moving on commenting nonsense, why not instead of giving useless comment, give me a good answer, and if you don't know mate then why the fuck i care about you pathetic loser? Whinning about why others are questioning, and not even to you?

oh it's okay mate, you just wanted to check that you are a blokehead with logic less answers, and can't accept the facts or doesn't have anything to counter those and just know to comment nonsense, and you get to know that, I'm happy to help you find that, but angry that i didn't yet get to know what's exactly romance is in this one, i would love to know, but no one is gonna explain it to me, what the fuck is thing could be called romantic in this game? 

Like you will do it, you care for money like all, but whatever, you are not new guy who's going to milk people for 5-10 years, just complete it at some point for god sake.

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easy girls doesn't make them prostitute in my opinion, if you felt that reason, my reason for implying that it felt like fucking prostitute for free, because of scenes and pre scene with those girls, none of them(and i mean it when I say) love, like, or even care for mc, all mc do is do their quest, help them and in the end a fucking scene, that's it, it's not bad with random girls, but what's romance in there?

Yes definition of romance can vary, but what's exactly romance in this, according to you? Your definition of romance? Since i didn't find any, and could never because when no one actually care for mc, how the fuck there could be romance? For me it's selfless thing, here all are selfish and if not, they don't give a fuck even if mc exist or not.

And about them being prostitute, what else they are? Girls who fuck random dudes for fun? Okay I will call them sluts for your sake(i use same word for them), and i don't like both,my main problem is those sluts are main girls and not side character in this game, fucking sluts who are side girls is okay, but if main girls are slut then bam, it's waste. 

rejection? No, stupid reaction after proposal? Yes, that's what put me off, or moreover the reason that i hate MC's dad(a terrible monster in my honest opinion) and she was with him, i don't know but yeah i didn't liked that she is MC's mom, and that means past whore of MC's dad, yuck 🤢🤢 and having relationship with used girl of that monster, i don't know it felt shit to me, rest is your opinion but i don't know why to make her MC's mom in first place? 

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great, so when i asked that weather he will grow as a character or not give you impression that i don't like character development, that's stupid thinking, and i love the character progress most, but this game ain't for me i guess, you see i tried it, half of the time some useless dik jokes, and then those bj scenes 🤢🤢, I didn't knew this was a full on fuck fest avn, sorry that's shit for me ain't my kink to see this much voyeurism and it's fucking fuck fest,A full fledged fuck fest ain't for me, fuck the story, however good it is, scenes are just too shit kink, and yeah mc is a cheap sore loser without any spine or option, tbh an overrated avn. 

It only takes 4-5 days of continuous playing to complete the game(till this update) speaking from personal experience (just 5-6 times on 4 different devices experience (painful to see it all get wasted, but happy to play it)

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Hmmm well what you expect me to expect in avn is actually a fantasy of many but really doesn't exist or maybe i don't got any such avn till now barring 1,2 which become shit recently, so even if i would love to expect what you think i would, i actually don't anymore, since that's bigger fanatsy to have then having a harem in current era in real life.

But like i asked, things happens and people loose their shit over it, but gets over it over time here it seems mc is sore loser to moan for too longer and still unable to get his shit back together, is he gonna develop and become better or just gonna get bullied by more bitches in future as sore loser? I don't even half care for scenes tbh, dominating mc or even a mc with backbone to speak for against him is dream at this point tbh, but at least i can hope for a non submissive ass loser mc, who is used as slut by others, no matter how good story or everything else is, playing as sore loser isn't my cup of tea. 

Hey from what i read comment s and gathered i can see that it is one of the best avn, with great story and graphic wise without even playing it, but it's description put me off a bit, is mc a sore loser or something? Just getting fucked over by a bitch and mourning over it for 3 fucking years, seems like a complete waste loser, even shittiest ass gets over cheating of a bitch in few months, here this bum mc putting this one off for me, can anyone confirm is mc complete loser or he become better in future?

could have been, but many events are now becoming involving other characters (male dicks off course that's the issue) this is converting slowly into a fuck fest and not remained a pure harem now, in start i also thought those were memories of Ryen, but nope, then gf of Brad scene, then that Assassin women scene working for dorgania govt. As once a wise man said, more than 1 dick in a harem is too much dick, here we get uncountable and many male dicks too. 

