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Any plans for mobile app with OS push notifications? I have the desktop app but it would be great to have a streamlined mobile experience.  Even as I type this on mobile, so many poor UX things happening, text typing off the side of the screen, clicking in type box to search topics under suggestions and  the send/search bar disappears offscreen and you have to scroll out.

At the very least, a true responsive mobile experience on the web would be a stepping stone  with a native mobile app with push notifications being the end goal, driving and stimulating community engagement and game tracking, feed and wishlist notifications etc.

Definitely need to implement some kind of Direct message system to facilitate community involvement for those who don’t want to post publicly and also reduce spam for devs sharing email address.

Any thoughts on development plan

Awesome! I’m excited to jump back in!

And this is Astrid

Here’s some animation of our NPC, Astrid.

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I'd like to introduce you to Zach, animated in Illustrator/After Effects.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey there, Leena here!

This week, we’re bringing our characters to life with some animation. Here’s our main character, Zach.

We look forwarding to sharing more updates soon! See you next week!

Looks great! Can't wait, the adventure continues!

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Congrats, that's exciting! Voted!

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I wouldn’t worry about rushing the small update, enjoy working on the broccoli now that you have a good framework in place!

Very nice storytelling, thank you for sharing this experience!

Awesome, what a beautiful little adventure. 

Great pixel art, sound and conversation, great experience!

Awesome, what a cool visual/meditative experience, keep it up and Happy New Year!

Lovely walking sim, fun to explore the procedural landscapes!

This game reminds me why I love video games. Great/fun narrative and interesting charcters!