I guess what he and i wants to ask is,do we have to install every asset bundle in order for it to run or we can run after installing just 1,till the update available in that asset off course

realistic or close to it is i think are grandma house(i know some women looks ugly,but that's reality)

what the hell,and here i was thinking you really know your shit and love realistic women in avn,by no means women in fresh women is realistic or even close to it at all, even in being a dik,they are just tooo pretty to be real,college king,i can take as such,since characters looks realistic and okish story (tbh i kinda didn't liked start at all,and thought it was a NTR plot avn,so i never played it further)

oh i would also love to look at those ones, although realistic or not doesn't matter to me, for me story is more important than character,and mild wierd kinks are also okay,i don't emerge in most as mc,but as third person but shit kinks are a real no go.

Huh? Romance? Is that a thing in this one? All i know is some good game matric s, cool gameplay and fighting methods like rest of rpg,but romance? There isn't such thing in this one tbh,all is there is some random girls,just talk fuck and be done with it,i didn't noticed romance or any meaningful scene with any of girl,just like fucking prostitute for free it seems.

Hey i habe yet to play this one so i don't know whats there tbh,but to expect i clearly seen tags of Dom, BDSM,pet play,spanking and such as future and current tags,so why outrageous over it? When it was clearly mentioned in above,you are acting like there aren't tags of it,well NTR tag isnt so that could be a thing to get angry over if there is any in avn

oh,then not an option for save on my android device then,since there isn't a 'save' folder or game folder of renryuu ascension,i guess my progress on android is gone forever,well i already completed it till recent update on my Mac,so it's no issue for me.

well how to transfer the saves?

then good luck in finding realistic looking women in avns of nowadays.

Off course for fantasy pervert small goods aren't good enough,but common it isn't supposed to be reality but realistic with fantasy of a pervert,small chest,ugly looking women,who would like them in all honesty?

Wait there could be sad endings too? Like eldest sister marrying that bastard? But how,i mean even if we don't follow her path,mc just exposes her good for nothing fioncee.

Off course made by a pervert-eer 😂😂

oh is there possibility of error then? Since i have 2 ashira robe,maybe there is some glitch for that robe?

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Yve,is she supposed to be mom?she is a wierd whore,psst i didn't even cared for,i didn't liked that mc mom,who's his aunt too,had relationship with his bastard dad in past,and now knowing that mc is with her daughter,having all this she had no issue,but when mc wanted to be with her she rejected,i just found this ridiculous and her persona for me changed,and since what you did with past avn mom's character,i think you just wants us to hate mom's for some reason.

I did,and i stand on my verdict,her being mom,just killed her character for me,and trust me she was my fav until that,she was a nice loving sweet women,but common openly dating bastards,and having no issue with mc being with her daughter,i just find it ridiculous that the way she reacted,it's nothing new here for her,but in the end if it's your personal goal to make us hate mom's,you succeeded for me.

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Same feeling here dude, but want to clear on 1 thing,do you hate mom's for some reason? In your last avn you made her as a wierdo sub-dom maschoist women,and then her giving creepy NTR vibes and in the end openly fucking mc girls (not mc had issue with it,so we don't even have option to stop it,since it was a nice avn i subside it) and then in this one you made her having not only affair with a douchebag bastard in past but also having issue with doing it with a nice guy like mc? I mean what's wrong mc did,or what kind of good guy that fucking bastard was to not love but have 4 children with,that's absurd nonsense either or you want mom's to be hated,since i don't see any good plot here,she could have remained aunt and nothing,but you just made me hate her tbh,it's all just my opinion but it's seems like it's you who wants us to hate mom's.

Counterpart to cuck sick minds,when they are justified with having kinks and it's not wrong and blah blah blah,so why a incest fantasy that's too with step members is bad? At least they are not doing that in reality unlike cucks shit like guys.

that's what I said, marriage with Jeanne was a surprise but a possibility,simply because main villain could be made church and war against church instead of whole begus,but in amagal,varea is queen and by pre- alpha war system for amagal focused i meant,there is only vanguard battle available for amagal,so i guess it's currently more focused on war against amagal than marriage with varea,well it's on Dev's hand,i would prefer a peace treaty even with dorgania king(off course it doesn't have anything to do with palasha 😆😆)

But on serious note a peace unity and combining kingdom of all together without destruction would be better.

Hard to,unlike other girls she made it more specific that she's using Ryen for sex purpose and not other usual way,and she isn't even type to fall in love or something,and she's  queen of amagal,who's war story is more focused and already a pre-alpha system is made for,i think a war with her is more near than a possible marriage.